Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco looks to the Pacific


Two years have passed since the traveling life brought us that adventure through the South Seas, those islands of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia that Vasco Nuñez de Balboa could not even imagine when he saw this immense ocean from lands below what we are now. Destiny has brought me back to that sea breeze that is even familiar to me. And is that Puerto Vallarta is where Jalisco looks to the Pacific, a State that receives us with great pretensions.


As always, I haven't heard about the flight. I admit that I am a big lucky in that aspect but it is that the Premier class flight of Aeromexico It has also helped. Comfortable, quiet, punctual, excellent food.


It is the first time I travel with them but it will not be the last. Around 4'45 we landed in Mexico D.F., with enough margin to link with the flight to Puerto Vallarta which will also leave promptly at 7:35.

In Mexico DF. we have to pass the controls in this International Airport that do not differ much from the customs controls of Riviera Maya After last year (customs, take a suitcase, pass a suitcase by X-rays, give the green / red button to see if you have to check your bag, leave a bag in transit ...! GO TO VIP ROOM!).

Puerto Vallarta is today a tourist destination of beach, leisure, activities of all kinds and all-inclusive hotels. Perhaps this is why we see so many transfers arranged with the hotels from the Airport, which is barely 6 km away.

FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE CENTER:For those who do not come with anything agreed, there are several options to go from the Airport to the center

- Taxi (Airmobile), how could it be otherwise, with a fixed and prepaid cost in the adjacent kiosk according to destination. If you want you can walk to the main road (150 m) and you can save 5 or 10 dollars
- Combi (Collective minivan), cheaper and also with prepaid fixed cost in the adjacent kioso.
- Local truck for the adventurous, for about 6 or 7 pesos ($ 0.50) next to the airport to the center.

After this, in less than 30 minutes we were entering our paradise for these first days.

Hotel Vamar, our little paradise in the Pacific

I must admit that if I had initially assessed the route of this route, I would have left the beach area for the end but ...! The stress of work to which I have been subjected has made that as soon as I saw the place that would accommodate us the next few days they made my eyes "chiribitas"

He Vamar Hotel, or more specifically the Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive Marina & Beach Resort, is a true paradise on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. with more than 250 contemporary-style rooms, private balconies overlooking the marina, 3 restaurants, 3 bars, private beach, swimming pools, spa, tennis court and all those services that one can imagine (wet bar guys?)


The room, immense by the way, has a modern and modern touch! but I will make a more prominent review on my return. What does my body ask after so many hours of flights? Breakfast and !!!! PISCINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!

The beaches seem smaller in this area, but the pools and their hammocks I think will be a good "meeting point" for the group all these first days.

Puerto Vallarta, where Jalisco looks to the Pacific

With the batteries charged, it is time to go out to make the first contact with Puerto Vallarta, and for this we have a privileged location, a few steps from the marina, and very close to the Malecon

The Marine It is the most exclusive and expensive area of ​​the entire city. Yachts, boats and other types of boats are the heart of a perimeter of luxury shops, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centers

It is not surprising that the most exclusive hotels, such as the one we are in, are located in this area, where you also get a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day and make many couples go for a walk.

It is curious to see that it also has a lighthouse that today does more the function of a bar than a lighthouse itself


We continue the walk through the Pier, although nothing has to do with the concept ofMalecon of Havana that we saw in him trip to Cuba 2008,if it keeps its charm and it is that it gives the soul and heart to Puerto Vallarta, with its palm trees, its surroundings, its people, its atmosphere and its sea breeze in the beach area


Just interrupted by some "crazy blogger" in search of a "small snapshot", haha

And the truth is that it is full of pelicans, but many more curiosities. Does anyone want to feel in Cuba?


This kilometer and a half walk full of sculptures, restaurants, coffee, bars, was previously known as Paseo de la Revolución although today its name is Diaz Ordaz or simply Malecon


Nightclubs that look like zoos, some known chains and even Buba Gump known to us on ancient trips


A sunset or even the subsequent nightlife should be a joy to enjoy here. Group, fotooo?

We have also gone through the building of the Puerto Vallarta Presidency, which is the equivalent of our town halls, a colorful building, although it is the Guadalupe Church, which we have approached on this walk, the true icon of the city and this is demonstrated by the ambience that is around the side streets as well as in the Plaza de Armas of its surroundings.

Surrounded by those reddish roofs and palm trees, it appears as an outstanding building since 1851 with the arrival of Guadalupe Sánchez, although I will talk about it more calmly tomorrow


You can say that Puerto Vallarta moves to the sound of its bells, especially in the services or when there are outstanding events


The intense morning at !! 32 degrees of sun !! takes us to Matamoros Lighthouse, also in the center and with another excellent panorama of the rooftops of Puerto Vallarta at the foot of the beautiful bay in which we are located

At present this lighthouse has a purely panoramic use but since 1932, when Pedro Alcazar inaugurated it, it had more than 45 years of operation guiding the ships that were approaching their domains (until 1978)


Also in this step we reach the "Kimberley House" as the house known to Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor and caused Puerto Vallarta to be the focus of international attention at that time, although much as the Lonely Planet insists, today it is still a ruin of what it was, and he has even had bureaucratic problems that he has forced to reform. Do not step on it!


This part of the route runs between cobbled streets and beautiful landscaped streets, of what was the most beautiful and authentic old Vallarta, far from the luxury resort. That place that every traveler should know fleeing from the northern area plus All Inclusive and Americanized


In this walk I was pleasantly surprised by the Isla Cuale River, one of the seven rivers that flows into this privileged location that forms Banderas Bay


The whim of nature caused that around 1926 the river forked in 2 arms at its mouth, leaving this small oasis of tranquility in the middle, today barely communicated by two bridges

From here, crossing the Iguana Bridge, we reach the upper center. From here, thanks to the height it reaches, we can take a very beautiful view of the city

We finished the ride in the Municipal market, very colorful at this time of noon, and already with hunger pressing.

SHOPPING IN PUERTO VALLARTA: What do you not know what to take as a souvenir of your passage through this beautiful city? We give you some ideas ...

- Tequila: !! Essential in a visit to Mexican territory (also the Mezcal)
- Jewelry stores: An old port of a silver mine today is an excellent location for the best jewelers in Jalisco
- Art: Numerous are the galleries that offer sculptures, paintings, ceramics or other pieces of art, great memories of our time here.
- Craft: Speaking of it in reference to those shoes, sandals or leather objects typical of here, glass or paper mache figures, bracelets or masks.
- Vanilla: A typical plant in Mexico and that may well complement previous purchases
- Clothes and accessories: Some of them colorful.

This whole area, besides being one of the best shopping areas in the city at affordable prices, has a multitude of stalls, bars and restaurants for those who wish to make a stop on a hard day of shopping.


Note that in Puerto Vallarta, fine art galleries, very different establishments to other Mexican locations and a !! suspension bridge! what to go through (or jump)

It goes without saying that the Vallarta Centro association, a hotel network in the best area to stay, has treated us all morning. In one of them, the Hotel Rio, specifically in its Coexist Café restaurant, is where we have eaten and drank to enjoy (as they say here). Tequila, roquefort oysters and shrimp !! spectacular !! besides enchilada and !! more tequila !!


Here we say goodbye momentarily to our companions and head south

A Puerto Vallarta for lovers

For those who do not know, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination for couples in love or newlyweds on their honeymoon. In fact, as in Riviera Maya Where we were last year, there are excellent all-inclusive packages specially designed for them ... and this afternoon we will get to know their most romantic areas.

To the south of Puerto Vallarta, in addition to a series of continuous beaches excellent for bathing, the orography means that there are different points from which to get the best views of Banderas Bay and the city. This is the case of our first stop, in the Arcos Viewpoint

This other area is known as an ecological reserve where the most beautiful is left by islets surrounded by the waters of the Pacific and an abundance of marine life. Perhaps its main attraction is in that mixture of jungle and beach that has made several artists use this place for their scenes

Following the road there is another famous viewpoint, the Chinese Shell Viewpoint, whose name comes from the wavy shells that are in place, although here we do not stop and go directly to theMismaloya viewpoint,

Many say that this is where Puerto Vallarta's destiny changed, transforming it into a tourist attraction. John Huston, after discarding other locations, set his sights on this place to shoot "The Night of the Iguana" and since then the destination changed. Today there is a beautiful place to get married or to enjoy the greatest rest that the peace of the place can give you


The rest of the afternoon we will spend walking through the known as Romantic Zone (Basilio Basillo, Olas Altas and Nuevo Muelle) or also Old Vallarta, where the streets narrow, and the activity and atmosphere becomes greater at this time of sunset.

Cobblestone streets, small stores, bars, cafes, restaurants to reach the Zona de los Muertos, the number 1 attraction in the neighborhood, even going through a kind of berbena


Food stalls, and many people wait for the sunset. There is a curious contrast in this new dock, which is also really especially photogenic


This new pier is a tourist attraction already in Puerto Vallarta. It is said that this area of ​​the Pacific is not two equal sunsets, and every day surprises you with something new


While the group, after a small impromptu press conference, already has a beach walk table for dinner. Today we can understand a little more the previous sentence, and that is that the sky turns into a beautiful gradient of colors while night falls

I must admit that as I write these lines, in front of Javier and with Adri, who have also gone down to the reception of Vamar Vallarta that already shelters us, today I am tired. I don't know if it causes jetlag or a long day, but there is something that has been very clear to me. Puerto Vallarta is much more than that All Inclusive that one carries in his head. The true charm of this place is not in its resorts or its climate, it is in its viewpoints, its cobbled streets, its lost corners and its excellent atmosphere. Puerto Vallarta had me very wrong in my perception, and today I discovered a little more of it. !! I'll tell you more tomorrow! (and I promise to clean the camera sensor)

Isaac, from Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)