Today, finally, I have the joy of being able to communicate to everyone who follows this little website that… !!! CHAVETAS RETURNS !!!

There are many samples of love and encouragement that I have received during these 4 long months. You do not know how much they have achieved their goal and how much they have encouraged me. And as I can never thank you in any other way, I thought that the best way to do it is as I put in the comments of the farewell, returning with more trips and more stories ...

We already have a date. OPENING OF CHAVETAS 3.0 NOVEMBER 23. Why that day? Because the name of CHAVETAS was born from the "grandmother María", the grandmother of the web, and on November 23 she turns 96 years old.

That changes? The idea is to follow the same style and structure, and only give a graphic change and something wider for photos and something else. If I would like to know your opinions (great idea of ​​Antogal to create this post, thank you very much!)

POn the other hand, fmanega (of which I consider myself a great fan) has initiated a very funny proposal, to make a PORRA TRAVEL where I'm going from November 25 to December 18. The rules are simple:
1. Hit the 3 countries or places that I will visit on this trip (I put places also because it would be worth saying Munich - Tirol - French Alps and it would be understood that it is Germany - Austria - France).
2. You do not have SPAIN nor a possible intermediate SCALE of any flight, only the countries or places actually visited and that pass at least more than 1 day (in the 3 countries I will spend more than 1 day, there is no scale that "serves of trick ").
3. THE PRIZE WILL be a souvenir / souvenir of the trip I am going to (I will be original)
4. Participants can repeat bets from other previous participants (if there are 2 or 3 winners I will bring 2 or 3 memories).
5. To participate just leave a COMMENT in this article

So, the questions are:

- What is essential for CHAVETAS and non-quitas? What do you think is essential? What would you add to the web?
- PORRA CHAVETAS 3.0: What 3 countries or places will I visit on the 24-day trip of November / December to celebrate the re-opening of the web?

The club until today (23.11.2009) is as follows (! TOTAL OF 45 BETS !!):
* FMANEGA: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile / Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia
* ARACELIi: Russia, Mongolia and China / Sweden, Finland, Norway
* SILVIA: Russia, Mongolia and China
* ANTOGAL: Thailand, Malaysia and Australia
* RAMON: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand
* PACKAGED: Singapore, Bali and Java
* NOTES: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
* JUVE: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
* ELENA: Peru, Chile and Argentina / Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
* SURI: Norway, Sweden and Finland
* ROUTINE: Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia
* MIRIAM: Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand
* SANDY: Argentina, Chile and Brazil / Argentina, Peru and Chile
* JAVIER: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
* MAUXI MOM: Norway, Sweden and Finland
* SANDRA: Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo
* JESUS: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
* MªLUZ AND EDUARDO: Argentina, Chile and Brazil
* AMPAROY ANTONIO: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
* DESIKA: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
* TITOLIN: Argentina, Brazil and Chile
* FATHER Singapore, Australia and New Zealand / Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand
* TOM: Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand / Australia, Thailand and Singapore
* GRANDMA MARIA: Thailand, Australia and New Zealand / Qatar, Australia and New Zealand
* GRANDMA VALE: Singapore, Thailand and Australia / Dubai, Australia, New Zealand
* MOTHER and CURRO: Thailand, Australia and New Zealand / Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong
* GIUSSEPE: Brazil, Alaska and Tunisia
* TIGRYS AND VANESSA: Peru, Argentina and Bolivia / Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore
* ISRAEL76: Greece, Malta and Cyprus
* EIB: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia
* CARMEN PORTOS: Bali, Australia and New Zealand
* YADNAKIS: Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Cambodia
* JOSY: Cape Town, India, Argentina
* JASON: Chile, Argentina and Peru / Australia, New Zealand and Thailand

!!! PORRA CLOSED AT 4:47 PM ON 11/23/2009 !!!

Less is left…

Isaac (and company)