And our next destination is ...


Jean Louis Burckhardt It was his name. Walking to the shelter of the mountain, among those huge and impressive gorges he achieved the dream of any archaeologist, of any man. He managed to discover the nerve center of what was one of the most important centers of life and worship in the ancient world, from the 6th century BC, Petra, one of the 7 Wonders of Humanity and one of the experiences we have enjoyed most in recent times (trip to Jordan'06 and Syria'09)

Speaking precisely of Wonders of Humanity, we find true empires, like the greatest of all, the powerful Roman Empire that gave rise to one of the best preserved places of today, the Roman Coliseum (I had the privilege of visiting in Rome'08), or the magestuous Chinese wall Worthy of another empire. Complete this listing on Taj Mahal, he Christ redeemer or Chichen Iztá (travel to Riviera Maya'96), splendor of the Mayan civilization.

Yes, indeed of all the Wonders we have left one for the end. It was in 1911 when Hiram Bingham, looking for the city of Vilcabamba and almost the result of chance, as previously happened to Jean Louis Burckhardt, "re-discovered" (it is said that previously a German businessman had already arrived) one of the most important sacred places of the Inca Civilization .

There are many legends about this city, one of them is that it was the last place not occupied by the Spaniards after the conquest of Vilcabamba, Spaniards who swept their expeditions in their search for Inca gold, led by Francisco de Pizarro around 1531 It is said that the Incas collected all the gold and buried it, or hid it in a cave or took it to a secret city in the mountains that the Spanish never found ...

We speak, of course, of the Lost City of the Incas, the Sacred City of Machu Picchu ("Old Mountain") and one of the Civilizations, the Inca, most important and particular that this world has enjoyed ...

... !!! WE'RE GOING TO PERU !!!

Sonia and Elena & Carme (we will contact you)

I was (Isaac) about 13 or 14 years old when I started reading about the legends that address this place. No one could believe that a place like this, at 2,700 m high, could have buildings coinciding with the solar azimuth in the solstices, very hard stones carved with excellent precision (the Incas did not know iron, only bronze) or mysteries yet to discover ...

So, we are going to "discover" ourselves. We already have the flights thanks to an offer of Iberia, !!! € 601.94 per person including route A Coruña - Madrid !!! This has been the missing push to decide. We already have also dates, of the April 30 to May 17, 2010. We also have travelers, Paula and Isaac. It is time to design our route, as always personalized, away from the rigid packages offered by wholesalers in Spain. In it we want to include:

Lima and the ruins of Pachacamac (30 km from Lima)

Paracas and the Ballestas Islands

Ica and the Huacachina Lagoon

The Nazca Lines and their exciting legends

The white city of Arequipa

The Colca Valley and the Cruz del Condor

Puno and Lake Titicaca

Cuzco, the city that falls in love.

Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas.

The jungle of Puerto Maldonado

The idea is to do it in the most traditional route, going down the coast, knowing the pre-Inca cultures of the Paracas. Nazcas, ... to start climbing meters (with the fear of altitude sickness included) and reach the world of Uros, Lake Titicaca where the legend tells that "the founders of the Incas arise", continue going up from there to Cuzco, following the origins of these reaching the "navel of the world", the capital of the Incas and face the entrance to its Sacred Valley and "rediscover" the Lost City, ending in a very particular jungle. An itinerary similar to the following ...

In order to do it we will use internal flights (to be able to access the jungle), light aircraft (Nazca), land transport (especially public buses), railway (train to Machu Picchu), boats (Ballestas Islands, jungle) or motor boats (Titicaca lake),…

It is already very little. The keys we cross the puddle again ... In the next few days more information VERY VERY BREAKDOWN of our preparations and how we prepare for a trip.

Then on the scale of the earth I have climbed
Among the atrocious tangle of the lost jungles
Up to you, Macchu Picchu.
High city of scalar stones,
finally abode of the earthly
He did not hide in the sleeping garments.
In you, like two parallel lines,
the cradle of lightning and man
they swayed in a wind of thorns.
Mother of stone, foam of the condors.
High reef of the human aurora

(“Altos del Macchu Picchu" - Pablo Neruda)

Paula and Isaac