Aeromexico flight from Madrid


I have to admit that when Fitur talked about this year's #AllMexicoTrip in the past, I couldn't help thinking about the trip it represented. That other Mexico unknown to me, that of the cities of Colonial Mexico, the one that I had not considered in the short term and that I will be part of through the famous States of Jalisco and Guanajuato. However the flight with Aeromexico from Madrid I will be lacking my faithful traveling companion this time ...

Paula and old man Tom have fired me this afternoon at Alvedro (A Coruña Airport), as well as shortly before the family. I am convinced that like me, they and many other travelers will discover first-hand on this trip some destinations that speak wonders and are still unknown to all of us, and will serve as inspiration for future trips.

The cities of Colonial Mexico

I have never been a bad student except in the subjects that have never motivated me. I remember that as a child, in the History exams, the teacher always told me that he looked like he had not studied, but it made him so good contextualization of the questions that pleased to read it. So that we understand each other, if they asked me about the French Revolution, I counted the lines I had read due to lack of time to study it, but I wrote 2 pages of the previous events and another 2 of the subsequent events and I was so comfortable. I have always liked to learn history!

Perhaps that is why in the so-called DAY 1 of the trip I have to contextualize the place we are heading for a little, although in the case of Mexico, with more than 30,000 years of history, that of the first nomadic hunters and gatherers, This task is impossible. I'm not going to go that far, not even to pre-Hispanic cultures that I may talk about during the stories. The date that interests me is already that of Viceroyalty of New Spain as early as 1535, which will have a lot of influence on everything we are going to see (photo Wikipedia)

They were times of great mineral discoveries in the north and center of the country, which allowed New Spain to occupy a privileged place on the map, especially in the extraction of silver. But history repeats itself, country after country, civilization after civilization, and for some reasons or others, especially when there are great social differences, everything comes together in revolts or a revolution.

And so it came in 1810 the armed movement of Miguel Hidalgo, of which we surely see many memorials these days, and many victories and many other failures. Reality tells us a very intense story of reading (I recommend it) and leads to September 27, 1821 when Mexico signed independence (photos


Mérida, Valladolid, Veracruz, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Guadalajara and dozens are the cities that preserve the beauty of colonial times. The influence on their customs and traditions was also important. But above all things, Mexico has managed to grow as a country, conserving and caring for its legacy but developing its own culture, cuisine, stories and artistic movements to what it is today. And so we will know, in that balance between his past and his future.

The whole #AllMexicoTrip group

I like to observe the people around me too. TO Vero, the first of the group to arrive in Madrid-Barajas (well, now Adolfo Suarez), I already knew her. He has become strong in a corner of Terminal 1 and does not release it and there has received me as soon as I land from my connection from A Coruña. Javier Blanquer and Eider they were the great "conquests" of the TBMGijón, pure energy and restless ass. Mauxi Leal He is the person with whom I have dealt less before, but only his reception with a smile already denotes the kind of person he is. Of the Adri I can say little more than sometimes I wake up with him rather than with Paula (understood on mobile), already being part of my daily life (poor of us when Paula and Gossi get together). The boys of The Flying Drawer They are waiting for us in Vallarta.


I do not cheat anyone, the group promises a lot, especially energy and spark in abundance, and above all it conveys a lot of confidence. So, taking advantage of the fact that I am going to tell you the events live, as I am always going to send you a question to the Chavetas community…

... What do you want to see the members of this year's #AllMexicoTrip or one in particular?

!! I promise to try to bundle them to the requests !! At the moment I already have a lost bet with Adri, to which I owe a bottle of the best tequila, but the conditions of "use" were never agreed, so I think that in a Champions final that we have "en route" some falls in bed . What if Adri? There will be photo report!

The new 787 Dreamliner, flight with Aeromexico from Madrid

Around 20'00 we have made the billing with Aeromexico along with Carlos Frías and the head of the company who have come to say goodbye. What I could not imagine is that !! we premiered plane! From this month of May the first Mexican airline operates with the most modern aircraft in the aviation industry, the new Boeing 787. And Aeromexico already has 10 direct weekly flights and more than 60 years operating the route. I have to recognize that it is the first time I travel with them.

Capacity for 243 passengers, 32 seats in executive class, 211 in economy class, more space, 30% larger windows, dynamic LED lighting, less pressurization and advanced filter system to always have fresh air.

Frequent flyer program: We recommend you read our article on the Aeromexico Club Premiere, it is an affiliate program that is very worthwhile after seeing how well they take care of every detail in the largest maintenance hangars in Latin America

The reinforced connections with this modern aircraft are those that go from Madrid to Mexico City on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 23:30, and those that return on Sundays, Tuesday and Wednesday at 22'50. In fact, when this article is published, the group will be flying over the Atlantic, although our final destination is much further ... Pacific!

But first, do you want me to tell you a secret? Aeromexico has invited us to know the Premiere class of its new Boeing 787, and of course the use of the VIP class where we have tried the "Bloody Mary" of "Mr. Blanquer".


Do you know who is sleeping fancy tonight while this is published? Chavetassss Power! #Tequilaparatodosssssssss !! Tomorrow more !!

Isaac, already flying to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)