Zauner-Seewirt Hotel in Hallstatt


One of the locations where it has cost us the most to confirm accommodation in our recent wanderings by Munich and the Austrian Alps 2010 has been, no doubt, in Hallstatt

Hallstatt, since 1997 on the Unesco list of World Heritage Sites, it is possibly the town next to a most famous and beautiful lake in Austria, getting caught in the mountains that surround them. Its history dates back 7,000 years ago.

There have been few economic accommodation alternatives we have tried: The pension Sarstein, he Azalea Hotel, Gasthof Weisses Lamm, Gasthof Simony, Gasthof Bergfried, Hallberg pension, ... until we finally got an answer from one of the most famous and most traditional houses in town, Gasthof Zauner or Hotel Zauner-Seewirt.

To manage the reservation we have dealt directly with them. his Web page has a contact email (email protected), which was the one we used, in addition to several phones. We were answered quite quickly, but later we wanted to re-confirm the accommodation before going and we did not get an answer (yes, no problems there with the initial reservation)

Its price is around 108 euros per night and room, including breakfast At this time of year.

This hotel, pension or whatever you want to call it is managed by a family, the Zauner, with 4 generations of tradition. Its particular balconies and facade surrounded by flowers and ivy, and its excellent Location In one corner of the market square (main town square) make it one of the best options in all Hallstatt.

The rooms They are scarce, as in all the town's accommodations, except for the expensive main hotel, but very picturesque, rustic furnished with pine wood, and with excellent views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Although rustic, the hotel is perfectly maintained and its cleaning It is total.

They emphasize, especially, two services. On the one hand, they offer free parking 2 min travel. This is important, because the town in summer is not passable by car and in winter only at certain times. On the other hand, his restaurant It is not one of the best in town, but it is reputed to be the one that offers the best menu, including all kinds of fish of something.

Come and make one "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us…

The first impression we have left is that getting to the hotel is not intuitive, nothing in Hallstatt is easy by car. We make the mistake of entering the town and this is not necessary. It was something as simple as, as we entered through the tunnel that gives access to the villa, park in the parking that is right in the middle of it, the P2 if we remember correctly. From there, going down some stairs, you reach the main streets of the town (EYE if you have heavy suitcases, the stairs ... are stairs!)

The view of Hallstatt from the parking lot is privileged. We just have to see our photos the morning we were leaving (with the snowy town and still no dawn)…

The first impression of the hotel is !!! UNBEATABLE! A beautiful little house full of flowers and ivy right next to the main town square. Excellent Location, definitely.

There is NO reception at the hotel. It is a guest house or a pension or whatever you want to call it. There the people in charge are occupied of the restaurant that of the own rooms. They even leave you the key at the door as soon as they have them clean so you can get installed as soon as you arrive.

The rooms They are exactly what they sell. Rustic rooms furnished with wood and with good views. The pity is that at this time of the year there is no desire to go out on the terrace, something unattractive. In terms of services it has the basics (even a small television that we did not have when we arrived and then they put us). Of course, it lacks internet and WIFI.

He bath It is also small, but sufficient, and has the traditional gels of any accommodation today.

Also, that night, we were able to enjoy one of the best dinners of the whole trip by Munich and the Austrian Alps 2010, thus honoring the restaurant to the fame that boasts.

The we would recommend? Well, this time, and despite not being the most economical among the most economical, no doubt YES. The experience we had in this pension / hotel was excellent, both in the treatment, as in the services, as in the location, as in the dinner in its restaurant and, therefore, it is recommended by CHAVETAS.

Paula and Isaac, from Hallstatt (Austria)