The Rocks in Sydney


It seems to men that they made us a special paste because otherwise it would be impossible for we spent the day waiting. Yes, it is true, women have the gift of patience, but we wait in stores, we wait for them to decide if today they are blue or green, we wait for them to get what they want, we wait for them to leave the bathroom, we wait , we wait, we wait ...


!!Decided!! We stayed in Sydney for 6 days. This has a lot to do. On Monday we will also try to know the capital of Australia, Canberra, and the rest to kick a city that WE LOVED. Nauru will have to wait for new adventures

We changed the plans again, so we will go to Brisbane on the 22nd or 23rd, and the next day low-cost flight to Tokyo, which is our cheapest way (although it seems incredible) to return to Spain. Another 4 or 5 days over there? Surely yes…

While it is true that in that sense Paula is 'something' (just 'something') different and in the morning, with the first rays of sun, she leaves "shotgun" out of bed. She is in Sydney, her "Sydney" that already fell in love last night when we arrived And that looks just as beautiful at this time in the morning from the terrace of the Sydney Harbor YHA where we stayed.


We are "strategically" located in The Rocks, the old quarter of the city, 5 minutes from Circular Quay, 5 minutes from the Bridge, 10 minutes from the Botanical Gardens and the Opera, surrounded by restaurants, shops, walking and entertainment ... The Rocks breathes flavor of history, surrounded by huge skyscrapers that have been made with the city's financial district not far from us ...

The first thing we do at the huge reception is look for ideas and help to make certain logistics that we need. At Blue Montain, if we decide to go, we have decided that we will do it by train, but at Camberra we find it more complicated by the routes, so we ask for some suggestion. There is also. Discounts for the main attractions of the city (Sydney Tower, Aquarium, Madame Toussaud). We also confirm that we will finally be the 6 nights decided, and not only 3. !! Ready!

The next… !! HERE IS WINTER! And it's cold that peels. 6ºC at night. We need some clothes! (and a good breakfast for 21.15 AUD), so we headed to the Financial District and major stores in the city.

Yes in the entrance to Kiribati we talked about "shock" for what was found there, Today we can talk about "how small we feel again". Large skyscrapers make leftovers over our heads. Taxis, buses, lots of cars. People read the newspaper while walking, or listen to music, or just run to work. The coffee in the hand type "starbucks", the traffic lights that barely turn green 4 or 5 seconds before closing for pedestrians. However, we like Sydney. Sydney does not breathe "pessimism." Here the crisis has not reached the level of Europe and business is running 100%.


The proximity to Asian countries, those who have least noticed the crisis, makes the 4 engines of Australia run at full speed. Especially that of mining, since a lot of mirales are exported here to China, for example. Also education (there are thousands of Asians studying here), agriculture and tourism.

We cross the great avenue of George Street, Australia Square, shops and large colonial-style plazas with memoriales to those who gave their lives because the "Australian dream" was a reality ...


It's amazing how fast we've gone from feeling big to small. The immense skyscrapers of this area leave immense galleries where you can find all kinds of shops (many of clothes that are what we are looking for) but to REALLY DISORBITED prices for us.


We also put aside the Apple Store where Tilo would spend the day (hehe, a greeting or Tilete) and a chocolate-only store that "sweetens" Paula and "sour" our pockets (9.60 AUD) ...


Until walking, looking and searching, through the huge shopping centers and stores we find something that is familiar to us ... very familiar! It's a !! ZARAAA !!, the most popular clothing store in Spain that has one !! MEGATIENDA !! in Sydney. Nor do we doubt it, here we will equate ourselves, although while Isaac finishes quickly, Paula, who is not the "most desperate of women" has to try on the 50 shoes in the store to choose his own. !!Yes!! We have it ... WE HAVE A SPECIAL GEN! We spend the day waiting, waiting, waiting ... That if, already spending the money, unless it is all "at home." !! EQUIPPED !! And we have only spent 3 times more than what we would spend in Spain for the same since we live just 10km from the large plant in Arteixo (A Coruña). !! Mandaa trick !! Anyway…


We have suitcases full of "potricoles" (and others that we have brought from our passage through Paddys Markets, for 155.50 AUD, other than a cheap minimaleta). What are "potricoles"? It is a term "made in Natalia compi" that perfectly defines how Paula is. They are the caps of Disneyland, the turtle bowls of Solomon Islands, the bracelets of Tuvalu, the plate of Samoa, the snowballs here (in the rest there was not even the first) and many other memories that we bring from the trip and They start to weigh. It is the moment of next to the diving suits and a lot of used clothes that no longer makes sense, we send it to Spain. !! Another thing less!

Although today we have decided to use the day to be quiet, buy clothes and reorganize, we will not miss the opportunity to! EXIT SYDNEY! We already miss some copichuelas. Before curiosity can ... ... how beautiful is the Circular Quay area, the Opera and the bridge that we will visit these days! ... and how many ferries depart per minute.


The "Spanish" nap, after eating in an Italian (43 AUD), has lent and we are ready to know the main cocktail bars of The Rocks, which is especially lively at this time of night. There are people watching sporting events in more "Irish" bars, others simply dine quietly on small terraces accompanied by stoves and blankets to withstand the cold Australian winter.

The Rocks is Sydney's historic neighborhood, the place of the first European settlement in Australia in 1788, and today is a place where large numbers of porters control access to really bohemian places for drinks. It is the case of The Argyle, one of the coolest pubs in the city ...


Where we finally see !! youth having drinks !! that we already miss since that July 14 already in our lives, and that Paula looks sideways on her tablet every bit during the whole trip. What we do not understand is ...! As they are not cold!


It is also true that for the concept of money we have in Spain, this is CARIIIISIMO for us. We have left 52 AUD in !! 3 copichuelas !!, and the last we have finished sharing, hahaha. Of course, inside the site is immense. There are people having dinner, others dancing and others simply reunited with their friends starting their night.


But what does it look like between window bars? It looks like a picturesque courtyard with large lanterns and stoves. Here we go…


Of course, nothing is missing here. They have mounted a dog stand! (10 AUD). Yummm! If Juve, we won't have done it sometimes in A Coruña, but here they put it directly in the pub, haha ​​...


As soon as I get confused, the "Miss of the Potricoles" has begun to connect with some "nice" Australians. If you can not confuse even a moment, haha. Just kidding!! The truth is that so far we have met VERY NICE people in Sydney, and these guys equally with us. They even wanted to invite us to drinks ...

But since we are in a city as beautiful as this one, the last thing we want is to have a hangover tomorrow that prevents us from kicking it, so at a prudent hour we retired to sleep a few hours, knowing that people are serious about going out of nightclubs, arranges and prepares to queue, to the Darlinghurst and Kings Cross areas. Clubs such as ARQ, Candys, Taxi Club, Tonic Lounge or Yu.

But to us "Our own clubs", the Sydney Bridge, the Quay, Manley, Watson Bay Circles Ferries await us tomorrow ... and who knows, perhaps some surprise that Paula still does not know, while her "potricoles" are already flying to Spain.

Isaac and Paula, from Sydney (Australia)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 135.75 AUD (approx. 118.04 EUR) and GIFTS: 155.50 AUD (approx. 135.22 EUR)