Pedestrian tour of Zapopan


I declare, with sincerity, an absolute ignorant of Jalisco before facing this part of the route through the interior of the state. Zapopan, sister city adjacent to Guadalajara that I had barely heard of, is one of the towns with more tourist, religious, cultural and gastronomic activity in the entire State. And what better option than to make a Pedestrian tour of Zapopan to meet her? Are you coming? It is very worth it

We have arrived at the Guadalajara station, to later move to Zapopan, on a long route but it was well worth it

It was around 9:15 when, after a quick check-in at the main station of Puerto Vallarta, the group departed in a 5-hour journey. The ETN TURISTOMER It is a line of luxury buses that has, already present in 24 states and that allow to be a true mobile office, including WIFI in its services (although in a large part of the route it is cut by the orography)


With great punctuality, it wasn't even 13:30 when we got off at the first stop of the journey. ¿Zapopan?


Although they have given us a small snack, hunger presses at this time and the person in charge of welcoming us has been the Los Chilaquiles Restaurantwhere we have found the fastest WIFI in what is going on a trip and we have lacked time to put "work" up to date while not serving plate after plate.

But not only that ... all kinds of "artisanal" drinks (type of basil and mango juices) and several traditional dishes, which more appetizing and not overly spicy, have delighted everyone, being so far the best place we have eaten without any doubt.


I also especially liked the decoration and separation of the premises, with small corners within the establishment itself as "El Corral de los Pollitos" (children's area) or the entrance itself, received with the most ancestral clothing and the best service. !!100% recommendable!!

Pedestrian tour of Zapopan

Around 17'00 we start the cultural tour that today will be the city of Zapopan. But why Zapopan and not Guadalajara? For us to understand each other, Zapopan comes to Guadalajara as Alcobendas to Madrid, almost adjoining, with the difference that currently has a valuable pedestrian route in its historic center.

Thus, we begin this picturesque pedestrian area with theZapopan Entrance Arch (2), built by Spaniards in quarry stone and almost 20 meters high.

The arch is complemented with all kinds of details and sculptures and topped with jugs and an eagle, making entrance to the street that goes to the main Basilica that we will see later


In fact, the name of the previous street is theNovember 20 Walker, a quiet pedestrian street full of galleries, bars, restaurants and offering a very pleasant atmosphere


This avenue is also the busiest by the locals, as it connects the Arch of Entry with the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan, and more a day like today, Sunday

I don't like modern art museums, I don't have all the necessary basis to understand them, although it seems that Museum of Art Zapopan MAZ (3) It is one of the best in the world and we must recognize that creativity is latent since we pass through its doors

However, because of this little "little detail" about tastes, I have not felt displaced from the group which, even without speaking to us, I sense that it is in a similar situation ... Do you believe?


The Presidency of Zapopan and Municipal Palace (4)Perhaps it has its most prominent elements in the engravings of its entrance door and its colonial style patio, fountain and level balconies included


Although it is interesting to climb to the second floor, where you can also see a painting of great artistic value, they have allowed us to enter the plenary where the main decisions of the municipality are taken


He Temple of San Apostol (8) It is another must-see on this pedestrian tour through Zapopan. Built in 1819, it is neoclassical and has a quarry facade.


Inside there is still a painting of the eighteenth century by the famous painter Juan Correa, and it is curious why it has two crosses on the outside. The reason, before the parish was a Pantheon and is currently rehabilitated

Although there is an important building in Zapopan, the one that we have been seeing from every angle of our pedestrian crossings, that is theBasilica of Our Lady of Zapopan (7), one of the jewels of religious tourism in Mexico.

It was originally built in honor of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, a construction that lasted about 40 years (from 1690 to 1730), which speaks of the detail of each auction of this building whose facade is plateresque style


Its interior has pieces of art of great value, as well as some bronze sculptures in its atrium and a large number of oils, all distributed in several rooms, although we have not been able to enter to be in full mass, but its exterior today has Luxury "guests". The "dancers" rehearse every Sunday their dances and rituals that they will perform on October 12 of each year and today they enliven every corner of the historic city


The Americas Square (5), right in front, it is a good place to walk both day and night, with a great atmosphere and many locals to talk to. I have not been able to avoid trying to "breathe" every moment more authentic to my photographic way. From that "beetle" already obsolete to those claim posters ...


... each food stand, selling balloons for children, or just nuts. As a curiosity, it is a square where 28 antlers stand representing 28 countries in Latin America


Is Zapopan safe? Today we have been accompanied by the entire tour by the Tourist Police armed with a gun and we have not been able to avoid asking them the question. To our amazement, his answer has been flat NO, but for that they were (they were two girls) and every day more. My personal feeling has been of absolute tranquility, although I am sure that certain neighborhoods of Guadalajara will have nothing to do with such a lively historical center.


For the last point of the day we take the car, since we have to move "3 blocks". Today the psmall zoo Villa Fantasía (9) that is here is closed but in its surroundings a market of a very particular fruit has been set up, the pitaya

It is also known as the dragon fruit because of its shell, but what has surprised me the most is that it has various types of intense skin colors (pink, yellow, orange, white) and a pleasant sweet taste (not eating the seed !! I've done it, haha)


The walk has been quiet, and I would have given for more if we had not had a long journey in the morning.


- Benito Albarrán hunting museum: Collection of hunted animals
- Climb: A place to practice climbing
- Iztepete archeological zone: The most important in western Mexico, discovered in 1938
- Huichol Wixarika Ethnographic Museum: Kuka objects used for indigenous rituals
- Parish of Santa Anita: Franciscan convent built in 1732

It's time to have dinner, and for this we are welcomed by a more "local" restaurant than in the morning, the La Gorda Restaurant (there are 9 more) distributed by the State.

Undoubtedly, as the local slogan says, it is "pure craving 100% Mexican", and that brazier that started "La Gorda" in its day with particular cravings, today continued by a kitchen of great cooks and a natural horchata also spectacular.


For my part, I am delighted with all the advice and suggestions that you are giving the Mexican community of Chavetas, so today I have decided to try the famous "Drowned Cake" of Zapopan and I can only say ...! CHAPEAU! It's delicious. !!Thank you very much!!

Hacienda La Magdalena, a boutique hotel where the errands stopped

I hear the crickets right now from my room nº7 Doña Estela in the gardens of the Hacienda La Magdalena. The truth is that I know that many people do not understand the fact that I can write after such a tired day, but with the silence of the night, the light of my bedside table lighting and today a glass of water, I try to process and save in this modest article that I will review on the way back (to give you more useful information). It is the best, without a doubt


Behind me, a wider and longer bed awaits me in a few minutes, in a place about 15 minutes from the center surrounded only by nature and that preserves the essence of the 17th century, the atmosphere of the oldest Mexico.


Behind these walls, which we have already traveled very tired (it is the pain of this type of blogtrip, there is no time to "savor" such a special and magical place) there are dozens of stories full of romanticism, today with beautiful gardens, fountains and roads of stones.


Every detail, every corner, is careful to detail only by pursuing the attention and exclusive service of a site with great added value.

This haven of peace, the price of which can be around € 120 at night change, is complemented by a SPA that I would not mind trying (haha), a massage place, gourmet restaurant, board games rooms and an impressive lounge for events where up to 1000 people can fit.

However, my day is no more. Now if I drop my eyes and tomorrow we expect another route that I wanted to know ... Tequila. But that, for tomorrow. Goodnight everyone. Good evening Paula, from a place to get lost in the world for a few days ... and of course, a tequila to sleep from the pull !! Cheers !!

Isaac, from Zapopan (Mexico)