Language school! Traveling!


We must recognize that we receive enough emails seeking recommendation on some language school to attend taking advantage of your trip, especially for Europe, and so far we had not encouraged to write a related article. Today we have received information from a Spanish company that helps to find courses and accommodation but from a practical point of view (they visit them before offering it) so we are going to tell you a little more about it.

Of course, although this article has advertising content, if in addition to studying languages ​​your passion is to travel, we encourage you to read it.

Where to attend a language school !! traveling !!?

Times have changed a lot. What were formerly limited options and very focused on the United Kingdom, today is an almost unlimited destination map. A English course in Malta How did Miriam tell us recently? Or maybe you feel like learning moreItalian in Venice, German in Hamburg or Spanish in Havana?

But there are many more destinations, for all types of budgets and adapted to all tastes and languages. Appetizing destinations such as England, Scotland, Ireland have joined as United States, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Mexico or Cuba.

But will I have free time in my language school?

There are many types of courses, from the so-called "superpower" (more than 31 hours a week) or the "superintensive" (30 hours per week) to the more "light" (less than 15 hours) or "ultralight" (10 weekly hours). You choose how much time you want to study and how much free, depending if you are preparing an exam or your goal is to improve your language.

Those who want to combine the didactic aspect with an opportunity to know a destination, undoubtedly one of the best options are the courses taught in their morning classes, so that you will have leisure time every afternoon and weekend.

In addition, in your own language school they will help you prepare your routes or excursions in the destination city and surroundings that you have chosen

And, fellow travelers?

One of the most attractive aspects of the experience lies, without a doubt, in the social aspect of the experience. Not only will you travel and learn languages, but you will meet many people of your age with whom to share unforgettable days.


That's how the Keys ended up inPoznan, in our first foray into Poland, taking advantage of an MBA opportunity we were doing at that time.

Linguland, managing language schools since 2003

In 2003, founded by a team of young people university students and before the shortage of this type of offer, a platform was created in which they could find language courses, read comments from former clients and find the best possible school. Was born Linguland

From then until today, not only did the project grow, but it has become everything a reference in the management of language schools, standing out from other companies in the sector in 2011 after obtaining from TÜV Rheinland the certificate of quality of service according to the international standard DIN ISO 9001: 2008, a true milestone in the history of the company.

The added value that Linguland brings, is that not only Advises each person individually to find the course that best suits their needsIt also helps you find accommodation and all the logistics in any of its many and countless destinations.

You have all the necessary information on your own website, in addition to having direct contact in which to express your concerns (which go beyond the search for courses, such as being interested in internships or work in your own agency)

I'm 50 years old, I'm already late ...! MISTAKE!

There are people who carry adventurous spirit in their blood, and make their trips more unattainable once retired. If your passion is your desire to learn languages ​​and also keep in touch with more people of your age with whom to also discover a country, why give up that spirit?

Linguland also makes it possible in their language schools. Experiences like participating in guided tours of the city and the region of Tuscany or the Chianti wine region ordering your glass of wine in Italian, are some of the most requested

The "Benjamina Key" is an expert in this type of experience, the rest of the Keys are still pending (except that little week in Poznan). And you, Do you dare to spend the summer in a language school! Traveling !?

Paula and Isaac