The Coconut Crabs of Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands are not a place of abundant vegetation and lush forests because yes, but all this has a "maintenance". Every night it rains on Uepi Island, however, it is to open our eyes, and a new clear sky with sun and temperatures above 30ºC await us.


As we expect a good breakfast with our malarone pill, which we started to take the first day of Vanuatu and today will be the last one before starting the final week. We have also taken the opportunity to do a laundry, taking advantage of our privileged terrace (although with the humidity it costs to dry) and update keys. This whole area of ​​Solomon Islands, full of small islands and small accommodation, is an ideal place to miss a few days

Diliva awaits us. It's time to our last live before tomorrow fly. We will respect the 24 hours of caution. Today Paula goes snorkeling while Isaac and David and Katty dive.


Of the little diving say that we could not comment yesterday, one of the best in the world. Today we have been another 50 'in the Elbow Point area. The first day we had done around the reefs of the Dive Shop, and yesterday at Uepi Point and General Store

We descend very slowly to 25-30 meters. It is the best point to see blankets or rays, sharks and other deep-sea species.


Elbow Point, however, is not characterized so much by its marine fauna, but more by strange outcrops and for its multitude of caves


... we are in some depths after going down a cliff, which could well be taken from a science fiction movie ...


Today we can't see a turtle, maybe Paula did it on the surface. We look up and see its silhouette. !! Hi Paula!


Time to return to the boat. The morning excursion ends. Katty and David every day become more of the family, they treat us and care like nobody else, just like Daniel and Ian.


Marovo Lagoon is a dish at this time. It could reflect everything. We realize again that we are in one of the most privileged places on the planet


Uepi Island allows you to do many other activities besides Dives and Snorkelling, such as visits to nearby towns, jungle walks, picnics on nearby beaches, visiting your library or simply enjoy its coconut palm beach and bathe in the waters of the lagoon in the shadow of one of them


Of course, we were notified the first day, we must have care of where one falls asleep, it is not going to be that we stick a good! Cocazo!

David calls us. They got a pair of Kayak and have been taking a walk in the lagoon. It seems they have seen 3 turtles. Paula almost does not wait and runs for one of them. !! Paulaaa wait! ! I'm going with you!

Handling the kayaks does not require previous experience, since they are very easy to handle, so we have had a good walk around the bungalows, although Tomasa has decided not to appear today. We will have to wait for other islands.


In the entire lagoon it is standing, since the depths are barely 1 meter, so you can walk up to 200 meters inside


The one who decides to appear at lunchtime (they serve us again in the bungalow) is Pascual, the tremendous lizard that inhabits the area. The other day Danielle told us, that they got confused and took all their food. He is not smart or anything. Today he just came to say goodbye and left with little luck jungle inside again

The nap is the best time of day. The hammock that premiered the other day Paula today has been Isaac's best ally, where Grogi has stayed. Paula while she has taken the opportunity to watch a movie on her tablet, since here there is no television or currency. For having, there is no hot water (although 24 hours of electricity via generator) although the ambient water comes out very warm.


We have finished the day in the main house, confirming our future options via email (2kbs) with Christina in Honiara


Finally we will return tomorrow July 29 at 11'05 to Honiara, where we will catch a flight to Nadi. Christina has also confirmed the connection with Suva for that day, but it will be a lot of curl that so many flights go on time. For trying ...

While Isaac confirms flights and sends some email to the family to stay calm (there have been no more earthquake replicas we have learned, Paula has just seen his movie. Cocktails and another exceptional dinner, where Coconut Crab never fails, is served

It is precisely to see these animals in freedom one of Isaac's whims, and since the first day he arrived he has removed "Rome with Santiago" so that the Staff organizes a "night getaway". In the end he has not succeeded, and besides us, Katty, Danieele, Ian and David sign up.

A little boat brings us about 10 minutes in the dark to another remote island. We don't even know where we are ...


We begin to follow one of the guides in the middle of the jungle with some flashlights that they have lent us. Of the Coconut Crab or trace, what we do see are strange frogs and the occasional hermit eating coconuts?


After a while, including a loss of guidance along the way, we found one. It looks awesome. !! The Coconuts Crabs climb the trees (hence the name?) !! These strange creatures, which we have seen more on the dinner plate than the natural one, are magnificent coconut palm climbers and are looking for life at night


This will be lucky, and here it will stay, there is still something left to grow to end up in the pot of Uepi Island. Curious animal that We had already tried in Port Vila in the experience of L'Houstaled with our friend Mar.


The one that still does not appear is Tomasa. Paula, do you think we'll see her on some other island? Surely yes. For today we will leave it alone ... The night closes, only illuminated by a clear moon that has accompanied us the 3 days in this magnificent place. Tomorrow it will be time to try to leave Solomon Islands. Hopefully it is not as difficult as our entry. More tomorrow…

Isaac and Paula, looking for Tomasa, from Marovo Lagoon (Solomon Islands)