DREAMS: Yosemite, natural charm


Continuing with the coverage of# MexilOnseTuits2013 in which we present like that "travel to fulfill dreams" projects Today we start one of those categories that we are going to like the most from now on, in which we will talk about DREAMS TO COMPLY.

No one who knows us would cheat if we did not say that one of our dream destinations (because we adore nature over any other location) is ... ! YOSEMITE !!, that natural charm nestled in the mountainous terrain of Sierra Nevada in California

He Yosemite National Park It has an extension of 3,080.74 km2 offering a true festival for the senses to the millions of visitors who come every year to contemplate nature in full effervescence. Known and praised for its impressive granite pits, streams of transparent water, amazing waterfalls and towering redwoods; This natural location is one of the main attractions to visit in the State of California, especially for lovers of the natural world. In that sense, biodiversity, the presence of glaciers and green meadows in Yosemite National Park complete the main list of reasons to visit this enclave with family or in the company of our loved ones.



We have one thing clear, if one day we can reach this park we would consider staying at least one night in their domains. For this, the best option would be to hire a car rental service in California, which includes GPS in the vehicle and decide what exact point of the park we would visit and then plan the route using an online map service or a traditional route guide . If we were in winter, as we have done on other occasions as in the getaway to Munich and Austrian Alps to see the precious Castle of the Mad King, as then we should be careful of the routes that remain closed by snow from November to May and even June.

Be careful to pay attention to sanitary norms and environmental legislation. It is necessary to take particular care such that the food must be properly preserved in a place where it does not give off odors and cannot be perceived by black bears, a protected variety of the park, because, in addition to the damages that can be caused to get the food, it is fined to offenders with up to USD 5,000. Before the visit, it is recommended to contact the park organization to clarify any doubts about the existing rules and recommendations.

And the accommodation? After sleeping in really "impossible" places like in Samoa the night we landed under the storm at 2 in the morning, we believe that it would not be the biggest problem to fulfill another of our dreams


To appreciate nature and vegetation at its best, it is recommended to plan the visit in spring or summer. However, if decay and romanticism are preferred at the end of the year, several parts of the park are accessible during autumn and winter.

SPRING. The vegetation is at its best, but not only that detail, but spring in Yosemite is synonymous with water. In fact, at this time of the year the sun begins to heat and when the snow on the mountain melts, the water begins to flow through the streams and rivers of the region as well as falling abruptly through the waterfalls. Perhaps the shame is that you cannot make all the tours of the park because of the snow; however, in April and May hiking is allowed from Yosemite Valley, Wawona and Hetch Hetchy. We write down the chains as luggage for this time.

SUMMER. Apart from the Vernal, Nevada and Bridalveil waterfalls, the remaining ones usually dry completely well into the summer, in the month of August. The main advantage of this era is the easy access to the high mountain area by the Tioga route. It is also convenient to take into account the variable temperature between day and night with a minimum of 10º C and maximum of 31º C. What is that for us, eh Paula?


FALL. The spectacle of the fall of leaves and its tonality attracts visitors who enjoy walks on foot or by bicycle, and guided bus tours, while contemplating how maple trees, holm oaks, dogwoods and other trees in the natural environment are undressed. Access to all areas of the park is practically guaranteed until the end of October and, sometimes, until well into November, so it can be one of the best times to value.

WINTER. With temperatures between -2º C and 12º C, it cannot be said that this time is preferred by visitors. Access to Crane Flat and Tioga Pass is also not authorized. As of mid-December, there are frequent climbs to the mountains with a vehicle for mountain skiing. Although it is a bad time, we recognize ourselves as snow lovers, but see our Getaway to Bucharest and Transylvania in search of Dracula in full snow a couple of years ago.



While it is true that the Joshua Tree National Park, the Death Valley or the Pinnacles National Monument call our attention a lot within California itself, it is Yosemite the great state park that nobody should miss.


It was in 1992 when the cotter family traveled to California and Hawaii for the first time in life (last year we returned Paula and Isaac at Santa Monica, Disneyland and own The Angels in our Around the world by the South Seas particular). On that occasion, a much more extensive trip, we remain that thorn stuck, to enjoy at least one day of such a natural place. In return we had to settle for seeing the redwoods of the Muir Woods National Monument.


This would be the time to fulfill that pending dream, and we would surely find some more "reasons" to return to one of the best and best known routes on the planet. Wait for us soon? Yosemite !!

Paula and Isaac, daydreaming