Travels in the social networks


We must recognize that we had been resisting for some time. In fact Paula is still without Facebook, neither Twitter, neither Buzz, neither milks (nor wants them), but ... CHAVETAS.ES has fallen on its networks (at least those of Facebook at the moment), How could it be otherwise

On August 11, 2010 it becomes another key date in the adventures of this small travel blog, and there are four from that April 3, 2006 that was born the v1, that September 16 of the same year with the v2 and the jump qualitative on November 23, 2009 with the current version 3.0 ...

... The heavy, colorless "blue" style of a blog anchored in the past changed to a colorful comic format much more attractive to the visitor (thanks to the help of our designer key Ivan) as well as much more automated thanks to Elias Badenes (Upload an article with more than 40 photos now it doesn't take more than 30 minutes).

And even, although it might seem heavier a priori, in its internal structure much more optimized for a much more efficient and faster navigation.

He August 11, 2010 he is born CANAL CHAVETAS.ES on FACEBOOK, in its first tests, and today, Sunday, August 15, 2010 we give it as "working"


CHAVETAS CHANNEL born with the intention of integrating the traveling world of in the increasingly large world of Facebook, in addition to providing a series of new amenities to users. - Journeys, Chronicles, Stories and Travel Itineraries will have from these moments its own page on Facebook, of which any internet user can be a fan. And what advantages does it provide?

- Automatic updates of all blog entries IMMEDIATELY be published (It is already automated). In addition, those who wear Facebook on your mobile phone, Blackberrys, Iphones, Android, you can see the updates anywhere.

- Greater interaction with travelers. Until now it was done through comments directly on the articles of the blog and through emails from @ . Now much more dynamic since Facebook

- Complete automation of article comments between WordPress and Facebook, in such a way that Any comments posted on the blog will be IMMEDITATELY posted on Facebook and vice versa. (The latter we have to improve its implementation soon)

But also, we have completely changed the social behavior of the blog, removing the obsolete star system to rate the items by ...

- New system "I LIKE IT", in which the traveler can vote through his account Facebook if you liked the article

- Direct links to share articles on both Facebook and Twitter.

- All this complements the traditional commenting system (which will continue to be the engine of the blog), as well as syndication via RSS (for those who do not know with any news manager adding http // / rss / for example Google Reader)

What is the future of CHAVETAS.ES in social networks?

1. Improve your integration into Facebook: By improving the automation between the wall and its direct import in the comments of the articles, the photos of all trips for those who do not want to read articles and only see photos, Youtube channel fully integrated to Facebook and direct publication from our online destinations.

2. Expansion to other social network systems: Youtube channel for videos, subscription via email and syndication via explicit RSS in the short term, Twitter in the medium term and others in the long term (Buzz,… )

3. Use of utilities at destination: Foursquare, Gowalla,…

4. Apps for mobile? We'll see…

Meanwhile, we resume the week with new energies (Sele, we owe you an email, but we do not forget, we are waiting for some calls tomorrow Monday)

Isaac and Paula, toasting new changes (and more)