Dar Al-Yasmin in Damascus


After spending a night in our Amman by Syria - Lebanon - Jordan takes us to the oldest city in the world always inhabited, the capital of Syria.

Damascus, is the delight of many travelers. Stroll through its streets, its souk, its charms ... It is one of the most picturesque cities with a more special atmosphere in the Middle East. No doubt the choice of accommodation here, where we will spend 3 nights of our trip (one to the North and two before going down to Jordan), will be based on location and environment.

We have considered many options to finally keep the Dar Al-Yasmin (Yasmin's house), a beautiful "boutique hotel", former Damascene palace converted to a hotel, with large patios and exquisite architecture.

To manage the reservation, like the entire trip, we have used the Syrian agency Silkroad International. Even so, in their website There is a contact email to make reservations directly.

This year, 2009, the hotel has acquired the category of 5 * and with it its prices have increased proportionally. The price per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds is around 120-140 euros to change (formerly 100 euros). Is it worth pampering yourself? Location It is located in a very quiet place in the old town of Dasmasco, in the Christian neighborhood, an exceptional situation. Around it has banks to exchange money, a craft market in one of the corners of the street, a post office, a liquor store, ... The Umayyad Mosque, one of the main visits of the city, is just 10 minutes walk from the hotel

The room, of the 18 they have, it is halfway between the magical harmony that is breathed in this city and the needs of a 5 * hotel (air conditioning, minibar, internet connection both by cable and wifi, hair dryer, etc ...) although it still retains the original Damascene furniture that makes this accommodation a charming place

Refering to cleaning, being an old house, we will see how it is. In any case, the criticisms we have read in the forums are not bad since they comment that "the rooms are spacious and clean with beautiful shelves and wooden cabinets". The same goes for the bath where they comment "that it is a small shower but where the hot water works perfectly." It also has a restaurant in the courtyard itself with capacity for up to 200 people. In fact, the breakfast It is the only meal of the day that we will make at the hotel, and it is served in this courtyard, a luxury. It consists of a buffet with bread, preserves, eggs, cheese, etc ...

For $ 20 we will also have the possibility, after a hard day of visits, to enjoy the "Turkish Hamman" (Turkish bath) with sauna and massage that the hotel has. It also maintains the original "Oriental Hall" with beautiful paintings to the delight of many.

As we usually do, once returned from the trip, we offer you a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

Dar Al-Yasmin is not a hotel. Dar Al-Yasmin is a true palace within the Christian neighborhood of the Old City of Damascus. We have also been very lucky since our reservation was made in November 2008 and prices have risen a lot since then. A Damascus who runs a business on Straight Street and is married to a Barcelona woman, told us while he invited us to some cakes, that the price during Holy Week was € 250 per room. !!An atrocity!!

his Location It is privileged while complicated. From the Bab Toma Gate you go up a busy street (where you can not go by car, but if you can call the trunk of the hotel) and next to a Christian Church, halfway down the street, turn to the right . There in the first alley on the right and winding down the alley, the entrance to this small palace appears.

The first thing you find is a small reception and a large and beautiful patio with tables and all kinds of ornamental details. While they prepare the room they invite you to a welcome juice.


Care is taken to the smallest detail with trees, vases, marble ornaments, roof that is collected for rainy days, mosaics, vessels, chandeliers, lanterns,…

The room, one of the few that the hotel has, has a decoration consistent with the rest of the Damascus style of the same, with antique furniture (but not old), a simple bathroom with all kinds of soaps and shampoos, and a double beds but spacious (in our case) although they also have 2 or 3 suites. It also has air conditioning, television, mirror and other facilities ...

The hotel also has a sauna and massage (for € 25 per person), internet (they offer you a laptop to connect for FREE in addition to having WIFI available throughout the patio), restaurant service and other facilities (seesha !! siiii ) .Maybe the only downside (to put some) is that the service, as we have found throughout Syria, leave a little to be desired. One of us slipped on the patio as they had not placed the "wet floor" sign and a small wound was made and as much as we insisted there was no way to bring anything (we had in the suitcase). The next day, and after the corresponding complaint to the manager, they reacted quickly although in another place of the world with more rapid tourist projection you would have offered some compensation (a sauna? Jejej)

Of course, the hotel has very curious details. For example, during the Christian Easter, they brought a collection of colored chicks that roamed the courtyard and were quite fun

Finally, regarding their breakfasts, the hotel offers a buffet with quite a variety: juice, coffee, tea, Lebanese cheeses, toast, ham, fruit, etc ...

Last details to highlight are that the cleanliness of the entire complex is impeccable, the hot water works through a heater, at night it is all illuminated and is in a great area, less than 5 minutes from all kinds of restaurants, stalls Kebabs, natural fruit juice stalls, souvenir shops, etc ... (on Bab Toma main street, one of the liveliest in Damascus). Without a doubt, the best choice of the whole trip and at a very competitive price.

The we would recommend? Definitely, ROTUNDO SI, as long as you get it at the same price as us. The € 250 they told us seems to be something excessive.

Isaac, from Damascus (Syria)