Ideas for Christmas: Maldives


Those who have known Keys for a long time know that we are not one of those who support emotional phrases "fashionable" and then we drop them into oblivion, but we are the first to preach and try to convince everyone that! FULFILL THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS !! That we can believe Within those illusions of children there was a special one, and whose diary is counted as that literal dream we live ...Maldives diary, a Christmas story.

When we think about Christmas and especially when we imagine where to spend it, the first thing that comes to mind, apart from the illusion that awakens is, the cold, the snow, the coats, the hats and the scarves, the blanket and the soups hot… But why not a destination to receive the New Year, with sun and heat? It would certainly be a different New Year's Eve but no less special ...

On this occasion we propose something different, a dream come true, !! A CHRISTMAS IN MALDIVES!

Do you dare to spend a "blue" New Year's Eve?

There are things that only happen once in a lifetime (for different reasons) but something that had never happened to me was to receive "a dream" as a Christmas gift and much less of these characteristics ...

And when it's your turn, when you're the lucky one, there's no possible control and you can only get carried away with something that ended up becoming a pretty "Christmas Tale." And since NOTHING is impossible, why not receive the New Year in a small island called Kandholhu? Is the dream of a desert island possible? That's what we thought three years ago ...

To consider such a trip is possibly an expensive whim, an expensive dream. Many people often use it as the final auction of a magical journey through India or Sri Lanka, a perfect combination. In our case, an exhausting end of 2010 and the occasional personal motive led us here.We forget for a year of white Christmas and transform it into fine sand and transparent waters of this paradise.

But ... Is any island worth it?

Fulfilling the dream of a desert island is not easy in a globalized and almost completely explored world. Maldives are not just any island, at least for us. Maldives is a spectacular natural landscape without limits, which has nothing to do with the macro resort coasts of other places on the planet, not even with the acclaimed Mauritius Islands, Seychelles or Zanzibar that accompany you in the Indian Ocean.


Maldives is that concept of a desert island that we all dream of, coral atolls "born" out of nowhere and now fighting global warming to survive. They are a "planet" of archipelagos in a privileged part of the world where arriving is not difficult, but whose exclusivity is sometimes almost prohibitive.


The Republic of Maldives is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka and 450 km from India. Made of twenty six atolls (small formations around a volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs that grows as the island sinks into the ocean) and in turn by one thousand two hundred islands of which only two hundred and three are inhabited. It is the least populated country in Asia and also the lowest country in the world.

The airline that took us was Emirates, which from Dubai flies to its capital, Male and from there you reach the main islands through water taxis or seaplanes. Then you access the small "quesitos" through wooden boats, the so-called Dhoni. In this way you reach the best of all, the paradise par excellence, where the water is more blue, where the sun shines the most and where dreams come true ... !! KANDHOLHU !!

Why Kandholhu?

Because it meets the necessary characteristics to spend a most special Christmas.

Its situation, surrounded by a coral reef that makes it have the best snorkell in Maldives, "always taken care of" by lots of goldfish, "Tomasa" turtles, sea stars and a host of species that will make you enjoy your trip even more.


You find the tranquility you are looking for since it is not a macro resort, it hardly has capacity for more than ten visitors, which allows you to feel on a true desert island since almost all the time you can maintain your privacy.

And in its small size you find the familiarity you need on such special dates, since you share breakfast and dinner with the rest of the people, in a kind of "together but not scrambled."

A Christmas day in Paradise

What you can not forget for any reason to spend a Christmas in Maldives is not the swimsuit, the towel or the hats and creams. The most important are the Christmas caps since the Christmas tree will not be able to take it ... (or so we believe)


Can you imagine what it would be like to receive the Year in Paradise?

What would wake you up in Kandholhu is the sun that comes in without asking permission from any part of your picturesque cabin (either on the beach or on the water), with a warmth that encourages anyone ... and The first thing you will wear when you wake up will be !! the swimsuit !! to be able to enjoy, first of all, with the water of a blue sky, in calm, transparent if it fits even more, of the first snorkel of the day. This is spectacular at any time of the day but perhaps the best time is first thing in the morning when it seems that all the fish on the reef wake up at the same time and will come to say good morning


After taking a short walk on the beach we would have breakfast in another cabin prepared with all kinds of delicious products and knowing where we are, imagine their juices and fruits.

It's time to sunbathe a little. You can do it wherever you want, in a hammock, in your towel, in your cabin or in the middle of the beach, aren't you on an island for yourself? !! "almost" deserted !!

Sun and sea, reading a book, listening to music, thinking about New Year's resolutions or just not thinking about anything ... and why not? Wait for Santa Claus or the Magi to come! if it matches us on those dates (if they arrive eh, in case anyone had doubts ... they have reindeer and camels that land in the water, haha)

When the hunger begins to appear we could approach the cabin-restaurant to ask for that special Club Sandwich or Pasta of the island !!!

After coffee, do you feel like taking a little nap? We have to be rested to spend a New Year's Eve in our little piece of heaven.

In the middle of the afternoon we can visit the reef again, at this time the sea becomes calm again, if at any time it stopped being so, and while we dried in the sun, a photo shoot with our Christmas hats, is the perfect start to start the countdown while the sun goes down.


And finally the time will come, we will get ready, we will paint "the eye" (Isaac if you do not want anything happens hehehe) and we will go to the beach to celebrate the New Year. Dinner will be under the stars, since in Maldives we can enjoy some of the best sunsets in the world and one of the purest skies on the planet. That night the tables are specially decorated, with petals that draw figures and lit candles ... we are in a perfect setting to receive the new year.

Isaac have you taken the grapes that Loly bought us? 12, 11, 10, 9, 8… HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

It is possible that as you read this article you see this as distant or even unfeasible, economically excessive or a Christmas that you would never have thought of, or who knows? You have drawn something really different from surprising that special person you have there at side.

In any case, in these times when the twitching and bad mood comes before dreams, positivism and illusions, we wanted to remember that Christmas story (you have the Maldives diary as a story here) that will always be marked in our hearts and that, of course, It is a different Christmas option. Or didn't you think it was possible?

Paula and Isaac
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