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As time goes by… Almost unintentionally we are starting the eleventh month of the year. A 2010 that has meant for the keys to wear the "handbrake" in terms of traveling projects in favor of personal and professional issues. !! And you don't know how hard it has been !! Of course, for a good cause.

We read the insistence of many "keys", especially of our already traveling companion Vanessa, or Elena, Adrian, Desika ... let us reveal the next getaways. !! I wish we could before! But TODAY WE SAID ENOUGH. There is only one life… !! TODAY WE DREAM AGAIN !!

We leave this 2010 behind, which began with that trip to Munich and the Austrian Alps how good memories it brings us ...

... and one of the most intense and intense trips we have made, the adventure through Peru of May.

The summer brought us Getaways by As Rías Baixas, for the Cíes Islands, the gastronomic route of Costa Da Morte and the meeting with on Lake Sanabria, where we met two wonderful people, Sele and Rebeca, and where we enjoy an unforgettable weekend ...

However, autumn brought us the little disappointment at not being able to meet in person another traveler of those who "must know", to Victor de Mi Patria are My Shoes. The next photo ... !! GOES FOR YOU !! (and recover quickly)

In addition, we have known blogs of incredible travelers, adventurers with the harmless virus of knowing, feeling free and tasting life and culture.

Here our "brothers", one of those LIST OF ESSENTIAL BLOGS that we have always wanted to do (to add the two already mentioned of and )…

- The backpacks, Daniel and Vanessa, this year for Morocco, an intimate couple.
- The Diamond is Carbon, the neighborhood website with more travelers per square meter across the country (including Sele himself)
- The best is yet to come, Yadnakis (and couple) for the world. And often traveled for 9 months have been stuck in Asia
- Logbook, where Isabel offers us design and great adventures (don't miss Pompeii's)
- Toni for the world, one of those blogs that engage, where you feel completely identified and with the latest adventures of Turkey, Vienna and Bratislava or China.
- The Pachinko, of which we admit fervent fans. Good luck to Pau (and cia) with that final that is resolved in the next dates and to which he has managed to reach.
- Merche's diaries, another of the great discoveries we have made this year. It will travel like the cup of a pine!
- The taste of Gyokuro, one of the reference blogs that served to prepare Japan 2008
- Fmanega for the world, of the great Florencio. What are we going to tell about one of our great sources of inspiration that we haven't already told?
- Custom destinations, and its great design and articles
- Jorge Sanchez, other than such. What about the person who makes us be finishing his second book since this summer? It is "the traveler".
- Trying to travel the world, M. Eugenia's blog that fascinates us with its accumulation of sensations and contrasts by Uganda
- Round trip, Carme in its purest form and its great interviews to the traveling world.
- Sandar's travels, excellent design and great collection of adventures of Sandra and Jose, whom we met "almost" in Peru.
- Stories of this planet, another of the great discoveries. Antonio Aguilar's reflections are simply !! BRIGHT!
- A life in Mil Viatges, where Blai has us hooked on his last trip through Laos and Cambodia.
- Hector and Yolanda's blog, of which we have already spoken in past articles, where they continue telling us their stories with the same passion.
- The travels of Brujida, another perspective different from the love to travel.
- Momo's travels, Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia ... Essential.
- Travel notes, where we are absolutely hooked on M. Teresa's last trip through Malaysia
- My travel guide, Fran's exciting blog that is capable of moving us from the unknown Isla Juventud to the most horrible Nazi barbarism.
- My Travel Bag, where, as its slogan says "trips are like books, they start with some uncertainty and say goodbye with nostalgia"
- Edu & Eri Travel, the enthusiasm of traveling come true
-, another of the great discoveries of the last year and one of the great contributions to the internet. A whole project.
- My trips there, where Inés is going to kill me because we didn't have her in the links and we just realized. One of our favorite blogs and now linked.
- Crazy about travel, M.C. It takes us week after week to explore the hiding places of your trips to the last detail
- To Mata Jump, where Miguel Nonay shows us that there are no limits to the traveler.
- 1001 Places, one of our latest discoveries
- By travelers, the blog of the viamedius community.
- The traveler's notes, detailed Pruden diaries and useful stories for future travelers.
- Molaviajar, in design, competitions and enthusiasm, the best
- The next stop, Jose Carlos DS has been ultimately linked to cotters and !! another great discovery !!

And we can't forget to all those who write and support us day by day both here and by Facebook (already more than 100) or Twitter. Especially to two who do it live and with whom we have the illusions in August 2011, of the Sequoia branch of the family cotters, LOL… Ruth and Juve.


And finally it is time to tell you our most traveling reflections. After a 2010 advancing "with the anchor on" and after saying our particular! ENOUGH NOW!

- February 2011, from 18 to 21, confirmed, It is presented as our first getaway after that Munich 2010 That many memories left us. An exciting trip to a place full of mysticism and, surely, that of adventures. An unusual location among travelers.

- March 2011, without confirming dates, it will possibly be the month chosen to fulfill another one of those more classic but different "dreams".

- May 2011, without confirming datesIt is undoubtedly the one that makes us most excited, a "distant" getaway to a different culture that will allow us to make contact with a future trip.

- In August 2011, and if everything comes face to face, we have already chosen the GREAT SUMMER, more than 25 days to the greatest adventure that we have raised to date in the best company of the Secuoias Ruth and Juve

- But before Christmas is coming. We love Christmas and we have prepared something VERY SPECIAL for these dates that neither Paula knows. This Christmas in cotters, and as of December 24, we will have our own keys ...


It rains in Galicia. Winter falls They are our dreams, we know ... but who will snatch them from us? Today is November 1 and the new key adventure begins here. 52 days left ...

Isaac and Paula, from the rainy Galician lands