TRAVEL CHAVETAS meets !! 5 years !!


... and it seems that it was yesterday when that April 3, 2006 a small and humble blog was born (which we have not ceased to be) under a wordpress still very rough, prepared for the trip to Jordan 2006. Today, April 3, 2011 ...

!! We turn 5 years old !!!

We still remember its beginnings and the reasons why CHAVETAS was born. It was a different trip, the first time we entered the Middle East, and the family wanted us to call them often to know we were fine. With our first salaries, we could barely afford the trip and just thinking about the phone rate, our soul fell to our feet. Then the idea of ​​our always close Elias (to which we owe a high percentage of today's keys): "Why don't I prepare a blog and upload some photos with some words at night?" So it was. The success between family and friends was such that we would not abandon it to date.

One of the worst moments would come shortly after, when the also "rough" server that sheltered us would lose all data with him. At that time we didn't know what a BACKUP was.

Again, Elias, pusher, encouraged us to write again and he September 26, 2006 we were back online and prepared for trip that in December of that same year took us to Burma with two good friends, Joseba and Margari, with whom we will repeat this summer. The blog was still poor, but every day it attracted more readers.

The first changes arrived with the ad in August 2007 of CHAVETAS 2.0, what it materialized on September 16, 2007 and later with the getaway to Berlin 2007. The drop-down bar, the "getaways" section, "my country", the adapted headers and the absolute customization of each trip were born. As well we added Google Analytic and we began to know the daily visits that the web received, and an average of 70-80, which seemed to us a barbarity.

The personal section was also born where we collected one of the best trips that life holds for us, the birthday of our grandmother cotters, which gave its name to the web, with its 94th birthday, he 96th birthday or the recent 97th birthday... There will never be a BETTER TRIP.

Possibly one of the great successes of cotters was the Free trip to Japan 2008 and the guide we publish with the. Since then, it has been the most visited newspaper year after year, bringing more than 75,000 visits, followed not very far by the article related to Vatican Necropolis and this last year being displaced by trips like that of Syria 2009, Antarctica 2009 or Peru 2010

It would be in July 2008 when a Secuoias brother blog, of our faithful traveling companions when they can, Juve and Ruth, and the first trips with them. Today is still active, more than ever, announcing future travel projects that take us with them ...

In 2008 we also began our first relationships with other sister blogs, especially Floren, Fmanega for the world and Sele's, Sele's Rincon, with whom we have already made two small getaways together (one the recent Getaway to Stonehenge and Bath 2011)

In 2009, and already counting cotters with an average of more than 200 visits a day, came a hard personal blow. They were moments of being with friends, family. I didn't feel like writing. Keys remained without activity since June. Then a person appeared who made both Isaac and Keys happy again. Paula represents what CHAVETAS is today, and CHAVETAS is Paula. I will always say that no one will ever understand the trip to Antarctica 2009. It represented much more than an exciting place. It was a before and after in our lives, because of the intense experience with oneself transmitted in the form of past (flashback) and present. It is possibly one of the stories we are most proud of.

In a very short time Paula and Isaac made our first getaway together, the getaway to Munich 2010. It was a contrast to the previous trip, and we will always remember it with a unique getaway. This one and the recent one trip to Maldives 2011 They gave rise to our two main slogans that we always defend:

No need to go to the other end of the world to find wonderful places

The world is big enough to realize our dreams

But that November 23, 2009 not only would it be the beginning of a new adventure, not even Grandma's 96th birthday plus cotter. On that date CHAVETAS 3.0 was inaugurated, after several months of break, with the help of Paula we had designed since September of the same year, sketch by sketch, with more than 350 visits on that day and an average of over 300 during the whole trip to Antarctica 2009.

But that would not have been possible without the integration of a new member to the team, Ivan, our "crazy designer" (Which by the way was getting married these days ...! CONGRATULATIONS !!!), a true artist with a brush that gave a more pleasant and relaxed design, according to the personality of the travelers here.

The first trips of the past were born (Rivera Maya 1996, Florida 1991) with the intention of publishing them all, the first batons, with several winners in its two editions (Floren, Elena and Sonia and Carmé) and that soon there will be one for the summer trip. By the way, track for the 11-day trip in April ...

Another key moment in the life of this blog was the August 11, 2010. Social networks as we know them today they began to eat the way to communicate. It was time to support the blog in these and provide it with greater dynamism and greater possibilities.


April 03, 2006 - Birth of Keys 1.0
September 16, 2007 - Birth of Keys 2.0
November 23, 2009 - Birth of Keys 3.0
August 11, 2010 - Keys in Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)

We were increasing more than 80% the visits of the blog, incorporating the trip to Maldives 2011, the Getaway to Bucharest and Romania 2011 and the recent Getaway to Stonehenge and Bath 2011.

Statistics continue to yield data that we never thought of 5 years ago. According to our platform, we are reaching 500 articles with more than 3000 comments (completed this week). According to Google Analytic more than !! 580,000 page views! since its installation (at the end of 2007). But does this matter? Where do we want to go?


Contrary to what one might think, until recently we were not happy again with cotters. At the same time that the challenges and the visits were increased we had left aside (momentarily) the essence by which this blog was born.

It is, perhaps, the revolution of Social Networks, which for a moment made us lose the north of the spirit of cotters. Keys was always born as a website that counts more than travel, sensations. He was born for us and for those travelers who prepared their trips or getaways with care. We are still surprised reading back and seeing how our ways of thinking have changed, our perspective on life ...

... and is that cotters is a website that allows us, to those who write here, to escape from the "real" life and dream of those experiences that this world holds for us.

Where do we want to go? It may seem to some to be an unambitious challenge, but cotters have been born and will continue to be a blog that wants to grow up, with its faithful readers, little or many, of fresh and original content, but with the intention that the creators can Sit with 70, 75, 80 years in an armchair and be able to read all those memories that life has brought us. Who knows? Perhaps some "chavetita" can continue it, or simply read how happy the "older cotters" were. Be able to read illusions, anecdotes and especially feelings. NOTHING ELSE…

… Hopefully in 5 years, we can celebrate the 10 years of keys with the same perspective and enthusiasm.

The future goes through an exciting collaboration with the radio program whose philosophy fits perfectly with our slogans, Parallel20, as we already announced that August 23, 2010.

The future also happens to continue taking care of ours, those who champion the logo of open keys that September 19, 2010 (Paula, Isaac, the pet Kevin and the wise grandmother cotters) and those around us (family, friends, close travelers)

But the future, above all, happens to do what we like, FEEL TRAVELING, for life or for the world ... Hopefully we can continue enjoying those moments and share them with ours and with all of you.

Until ... in 5 years?


All those who feel like cotters