The idyllic Fongafale in Tuvalu


It’s really exciting to see how different we are people from one point to another on the planet. While in the West we run and run (although someone still has to explain to us where we run, in Tuvalu) they spend their lives waiting and waiting. Waiting for what?

A beautiful day dawns from the terrace of our old Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, leaving those turquoise blue colors of a lagoon really amazing in the inner area of ​​Fonfagale.


If everything goes fine, today we will leave here, possibly to never return (although we must never say that), and we have to re-make the backpacks, have breakfast and check out (362.50 AUD including lunch and dinner) to spend the last quiet morning by the Vaiaku municipality. !! They have given us two necklaces too !!


!! Suddenly we see a Japanese girl who came with us on Tuesday's plane with everything ready and going to the Airport! It is a commercial motorcycle representative. !! But if there are 5 hours left !! It generates a bit of mosque and we are going to ask ...

!! THAT THE CHECK-IN IS ONLY FROM 8'30 TO 10'30 !! And where have they warned of that? Following our adventures with flights, delays, cancellations, advances ... now we have to "discover" that the billing of our flight that leaves at 13'05 in the afternoon will only be until half past ten. We do not understand, but we go to the rustic terminal to leave our embarked backpacks, to pay the departure fees (AUD 30 each) and return to the hotel to cover the departure card. A family that had come with us sees us, and without asking, EXIT RUNNING TO THE TERMINAL ALSO, hahaha

After the initial shock, and with a slight change of plans (we wanted to have taken some bikes for a ride), we began to see that motorcycle agglomeration what we will see the other day.

Although we hardly saw men working, today we have discovered something else. It seems that the community system still survives greatly in Tuvalu. Each family has its own task, such as fishing, housing construction or defense and these skills are passed from father to son. Except for Sunday, which remains the day of religious worship and NOBODY works, as in other islands in the area


We have also discovered why there are so many supermarkets and stores, here called "futi" or stores owned by the Government. It turns out that these stores are similar to a convenience store where you can buy canned or packaged retail food and where the goods are cheaper, due to government subsidies. Today we see a kind of police station, an ice cream shop and a "CYBERCAFÉ", hahaha

But we couldn't help it and We have returned to the Philatelic Office. It is a unique opportunity (42.40 AUD) and the other day we barely bought some stamps. Here there are stamps of all the important moments of humanity and since 1975 they are created by Tuvalu. It is a really exquisite collection.


There are about climate change, the American civil war, Elvis, Christmas, old planes ... and all with different values ​​and prices


Another thing to comment, and not wanting to offend anyone, is the beauty of the girls. Neither in Vanuatu, nor in the Solomon Islands, nor in Fiji itself, have we found any "beautiful" girls. Here, in the first country of Polynesia that we step on we have finally seen the first ones. Of course, the problem of the maldemic obesity of all these islands is not taken away by anyone.


Well, our plans for the next few days seem organized. Tomorrow we will go to Tonga, where we will stay at the Toni Guesthouse and try to see something of the capital, although our goal is to leave the next morning towards Vavau where we will spend 3 nights. The Vavau archipelago is one of those wonders of the Pacific that nobody should miss… let's see if we can get there

There is a flight via Nadi to Apia, Samoa, next Tuesday, which could be a good continuation for Tonga, and as it is late / night we could tour Tongatapu, the main island that hosts the capital.

At the moment it seems that are preparing to go to the AIR FORCE that arrived last night. The sirens begin to sound, and the streets are cut. Funafuti stops.


For how small the country is, the runway is relatively large, even more than that of A Coruña Airport, so these small planes hardly need half to take off


We are not going to fire Tuvalu without approach the dock, before having a soda in the Filamona (4 AUD). The color of the waters we are passionate about.

At this time of the morning there is low tide, and the rocks on both sides are seen instead of those white sands of other idyllic places on the planet, all due to the terrible erosion suffered by the country, global warming and the uncertainty of knowing that he barely has 40 or 50 years left to live ...


Although many people say that this is the most boring country in the world, the little time we have remained in it has fascinated us so much, its life, its culture, its people, that it has not given us time to miss anything. The island is beautiful and we get the best memories of this place: its people, its dead on the porch of the house, its supermarkets, its just two gas stations, its rainwater tanks with occasional loss ...

The Pacific Sun of Air Pacific that will take us to Suva has just landed 30 minutes in advance. Around the whole town is reunited again. Some take advantage of putting their pendants for new travelers. The only mobile Duty Free in the world is now open for those of us who leave ...


Firemen, sirens at full volume, red flag and suitcases prepared. Everything is ready to say goodbye to this place where we have the best memories ...

The plane is the same as brought us 2 days ago, which seem 2 weeks ...

With some sadness we climb the stairs that will leave us behind a country that is well worth a few days


The propeller plane rises on the runway reaching one end of this fantastic "boomerang" where at this time of low tide you can see all the sandbars that surround it, in addition to the beautiful turquoise blue lagoon


The image will now be in this photo and in our retina, with the best wishes that Tuvalu endure as much as possible in this privileged place on the planet, in its South Seas.

The plane, like the other day, has dated 30 minutes in advance, and the flight lasts again 2 hours and 20 minutes crossing many cloud areas and with some ups and downs.

In Suva the beautiful awaits us Lami Bay, that already welcomed us 3 nights ago and where we arrived by taxi (40 FJD), a SPA session for Paula (120 AUD) and a detail of the hotel towards us


The rest of the day has no major significance. Yes already in Maldives we hung a sign, today we could add a little more paragraph. "Parcelita is sought in a mountain area over 100 m above sea level for 300,000 inhabitants of Maldives and 12,000 inhabitants of Tuvalu, at a reasonable cost. Eternal gratitude is offered. Maldives and Tuvalu Islands."

Isaac and Paula, from Lami Bay, Suva (Fiji)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 426.50 AUD (approx. 370.87 EUR) and 160 FJD (72.73 EUR) and GIFTS: 42.40 (approx. 36.87 EUR)