10 traveling experiences you have dreamed


Those who take time with us and know Cotters (already about to turn 8 next month), you know that this blog born beyond making your own travel journals that are left as memory books for future travelers. It arose from the need to relate our own dreams, those that we have been telling and all those that I hope will remain to be told.

Over the years we have realized that dreams have been related, in addition to the wealth of people, directly with experiences and not with places or monuments. !! Here we leave you the 10 experiences of some that have marked us most in life!!

1. Discover among the gorges a "treasure", Petra

Who has not ever dreamed of feeling Jean Louis Burckhardt in 1812 when walking through the gorges found that precious treasure of a "forgotten" city of Petra in Jordan?

2. Observe the sacred city of Machu Pichu from Intipunku

A paved road from the agricultural sector amounts to what was considered one of the defense points of the abandoned citadel of Machu Pichu in Peru. Sitting at the "Puerta del Sol" to observe the magnitude of that place is simply "stopping time."

3. Listen to the chimes, call to prayer and lamentations from the rooftops of Jerusalem

Yes, in case Jerusalem it is an accumulation of feelings in Israel, of cultures confronted for centuries, and of sacred corners, sitting on the rooftops, with the golden Dome of the rock and the Mount of Olives in the background, and listening to the Christian bells of the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher mixed with the call to prayer of a nearby Muslim mosque, while many Jews pray in front of the Western Wall

4. Enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the mythical Persepolis

Since we were little we have always read about the imposing winged bulls of the Gate of Nations through which many armies of the largest Persian Empire had passed centuries before. Today Persepolis It is still an icon of Iran, and its reddish sunset, one of the most beautiful ever enjoyed.

5. Getting up snowing in a fairytale town in Hallstatt

We love fairytale villages, and recently Stein Am Rhein or Gruyeres in Switzerland has moved us to some of them, but if we had to decide for one, we wouldn't doubt it ... !! the beautiful snowy town of Hallstatt in Austria!!

6. Cross the Drake Pass and reach the Sixth Continent, Antarctica

The most extraordinary dream of any traveler, to reach the Ice Continent, the Antarctica, far from the world of men, that of the great expeditionaries, of the fauna of survivors in extreme conditions, of inhospitable beauty

7. Dusk on top of one of the most impressive lava lakes on the planet, Nyiragongo

Five hours of ascension lead us to one of those experiences that makes you feel alive, in the place of the planet as close to heaven as to hell, taken from the wonderful adventures of Jules Verne ... !! the most impressive lava lake in the world! ! in Nyiragongo volcano, R.D. Congo

8. Reach the ghost town in the middle of nowhere in Rasafa

And if we talk about dreams with ghost cities, Rasafa in Syria (spoiled Syria), is a city that has been "eaten" by the sand and in which relics of incalculable value are intuited inside. But its great secret is not in its history and its legends, not even in its relics, it is in its subsoils and its spectacular spectacular cisterns!

9. Swim a few meters from humpback whales in Tonga

While whale watching is a matchless show anywhere in the world, there are only three places on the planet where you can swim with humpback whales or Yubartas and the Vava'u peninsula in Tonga is one of them. The feeling of being less than 5 meters from this bug of 45-50 tons and 15-20m in length with its young we leave you to the imagination ... pure adrenaline!

10. Meeting with the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

And although all the previous experiences were a before and after in our lives, there was one that made us especially excited for a long time. 6 h round trip between the leafy jungle of Bwindi in Uganda took us to the encounter with the Mountain Gorillas, and to stop time again before us.

Do you want 10 more - coming soon? And for you, what are those traveling experiences that have marked your life?

Isaac and Paula