Contrasts 2008 - Happy Holidays


We are finishing 2008 and a good year for the keys is over. Every year we are more cotters in the world. Without going any further Tilo, Ruth, Juve, Sergio, Lara ... and their travels throughout 2008. As my grandmother says ... "you are all lost keys"Someday we will tell you where it comes from, but of course it is the wisest grandmother in the world, at 95 years old.

The new adaptations of the web are a bit slow but we are doing well to relax this Christmas. Thanks to So and, graphic designer as well as a great person, we will have it very soon available, since it will give us a cable. No, we are not informatics, we are self-taught and a little bit of this ...

Looking back on 2008 we were now watching the photobooks and the photos of Cuba and Japan that, without neglecting that you don't have to go to the other side of the world to enjoy a great trip or a great getaway (see the visit to Rome in May, or to Basin in October or Madrid in December), have been our great trips of 2008.

How similar and how different we are the people in this world so small and big. Have you stopped to think about the mixture of contrasts that you find between trips? Then they are surprised when you are not able to explain if you liked a trip or another. If they have nothing to do with it ...

We will make a fun comparison between the two, as a different article to say goodbye to the year ... Let's see ... we start with ...

Train in Cuba or train from Japan?

Lobster in Cuba or fresh fish in Japan?

White sand beach in Cuba or "beach" in Japan?

Accommodation in private homes in Cuba or Ryokans in Japan?

Cubatas in Cuba or digestives in Japan?

Crocodile meat in Cuba or Kobe meat in Japan?

Day view of Havana in Cuba or Yokohama in Japan?

And at night, Cuba or Japan?

And we could follow hours and hours of this multitude of contrasts of two very different trips, both absolutely for free, in one taking a rental car and touring the western part of the island and sleeping in the particular house that coincided and another based on trains More panoramic

And as always, with the best Company
And today, on December 29, 2008, we have almost decided the destinations of 2009. The first we are going to a destination that we are very excited about and that will be revealed with the new changes ... We will read soon. Happy holidays to all and happy entry of 2009, cotter year, travel year ... A clue: "our next destination is ..."
P.S. There are less than 20 days left for the new design. Countdown ... 20 ... 19 ... 18 ...