León, Guanajuato on the skin


Today we have risen in León or León de los Aldama, a city known worldwide for its production of footwear and leather (hence the title "León, Guanajuato on the skin ") and its spectacular International Balloon Festivals where more than 200 hot air balloons meet every year from all over the world (remember that we perform hot air balloon flight over San Miguel de Allende last DAY 10 travel). However, today we will say goodbye to the days we have been enjoying all these days. And is that Leon is much more than we expected ...

It will be the last night in León, Guanajuato, since tomorrow we will head to the capital, so we will not waste the day. !! Yoli !! Thank you very much, without you this story would not have been possible.

Tour of León, Guanajuato on the skin

I must admit that when I woke up this morning in the Lion, I never expected that I would fall in bed with such a different opinion. My preconceived image of this city was that of an industrial population that had nothing to do with the charm of Guanajuato or San Miguel de Allende

With that idea began a tour of the most historic Lion in the Walkway Arch, symbol of the city, the only entrance and exit of the town of León in its days.


With a height of 17 meters, a lion is installed on top, giving name to a population whose founder was born in the Spanish sister city.

But what was going to cause the most surprise in me was the majestic Diocesan Expiatory Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (go little name)

Inspired by cathedrals such as Prague, Notedrame or interior of the Assumption (also in France), it was ordered to be built in 1921, placing its last stone relatively soon ago. Its neo-Gothic style leaves no doubt in its reliefs and facade.


Its interior is really beautiful, with stained glass windows of excellent artistic value. They say that 2 times a year, the full moon enters the rose window and lets illuminate the main hall of the Temple

Although there is something that attracts my attention, and that is that through a back door there is access to the "Hall of the Doctors" and the crypts of the temple, a place that formalized masses clandestinely in the so-called "Christian Wars" from 1923 to 1929


A network of tunnels still runs through this area of ​​the Shrine, a site where even fetus bones have been found that appear to be that young pregnant women (nuns of their own priests) in the convents sent to hide from sin. Currently, as León is a city prone to flood, many tunnels now serve as drains, although they give some "fear" ...


The Founders Square, our next stop, was sponsored by the 50 wealthiest families of the time as well as containing the most symbolic fountain in the city. A famous Mexican singer, in his song "Caminos de Guanajuato" refers to that in "León, life is worth nothing" because people came to bet their lives in the Casinas of the area.

Very close, the Martyrs Square, a sad event happened on January 2, 1946, with the killing of children and the elderly for "political" issues.

While it is true, that today we have fled a bit from the deepest history and this point has served us as the beginning of a more gastronomic tour of the most traditional street and stalls in León, starting with a "trap drink", right Javi?


He San Juan de Dios Neighborhood It is famous for the snow stalls (ice cream with all kinds of ingredients), as well as some other taco street marketing. We are in one of its most traditional places since 1902


Also here we can observe the facade of the Temple of San Juan de Dios (1765). the only churrigueresque style of the city and still retains the effects of the bullets on his watch due to the Mexican Revolution

The circle of this morning tour is completed again in the vicinity of the Arc in which we begin, trying one of the most spicy dishes (at least for us) ... the macaws! Any brave?


The stomach of some (mine among others) has said enough in recent days, so we preferred to look at the "bull from the barriers" while we said goodbye to the people of León Tourism (two beautiful girls) that we would see later on the night of gala.

Today's food we have made within the Guanajuato program If You Know, which in addition to all the contests, events and routes that are proposed in parallel in several cities and that we presented the Lamb and Mezcal Festival Day, includes associated star restaurants that open their doors every day to offer new trends in international and Mexican cuisine to everyone's delight.

Here we have been touched by an Italian very close to the hotel, which has thanked our battered stomachs little accustomed to the local species after 14 days of the excellent and diverse Mexican cuisine, as well as the subsequent rest before the night that awaited us (although Vero has taken the opportunity to visit the famous shoe Outlet ... and that is that León is Guanajuato in the skin)

Concert Pairing for the Ways of Guanajuato and! Party in Leon!

After the break (well needed) we have approached the Bicentennial Theater where today we are invited to a concert of authors and composers of the State of Guanajuato of great importance

As it could not be otherwise, we have dressed for the occasion, and although the boys have tried to give the size, especially beautiful they have put the girls of #AllMexicoTrip and Nancy, our host all these days.

The concert has been presented accompanied by a musical pairing with state identity dishes, with the full room and the traditional opening of awards corresponding to the work performed.


Another surprise! Although I was very skeptical, I must admit that I have been hooked until I am enchanted by the incredible and attractive concert that the symphony composed entirely of children has given us, with the best known lyrics and raising the applause room. !! A real pleasure to the musical taste !!

Continuing with the program of the conference we are going to say goodbye doing what we like most ...! TASTING THE GASTRONOMY OF LEÓN! (From this we are prepared for any gastronomic event in Spain !! Invitations are accepted !!) Although in this "Lion with skin flavor" we have launched ourselves to the most important "native" drinks

He who knows me knows that I love watching. It may not be very intuitive, but time takes me to contextualize the people who accompany me on adventures, and I like to tell it. The daily life of this AllMexicoTrip may have prevented me and I will do it on the last day of the trip, but today I can proudly say that after more than two weeks, I come in love with each and every one of the components that have made this expedition an intense experience, starting with a small earthquake that gives off positive energy until the one that is lost among its curiositiesincluding a catchy hyperactive laugh, a worker suffering from soundproofing, a couple of those who love those around them and one of my most important discoveries of recent years

The We spent the night in León, the Lion of Guanjuato of the skins and the footwear, together with our already unforgettable Nancy or Omar, no one takes it from us anymore and I think it will remain in everyone's hearts. However, tomorrow we would not get up early ... although perhaps the memory does not reach me to remember some lines to tell you. Who knows, maybe my classmates will one day. Meanwhile, I already rest in the spacious room that welcomes us thinking that there are still a couple of intense days to live. Thanks guys for a day like today! of those who should never forget.

Isaac, from León (Mexico)