En route through San Miguel de Allende


It would be in November last year when the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler magazine recognized San Miguel de Allende with the title of "the best city in the world" ahead of others as recognized as Paris, San Sebastian, Florence or Vienna. Five years earlier, in 2008, he had already joined as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Traditions, crafts, architecture, archeology, ecotourism, gastronomy ... we enter the most Colonial Mexico

Although the morning began a few hours earlier, saying goodbye to the city that had hosted us these days, Guadalajara and taking the bus that would put us en route through San Miguel de Allende since noon. Guadalajara and San Miguel de Allende are separated by approximately 5 hours of travel.

We have already been on the road for more than a week, and although the trip is being relatively quiet, we do not miss the opportunity to take a nod while others read or just take notes.


The most architectural and gastronomic San Miguel de Allende

As soon as we arrived we did not take long to stay at the La Puertecita hotel, a true place of charm from an architectural point of view and integration with the surroundings, in the upper part of the city.


Since we arrived everything has been smiles and good words from the people of Turismo Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, as well as the hotel managers, who have offered us that desired beer after 5 hours of travel. "Some" we have also taken the opportunity to send some laundry to laundry, because the luggage was already beginning to be a bit chaotic and there was no one to "find" anything. A female hand wouldn't hurt, right Paula?

The place where we are going to eat today is a luxury located in the Main Square of San Miguel de Allende, the heart of the city. Your name "Don Tomas Corner"

We remain delighted with Mexican food. Every day is a new dish, surprising us of the quality and diversity it can offer. Today, a few others have fallen.


En route through San Miguel de Allende !! IN FOURTHIMOTE !!

The initial idea of ​​the afternoon was to visit the Ignacio Ramirez Cultural Center "El Necromante" first, which they say is very interesting - we place it on the plane - but the evening seems like a storm threat so we have decided to make a small change. This will be what we see (support map of

The afternoon was presented as one of the quietest of the trip until we suddenly heard the word !! FOURTHIMOTE !! Has anyone heard city ​​ATV tour? It is said of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that allows different itineraries through the historic sites of San Miguel de Allende

Carried by specialized guides, headgear and go-pro! that cannot be missed, we set off to one of the most exciting and fun activities of the adventure.

The truth is that we usually recommend things for the world, but this experience is one of the most recommended for a first impression of a city! Pure adrenaline… we loved it !! Thanks to the quads we have not only traveled the most picturesque streets of a city that we will know in more detail tomorrow, but also the surroundings.


The route through San Miguel de Allende is a joy, climbing the main slopes, leaving cobblestone curves behind and even reaching the gravel and open ground, reaching high speeds.

We advance by a unique walk that combines culture and history, with contact with nature. Culture and history? We go through places that served as paths for the country's insurgents, or for those who rode the heroes of independence or even ruins of the past.

We have also made a stop in the upper area of ​​San Miguel de Allende, a viewpoint from which you get the best views of a city really beautiful (for a reason they have named it the world city)

The rest of the afternoon, before dinner, we have spent a walk and doing some shopping, but also discovering that San Miguel de Allende offers much more, such as beautiful night terraces where you can have a drink.

We have made dinner in the courtyard of an old Colonial House of the 18th century, converted into the Hotel Posada Carmina since 1967, which is located on La Felguera restaurant surrounded by orange trees and a beautiful arc corridor. The truth is that it is a really charming place and a relaxed atmosphere ideal for a good evening (also as a couple -Paula, are you coming? -). Then we have returned to the hotel.

Perhaps the "best city in the world" award is very subjective, but the beauty that every corner of this beautiful city leaves the traveler is not indifferent. Do you want a postcard dedicated by us in your home here? Leave us a comment and you can do it! Meanwhile ... TO SLEEP!

Isaac, from San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato)