The tequila route in Jalisco


When one is told about tequila, we quickly associate it with Mexico. But, did you know that this distillate is only native to 5 states that are Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tamaulipas and, of course, Jalisco? Today we make a Jalisco tequila route, specifically in the town of Tequila itself ... and today more than a newspaper, this is the chronicle of a good "raw".

We continue moving through the Guadalajara area, where we will still be several days before going to a new destination. !! Start!

Before, we have said goodbye to our friends at Hacienda La Magdalena, who have treated us so well, who have also made an effort to offer us the most didactic breakfast gastronomically, although it will already be one of my colleagues who tells this aspect in more detail .


See you soon colleagues! It has been a real pleasure to share these hours with you. Of course, we will not miss our recommendation in such a picturesque and different accommodation.

The tequila route in Jalisco, an essential tour

This is the chronicle of a good hangover ("raw"), which begins an early morning in the fields of agave pencas of José Cuervo, one of the most important industries in the area called the cradle of tequila.


Pineapple, when it achieves proper development, is extracted and transported in a process called jima, in places awarded as World Heritage since 2006 (Agavero Landscape). Here our tasting is reduced to check the natural state of it.


From here we move to Tequila, it is one of those magical towns that have not abandoned us these days, a paradise of tequila barrels and originally populated by Chichimecas and Otomis, although its foundation comes from 1530 by Franciscan friars.

Our route, already in the facilities of José Cuervo, continues with a small video that serves to see the complete elaboration process


• José Cuervo Tequila
• Rubio Distiller Tequila
• Orendain Tequila
• Sauza Tequila
• Tequila Tequila
• Blue Opal Tequila
• Land of Agaves
• Fine Tequilas
• Tequila D'Reyes

José Cuervo offers the possibility to enjoy in his Hacienda, to be for a moment a true professional taster, taste ua margarita, or simply buy his best products at very affordable prices.


We enter the production area and the first thing we see is the arrival of agave transportation in large quantities from the fields we saw earlier.


The hydrolysis It is the first process to which the agave is subjected, in this thermal case, in which simple sugars (mainly fructose) are obtained since in its origin it cannot be subjected to fermentation. With all this, we get the extraction in which carbohydrates are separated from fiber.


Here we continue with the tastings, now of the sweet product obtained in the previous processes. !! Ah, the hat is mandatory !! And stop using mobile too.

The fermentation, a fundamental process in any good alcoholic product, which leaves us with a tequila of 55ºC, currently prohibited in Mexico (it cannot be greater than 45ºC for sale) which does not prevent the first two from falling


Slablambiques They are fundamental in the double distillate, final process, of tequila production. Thus we come to 2 categories of Tequila, which are 100% agave and the Tequila category, where 49% of sugars come from other sources. Within them also several classes, from the best known target in Spain to the young, rested, aged and exrtaañejo. Here fall three more small tastings.


We arrive at the final room of the proposed tequila route, where three glasses of the different tequilas are exposed to us.

Skillfully, and using cookies, coffee beans, lemon and water to make the "changes", we are tasting each of the proposals, and taking a good drunk ... I say information about everything it offers us. Personally I keep the "reposado", although at this stage of tasting, I could not assure you. And you, Marcos?

When I thought that everything was over, there is still a special room ... !! the tequila lady juana made between 1890-1900 !!


The damajuanas are large glass vessels, with a bellied shape, which are used to store tequila. Under this dim light of the cellars of the basement of the Treasury, we make the last tasting, in case there is still someone "serene." The last?

The visit ends in this room, although it is always possible to go through the store and take some good products of the place at prices 10 times lower than we can find them anywhere on the planet. After so much "tasting", it is time to eat something (not everything will be to enjoy the drink) ...


On this occasion it will be a steak "all saints" (with agave sauce) and a bigger clasp than Eider, the star dishes, right in the restaurant in front of the Hacienda de José Cuervo

!!The last!! !!The last!! What do you say Marcos?

Jokes aside, it is time to take the car again, as it waits for about 1 hour to reach our new destination, near where we will sleep.

Guachimontones archeological zone

Today is Monday, and as such this settlement, located in the Jalisco municipality of Teuchitlán, is closed, but we have had an audience to see it. It is a site characterized by a kind of conical stepped pyramids and circular courtyards

We begin the visit with the largest circle (the Potrero de Guachimontón) with a diameter of 127 meters and about 19 meters high. The truth is that they are curious formations


We are completely alone in this archaeological location originating from a complex society that probably existed from 300 BC. up to 900 A.D.

The patio, the ball game very similar to the Maya or the underground crypts, are part of this place, which certainly deserves a walk


The place has 6 pyramids, one of them ceremonial, and some of them houses of priests or workshops, although there is still work to be done, since it was not until 1970 the date of its discovery and its investigation will arrive until 1996


From the construction that is still not excavated there is a kind of ascent to a viewpoint from which you can see a good view of the main pyramid, four layers.

The floors of the main structure have an exact calendar of 52 years, and as in all these types of civilizations, astrology has a very important base. Come on, like ours ...


Anyone who comes to visit the Guadalajara area, can consider this place as a possible combination for their itineraries.

The Hacienda del Carmen

If yesterday we were amazed at the "Hacienda" concept in this northern area of ​​Mexico, the place that will shelter us today has nothing to envy. The Hacienda del Carmen It is a perfect place to relax. What do you think of my room?


Although on my return I will tell you in more detail about these estates, if it is true that I am still stunned by this "boutique" concept in such a large area.

But if we have loved something in this place it is a room that hides that place dreamed by many, especially the most romantic, and its wonderful SPA. I can not say anything more…


While here, we have also received a curious welcome from the town. It turns out that the Virgen del Carmen and Santiago come from a visit to "Chicago" and the whole town approaches the surroundings of the Hacienda del Carmen to receive them.

I sincerely expected a kind of procession, but this makeshift event has left me speechless, realizing again the power that religion has in the world, and the existence of different beliefs of each.


The rest of the afternoon we have spent talking with Monica, the owner of this immense place, who has had the generous offer to give us an hour of SPA and massage that we believe has been great for the whole group to recover from the face of the new days, although I refuse to talk about it (which they later say we only enjoy).

I have to admit that the experience is being enormously intense, but that there is something that is above all, and that is that the group has been a pineapple since day one and I am really surprised at the quality of people that one can find. I'll tell you all about it, but today I think I close this because I'm so tired. A bico to all! Readers, family, friends and Paula, tired but I'm still great! More tomorrow.

Isaac, from Tequila (Mexico)