Travel destinations… WHERE ARE WE GOING?


Sometimes, when they ask us, we don't know very well how to explain why we have reached certain places on the planet. We look back and even surprise ourselves. This year we have neither made traveling purposes, nor a review of 2012 nor the usual compilations of the year ended / year started, but yes let's think a little high about what goes through our head for future destinations as we did with that one 12 + 1 dreams attainable?. They are !! our dreams !!

Before, today we woke up with news that surprised us. We have been nominated for "'Top 100 International eXchange and eXperience Blogs" among many blogs of great international prestige.

DO YOU WANT TO VOTE US? Does not require or register or anything Just click on the next button, point to the CHAVETAS TRAVEL box and vote. The truth, and although we are not much of contests, we are excited to be among blogs of so much category.

Meanwhile, we are still strange read our own stories and see how these odyssey have led us to rise in the mist of Inle Lake to cross Pa-o territory in full Myanmar and rediscover a square kilometer of hidden pagodas to civilization for centuries in Kakku, or to get aroundthat red-tinted road parallel to the famous Bay of Pigs in our adventure lost by the Cuba more authentic ...


Also to furrow the banks of the Euphrates among ruins of ancient Mesopotamia in that Syria now struck by violence at the impassive look of the international scene, or tremble (from cold and fear) lost in the fog in the silent and isolated Dalman Bay of our adventure for the Antarctica.


We review these stories reaching even the most mystical places in Peru, one of the largest and most unknown necropolis in the world as they are the Chulpas de Sillustani, more than 3,900 m high, or daring to cross the advisable limits to live for a while with one of the most ancient tribes of our planet, the pygmies of Lake Buyonyi, in Uganda, almost touching the border with Rwanda.


And how to remember is not always easy, because not reviewing our recent trip through the South Seas, where we venture to step on the least visited lands on the planet, and investigate the origins of the isolated Tuvalu, or to convince a boatman in need of crowding two containers of gasoline and, dodging the lower coral waters, entering those North Tarawa peoples held incommunicado in the world in the strange country of Kiribati, whose most apocalyptic prophecies besiege.


But this yearPart because the crisis shakes us all, part because we feel like turning our traveling adventures, dreams lead us to a series of destinations that have been knocking at our door for a long time.

We are talking about classics that no one should ever miss in life and that this 2013 could be a great opportunity to meet. Let's go there…


Paula has been "pressing" for some time to go to some snow or cold destination, where we can see a different nature from the last one we have lived. Canada and / or Greenland could be a very ambitious, albeit expensive, combination. Here we would find places where we could even try to learn to ski, an activity that seems to us still distant, and that the last time we tried we ended furrowing the skies by parachute, LOL…



It was in 2006 when we began our adventure through the holiest and most historic lands that this planet has. Jordan, he Mt. Nebo de Moíses where he saw the promised land, the valleys of the Jordan or the Dead Sea. In 2009 we would return to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan expanding horizons up to territories of ancient Babylon and to him Damascus older. Reaching the Promised Land, today Israel and the Palestinian Lands, the Nazareth, Bethlehem and the sacred city of Jerusalem, would culminate the epic.



One of the routes that all travelers dream of frequently, and recently made by our good friends from My Homeland are My Shoes, Maka and Eva, is a trans-Siberian or, almost better, a trans-Mongolian that would allow us to cross Mongolia to the fearsome Gobi Desert. We already reached Urumqi, something further south, in the 2011 trip to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.



If there is a destiny that leaves no one indifferent that is India. There are those who love him, there are those who cannot stand there for 4 days. We talk about a place of fascinating cultural contrasts, with some of the most impressive places on the planet. Who has not ever dreamed of being with the Taj Mahal or in the sacred city of Hinduism bathed by the Ganges of Varanasi?



When one thinks of classic travel trips, in addition to the previous ones, possibly the first one that comes to mind is that Egypt on the Nile, with Cairo as the protagonist and Luxor, Asuan or Abu Simbel and who knows, if the black and white deserts towards the Algerian border. These are not good times for a country that received 4 times more tourists a year than it currently receives, but ... has the time come?


Of course, we cannot do all of them, although there is one in this complicated 2013. Which one would you stay with?

Can you help us choose our next destination?

Isaac and Paula, deciding new traveling adventures ...