!! And they go 6 years on the net!


Yes, it seems a lie, step by step this little blog has already !! 6 YEARS ON THE NET !! telling new adventures and misadventures around the world, although It wasn't until last year (that we turned 5), when we remembered the important moments of the web, its inauguration, its current version 2.0 and 3.0 and the integration with social networks. All this today is part of the ABOUT US / NETWORKS


In this "birthday", we did not want to forget those who make it possible for us to stay here, since Travel Keys we are more than those in front of the curtain, that is, more than the "grandmother cotters", "Kevin", Paula and Isaac. And there are two people behind whom we cannot forget, Elias and Ivan.

Elias, in addition to being the promoter that today the web exists around 2006 when the first WordPress was installed, it is already an excellent friend of both Paula and Isaac and its occurrences do not cease to surprise us. It is also the "culprit" of all the "automatisms" of the web that allow us to write "en route".

Ivan, is our crazy designer. He joined the project cotters in its 3.0 version and the original and funny design of cotters in comic format is thanks to him. He has currently started a new project called Dibuland in which he promotes his personalized designs of cartoons, comics, children's makeup, etc ... It's a real crack. We encourage you to see your Web.


But behind there is another person that almost spontaneously we can consider one more key. She is one of the great "culprits" that "her section" is one of the most viewed of the web of a season to this part. And it is that in addition to the main page, which takes 18.5% of the landing pages, the article on the section of Japan or Peru, the article about it, or the recent trip to East africa.

The person we are talking about is Vatican Nuria, "improvised moderator" of the comments of, which with 4.5% of the visits received, is the article of the web that attracts the most searches. !! Thank you very much Nuria!


Another of the memories of these 6 years are some of the "interviews" that we have done, starting from the base that we prefer to keep out of this maelstrom of social networks, blogtrips and social madness, which surpasses us. We remember:

- A curious campaign of "What hotel do I book?" performed by Brenda B. Zaniuk in March 2010
- The fun initiative of Carme in Last Calling where we unveiled a first video in July 2010
- The small questionnaire made for Viamedius in his corporate blog of Porviajeros in February 2011
- The great interview that Pau conducted for us Yokmok in his "blogger to blogger" section in July 2011


Finally, on this sixth birthday of the web, we wanted to answer another one of those questions that you ask us a lot when we are traveling, How are we able to write en route?

The first and the great reason Why we can do it is the degree of "automation" that the web has Thanks to Elias. We can choose 40 or 50 photos per item and thanks to a modification of the Next Gallery plugin made by Elias upload them in just a few minutes, resize them and generate files of little weight (but in places like Cuba or Burma it would be impossible)

Once that is done, we just have to write what we want. Once again a custom plugin created by Elias in the WordPress editor allows us to simply put the number of the photo to hang any of the three sizes with which we create the articles, maps included, with or without border, etc ... without having to search for names, lists or files.

The last step? The most important. We usually write the stories together, having the last coffee or infusion of the night, a cocktail or even the next day's plane, train or car journeys that are longer, remembering unforgettable adventures on our routes, but the last review is always done by Paula, to avoid misspellings or reduced sentences. Paula is always and will be the key engine.

So in 30 or 40 minutes "we get" a story, we must not forget that its main function is still to have families quiet when we are in the most remote places in the world.


We do not want to say goodbye to this "birthday" without remembering that within 7 days, on April 10, it will also be a year that in the sky sports a new star, that every day continues to illuminate us as intensely as the first day. Thanks grandma.

The cotter family