Activities and tours in Puerto Vallarta


We haven't been here for more than 3 days, and I'm really surprised with the diversity of activities and tours in Puerto Vallarta For all audiences. Although the day has given for something else since we have had our first free afternoon to meet the most vital needs, being able to see that Champions League final that we have lived further than ever (thanks toAllMexicoPass for the detail) and thus know some of the party options that the city also has. Do you want to know where one ended up?

We are still staying at theVamar Hoteland today we have enjoyed it more than ever. It is our last day before leaving for the most Colonial Mexico.

Activities and tours in Puerto Vallarta: Canopy River

If yesterday we were talking about the multiple possibilities it offeredVallarta Adventures,Today we are oriented to a more ecotourism type of adventure.

ACTIVITIES AND TOURS IN PUERTO VALLARTA: Besides nice walks that this city offers (Marina, Romantic Zone,…) or surroundings (viewpoints, beaches, ...) practically everything can be done. Do you want some ideas?

- Swim with dolphins or sea lionss: an experience that you don't forget
- Extreme water sports: flyboard, surfing safari,…
- Banderas Bay Cruise: Las Caletas where we were yesterday, sailboat, ...
- Snorkeling or diving: In Punta Mita, Yelapa, Majahuitas, ...
- Whale watching: From December to mid-March
- Discover villages: On safari, on tours,
- Take a scenic flight: On a private plane across the Bay
- Adventure: Zip line, rappel, ATVs ...
- Golf: Why not? For the most passionate
- Theme parks: For example. Aquaventuras Park

Canopy river It is today the ecological company chosen to make one of its multiple, all based on high zip lines, rappel, river descent, visit to icy waterfalls and many more

Today we have left the cameras in "home" (except that GoPro that always travels with us), since here the contact with nature (including rivers) is total. To that we have added closed and comfortable shoes and "submersible" clothes (almost all) and we are ready.

The experience begins with a "jump" in zip line over 280 meters, although it is the second doing the "angel", grabbed by one of our guides who "scares"


Throughout the entire route we are saving obstacles and descending to the height of the river, using this means to move

But it is not the only activity we will do today, since to descend by vertical walls or large jumps, it is time to practice a little rappelling


How do you see Marcos? Marcos is 50% of The Flying Drawer, who have joined the group the first day in Puerto Vallarta. Both he and Yolanda are a couple of majestic canaries going around the world and of which I will talk more in the coming days, as well as the rest of the group.

The experience ends at the bottom of the canyon that hid the vegetation at the beginning of the day. That is, wet in the river! And as these people have everything in mind, after a "donut" ride we reach a point where mules will be the ones that will return us up the road, with the last energy we had left


The Champions League final at La Santa Disco

It is 13:30 when we have taken advantage of the free afternoon to drop by The Saint, one of the most renowned and most recently opened places in the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta.


A Sky Bar & Lounge with a central pool has become one of the most "vips" places (access is restricted and expensive).

Not every day one has the opportunity to live a Spanish Champions League final, and less at the other end of the world, next to the Pacific and in a place like this, full of giant screens, loud sound and! the group already prepared !!

From our entrance we do not lack anything, from a small meal based on spicy sandwiches, a kind of ceviche and cakes with guacamole, to all kinds of drinks, starting with tequila and beers. !! The nerves begin !!


The party could not make a better chronicle than sports newspapers do, but I am sure that few people could live like us. At first most of Atleti, then when Marco wanted to extend, all of Madrid ... and in the end we didn't even know it ourselves


What was clear to us, is that we were all satisfied, hahaha

At the beginning of this story, quieter than others, I asked you if you imagined where we ended up ...

It was not difficult to imagine ... and that is that we Spaniards we go wherever we go

After the game we could enjoy the atmosphere that can have a place like this at night, and the rest of the afternoon we spent between the wet bar of the hotel pool and the Malecon with great atmosphere at all hours of the day. Can you ask for more?

After a day full of activities and tours in Puerto Vallarta, another long and harder day is waiting for us tomorrow, so it was not too late to head on a pillow. Guadalajara, moving towards the interior of the State of Jalisco, awaits us.

Isaac, from Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)