The Mele Maat waterfalls of Efate


If Julio Verne was in Tanna, there is no doubt that he was his source of inspiration. Tanna is that "Vernian" island We were looking for in our adventures. Combine a mystery halo with all possible ingredients, from that permanent fog, that intermittent but intense rain, those natives drawn from the best novels of yesteryear, that roar of the island's volcano or those waves beating every morning in the wake.

Last night we asked Flora to get us some means of transport to reach the airport, at the other end of the island, and a van with a driver and 2 other people just appeared. With us comes also the New Zealand Lyn, who also spent the night at the Tanna Hotspring and seems to remain whole.


As we enter the jungle again, certain strategic stops more locals are joining the van box, and as it rains heavily, the driver has stopped to "open" a kind of booth near the volcano and "borrow" a few raincoats.

It is precisely this area, which we appreciate for the last time, that change from green leafy to volcanic black very different from the orange roads that Uganda He had given us 1 year ago. Even here, where there seems to be no life, some people climb.

The great protagonist of the island roars again. It is his farewell before the jungle devours us again.

Rains! It rains heavily again. Suddenly we see a large muddy climb and several immobilized cars. !! WE'RE TRAPPED !! We are not very baggy with time and this will make us miss the flight back to Efate.


These people are amazing. In addition, a hustler driver has touched us. Quick start digging and throwing some other cars with a rope. Gradually they have managed to undo the jam not with more or less effort. Is our turn… !! here we go !!

We slide from side to side of the road, looking for a moment that we are going to go to any of the sides covered with vegetation. However, we managed to stay inside until we finally reached the most consolidated part. !! We have achieved it !!


Now it seems that we are going lighter. Will we have lost weight along the way? Intense black pigs, ownerless cows, chickens ... are some of the animals that live with the locals on this island and that we can observe as we have just crossed the dense jungle. Finally we managed to reach Lenakel, the capital of Tanna

We are all? It looks like it is. It is incredible that the wheels are whole. The journey has returned to be 3 hours, and now we take the opportunity to make a small stop


Lenakel is about 15 minutes from Tanna Airport, and as we saw in Port Vila the day before yesterday, it has a large central market where the vast majority of people make their lives. The one in Port Vila, by the way, does not rest ... is what we would call in Spain a 24-hour Opencor but in "rustic of the South Seas"


The picturesque airport terminal, with its checkin on a boarding pass written by hand on a bluish background, and a punctual flight, returns us to Efate.

We have also met again Mar, the Spanish woman from Singapore which follows its 2 month route around the world alone. He has told us about one L'Houstaled, which is an icon of Port Vila and the country itself and that today is a restaurant with a series of peculiarities, for its history and its dishes. Fast we have agreed the three to go to dinner there together.

The feeling that Vanuatu leaves us is that he is recently opening up to new tourism, especially of Australians and New Zealanders, and even some Japanese and American. European or pull. This is evident when we see that only Melburne, Sydney, Brisbane and Aucland, in addition to Honiara and Nadi, have a hard flight.

He flight lasts again 40 minutes on a domestic journey very comfortable (rates 200 VUV each)

After a couple of days in precarious conditions, today we have decided to sleep in the privileged situation of the Futamaru Bay, and be able to relax from so much jogging

The Futamaru Lodge is a contemporary Melanesian-style accommodation with beautiful apartments in front of the sea and very affordable. Without a doubt, a great choice to regain strength


But that we will leave for the night, because the other day Mar had told us about some waterfalls near Port Vila that are worth visiting, and we do so, after eating something

The Mele Maat waterfalls stand at the foot of Klem Hill and the road that goes up to it is really impressive, discovering precise waterfalls in the rainforest. We eat something before climbing (1500 VUV)

At one point, you can no longer move forward without some flip flops and shorts, since the water overflows the road. It is undoubtedly, this climb, the best of experiences, but the "goal" is even more dazzling, when waterfalls of 20 meters fall, leave a beautiful picture of the place

This natural phenomenon must be taken advantage of, and what better way than, taking care not to fall down the slippery stones, to access that "reconfontrable massage" of the largest of them.


Oh, and the water is not cold at all, which was our first impression.

The return to the accommodation is simple, and in just 15 minutes we will be there again. Time for that hot shower that we so longed for and to rest for a while from so much jogging.

The truth is that by thinking about everything we have seen these days, if we had to start a business in Vanuatu, we would never opt for a shoe store. No one wears them, just some flip flops. It is perhaps going so barefoot for so long that these feet are so large that it seems that they could climb any wall no matter how vertical it was.

Anyway, almost without wanting to, we have planted in the L'Houstaled, where we have coincided almost simultaneously with Mar.

L 'Houstaled is one of the most famous restaurants and symbols of this country, and it is that in addition to offering an excellent atmosphere for a quiet dinner today, it seems that its Onions Soup It was the occurrence of the end of the conflict with Franco-British colonism. We will have to try it. Mar also asks for a kind of "local seafood" called Coconut Crab, which are huge crabs in the area. Of course, for those of us who live in Galicia, as if it lacks a bit of flavor ... Eh Loly?


But the history of this place does not end here. L'Houstaled is also famous for serving two specialties. The first is a "Wild Pigeon" that seems to be a kind of quail or roasted pigeon. The second is the local star ... !! FLYING FOX !!

What are flying foxes? We could go around, but ... so we're going to fool ourselves. Mamis, don't read the following. The "flying fox" are a subspecies of bats that do not fly, but rather plan, and that looks like a lot of FEA


We may see them in some tree of one of the islands we visit in the area. At the moment the only place we will see it will be on Isaac's plate, because Paula doesn't even want to look. And hey, it's not bad at all! The sauce a little strong maybe. It reminds us a little of the taste of the Cuy that we tried in Cuzco, Peru

It is time to retire after dinner (9500 VUV both) and return to sleep for a few hours this time not by bus, but in a local taxi (300 VUV), since tomorrow we will leave here, where it does not stop raining and worse days are coming.


We contacted Uepi Island, in Marovo Lagoon, with whom we had previously contacted. We will try to arrive in a couple of days. Tomorrow then we will try to fly to Honiara and visit some of the relics of the Second World War of Guadalcanal

On the way back from Uepi Island we will return with Fly Salomon to Nadi and from there we will see if Tonga, Samoa or even Tuvalu

Paula still had another surprise for me. Upon arrival at Futamaru Lodge, some balloons celebrating my birthday were on the bed. This Paula, think of everything. More tomorrow. Family, friends, readers, we are still great ...

Paula and Isaac, from Port Vila (Vanuatu)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:11,700 (approx. 103.36 EUR)