10 anti-housings where not to stick eye


Yes, it is very easy to talk about accommodations that are cool ... Why is it easy? We do it, why shouldn't it be? But, Why does nobody talk to you about those places where there is no one to catch an eye?

The cold and rain have arrived in the Northwest of Spain, and that is a sign of some "house and blanket" afternoons that sometimes come in handy during the trip. And the truth is that it was in one of them, seeing photos and memories of some adventures, when we laughed with some places where we have ended up sleeping (or maybe without sleeping so much). So here we propose a different list, those 10 "basic" (or anti-lodging) accommodations that have served as the basis for some of our experiences but that, although some would hardly be among our recommendations, They house a special charm although there is no one to hit the eye. Do you feel like it?

1. A hut on an active volcano of Nyiragongo (R.D. Congo)

Who are we going to fool? Even if we had the best suite with Jacuzzi and three waiters at our attention ... !! WHO COULD GET EYE ON THE TOP OF A VOLCANO WITH AN ACTIVE LAKE LAKE? !!!

Add some booths formed by four sheets, some damaged beds and temperatures below zero (But how can it be so cold next to a lava lake?) And we have the perfect ingredients to keep an eye on all night ...


Although we are not going to complain, the booths seen from outside have their charm and sleeping in a corner as close to heaven as hell gives off a halo of special magic.

Ah, we have forgotten to say whether it is full board or half board. No no, so do not worry: lunch, dinner and breakfast included in the price ... if you survive freezing (you have all the experience in the "Nyiragongo, gate of hell" and a very exciting video in the Youtube channel of travel keys)


2. The "Joe stable" in Yazd, Iran

But how beautiful Yazd is and how well lit it is at night, especially the labyrinthine lanes area full of charming hotels of what were former mansions. That there is no room? And here either? Well, okay ... a couple of "little beds" to support the head and tomorrow we look, right? Let's go down those stairs?

Ahem ... let's say "supporting the head" was "excessively" literal. Thus we discover the closest thing to the "Joe block", which for your information is in the Oásis Hostel or Hotel or Dungeon. The dirtiest mattresses lying on the floor of what seems more like a warehouse than a room and pillows that better not to touch (could be radioactive) are the most remarkable complements. Not to mention the beautiful decoration… !! a sheet hanging from the ceiling covers something that WE DENY TO DISCOVER WHAT IT IS !!


But as everything has its positive side. !! Seeleeee !! Let's take out that vacuum-packed sausage that we had luxury dinner today! (If we are able to not touch the sheets). One thing must also be recognized ... the location next to the beautiful Friday Mosque and a few steps from the most picturesque streets are well worth its price (yes, we pay for this site but we refuse to say how much). Don't miss the daily to Iran that we are telling, it is not wasted.


3. The ghost mansion in Baakbeck, Lebanon

We've all heard of ghost mansions sometime, right? Well, at least we will have seen a movie ... What not? But what world do you live in? That they are not the orange colors and the pictures the only thing that is fashionable…! The esoteric too !!

17 or 18 in the afternoon. We arrived at Baalbeck. We have seen online that there is a site with a certain history. Palmyra Hotel call it (come on, they haven't racked their brains but they could also have called it Hotel Baalbeck). A grim reception With no one receives us. A few minutes later an old man appears. Ok, let's go up the stairs and room 28 ... And that serene key? Anyway, let's go up. There is no god! And those candlesticks? What did you keep with the door number in Juve's hand? And now the frame? Ufs, we started well ...


In this hotel It is not that there may be ghosts ... it is certain that there are! No cacophonies, monophonies or anything at all. The first are the old men who run them because, if the hotel is 120 years old, they are out there. Here, the likes of Jean Cocteau or Agatha Crhistie slept in his day. We hope that at least the sheets have changed since then ... The best? Right in front are the most impressive Roman ruins we have ever seen (all experience in) and ... mmm ... the wine with the fireplace lit dinner (the only place in the mansion where you can be without warm clothes)


Ah, what have we forgotten to comment on a detail? Well, yes, yes ... here too was housed half German army during world war II. Come on, we've slept with Nazi ghosts. Ah, that we have not talked about some "bullet impacts" that remain of memory? Little things ...


4. The pony meat motel in Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Muhabura Hotel. How are we going to forget that name? !! And we are still alive !! Why would we not be? Read, read ...

Shabby motel in the middle of the road. We had crossed from Uganda to Rwanda without excessive problems and this was nothing more than a technical stop for tomorrow to go in search of the Golden Monkeys in the bamboo forests of the area (here you have the full experience). It goes without saying that the simplicity of the rooms was extreme ... although the worst began at night, when the pipes began to sound like they had swallowed thousands of rats (or Joe himself, the one in the stable). !!Insufferable!!


How about dinner in these parts? Let's see ... quick and simple answer ... !! eat those cookies that we all take from home !! Today they will know to glory. ! Pay attention to us!

Pony, is said of the small horse of about 150 cm of primitive character that inhabits some parts of the world. Dinner, tell yourself about the last meal of the day ... sometimes better not to do. Has anyone named "vacuum packed sausage"?


5. The cabin of the "without civilization" in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

When we considered looking for a different route through South America we saw several options of charming accommodations in the northern area that we still did not know. Also in the Manaus area. However, as we write this we tell you, that this day has been one of the most magical we have spent on any trip, taken from the best Tim Burton movies, characters of legend included.

Let's see, where to start? Imagine a lost people at the hand of GodWhere to get is already an adventure in a Jeep. Now imagine that in that town there is no hot water, electricity, roads, or anything that resembles civilization. Imagine that in that place the most abundant animals are not cows, but sea lions, and where time is anchored, clouds make strange shapes and the beach is called Calavera Beach.

Well ... are we all located? Now the question is ... where email protected #email protected !! I stay in such a place?


The Polonio Hostel is the closest thing to a hostel there. although intuiting it is not easy until you see its bunk beds. maybe that poster lying on the floor that says "Hostel" help something. Well, nothing, there with his kitchenette, his bathrooms, his shared table and his heater in the middle of sand ... ... to spend the night !!

We must also recognize that not hitting the eye was not entirely real. Some "chupinazos" before sleep and an "extra bed" worked in luxury. Anyway…


6. The noisiest hostel in England in Bath, UK

We will always remember you our dear Sele, Rebe, Maka and Eva. How are we going to forget? !!! If we don't keep an eye on the whole weekend! And that without talking about the snoring of "some" that give for some chapter than another.

We do not remember who came up with the brilliant idea of ​​choosing the noisiest hostel in all Bath to "sleep" those nights, but the day we find out we are going to have some little words ... Who can think of sleeping right on the floor from above the pub that never closes? You just have to see our faces at dawn


The blissful antr ... this ... hostel, was called Christopher Inn and served as the basis for a perfect day in whose population no one should miss. Of course, you do not need to look for hot springs, in this accommodation you can get into the shower and "enjoy" a "comforting" hot "grill". The mother who ...

Although if there is something we learned on that trip, and that is a very popular saying that we had not found sense yet, it is ...! If you can not with your enemy, JOIN HIM !!

7. Carlos House in Trinidad, Cuba

Nobody panic, Carlos is a good guy. Big, imposing, but very docile with the traveler. In fact I think we ended up here because it should be the only place that allowed travelers like us, that we entered at 10 in the morning and left at 12 at night, disrupting all kinds of cleaning service or meals they could have ... Well , we lie ... !! often breakfast we stick the last day !! Long live Cuban families and their private homes!

Now that we think about it, what should Carlos have thought when we arrived at the many at night, after crossing, with cigars and a bottle of rum in his hand? Maybe that's why he gave us a room with a fridge? Obviously here the reason for not hitting eye might not be so much because of the accommodation ...


8. Dracula's pension in Brasov, Romania

Paula always says that those roofs remind her of Mary Poppins. What do you want me to tell you? The one we had seen in the morning in Bran was a little more spacious and welcoming.

We remember very well that we ended up here after not being able to access for a cost to the accommodation that we had previously looked at. It was snowing and snowing, and we were just looking for a place that had a full board? breakfast? Wifi? Noooo… !! heating !! Natural Pension was called…


For those who ask, the answer is ...! YES! "We slept" the two in that mini-bed, with that mini-decoration and that mini-bathroom ... and that's when we asked ourselves, why won't we have asked for Wi-Fi? Body heat and heating do not get along well to hit the eye ... Yes, very romantic and everything you want ... but sleep, what is said to sleep, zero potato ...


9. Sleeping in an "anthill" in Bairiki, Kiribati

Starting because the island of Tarawa is a true floating dung, and it is a shame to tell as passionate about the stories and vestiges of the Second World that we live that day in. The next problem we encountered was choosing between two possible and only accommodations. The first specialized in all kinds of "cockroaches", "insects" and other "species" not cataloged that we did not want to know. The chosen one, Mary's Motel, discovered the 0.5 stars in an establishment.

A building of unfinished concrete blocks and propped up on all sides, equipped with a "dangerous" metal staircase, took us to the room of our dreams, with more than 300 cm2 for us and american kitchen ... this ... american bathroom. Come on, to understand each other, bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen all in one ...


And not! There were no cockroaches! Although you can imagine our face when we saw all the ants on the island celebrating their particular Woodstock festival on top of our bed. If we do not buy 3 or 4 insect repellents in our stay we do not buy any ... Paste eye? If our mind managed to fall unconscious of the place we were in, the hum of the air conditioner was in charge of bringing us back to reality.

10. The cochiquera of Apia, Samoa

And we have left for the end, but no less important, the star of the list by 2 votes to zero (Paula and Isaac of course), the SPWA FUNDATION of Samoa.

2 in the morning. Land our plane from Tonga via Fiji. A "guy" with a "zumbao" face picks us up at the airport. At this time something we had to have no? Noseque Foundation? Sounds good ... We left the road and began to climb through the deep vegetation until we are only able to see with the 4x4 lights. We arrive at what looks like a farm with several buildings. It starts to thunder and rain and it would not stop all night

!!!!!!!!!!! Are we going to sleep there? !!!!!!!!!!!! Four sticks with a plastic tarp and a thousand leaks, protect a bunk bed and a large bed. The decision is simple ... the bunk beds are flooded, we will have to sleep in bed. Mosquito net? You put it just in case. And those plastics? Shut up shut up ... And that animal noise back there? !! It will be a cow !! Shut up, shut up. !!! Booom !! Lightning a few meters. And the lightning rod? There is the cow ...


How can it be otherwise, the next day we planted in the best hotel in Apia to compensate and discover the

Although we have to recognize that we have put a bit of "theater" to some of these places, we will not deny that many of them go in our hearts for everything they have represented (that of Samoa no, that there is no doubt about it ).

And for you, What is the accommodation that you always tell in your anecdotes where you just didn't get a good eye?

Isaac and Paula, from some corner of the world