Expedia Pioneers, the dream job


Have you ever dreamed of turning your life around? We know that everyone who reads us, the entire Chavetas community, is passionate about traveling. And if we told you to have That dream job! Traveling in Spain! Now it is possible. This content is advertising, but if, like us, your passion is traveling, read on!

Do you want to know how to get it? We tell you all the details ...

Who offers this job and what does it consist of?

From the hand of Expedia Pioneers A project arises in which 6 countries participate: Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands. In the specific case at hand, Spain will be the field of action.

The job consists of a person who will travel through Spain for a year sharing your adventures, experiences and anecdotes in text, video or both (whichever the lucky one decides) through a travel blog on the platform and always with the support of a person from the organization any day and time of the year to support him in whatever he needs. Suggestive no?

The estimated start date will be the August 11, 2014

How can I be a candidate? Do I give the profile?

Are you passionate about traveling? !! Then you are already a candidate !! It does not matter if you have traveled a lot or a little, that you have previous experience in blogs or not or that you have more or less years, this job only asks you for responsibility and good attitude to enjoy 12 months traveling through Spain, and even has as value added that among all the candidates two will be selected to be invited to the headquarters in London and receive the necessary training in social networks and blogs to meet the challenge.


Terms and Conditions Expedia Pioneer
Frequent questions about the job and more.

Yes! !! We already count it !! To apply for the job you just have to enter the Expedia Pioneers registration form and create a small video of 90 seconds to explain why you consider yourself the right person for the position.

He Closing of job applications is June 27, 2014. Do not say goodbye!

Would you give me some advice for my candidacy?

Of course yes. As you know, Paula has recently been chosen as the winner of a trip to the Polar Lands thanks to the video that I present in her candidacy and that triumphed thanks to her simple explanation, her freshness and being as she is. Here you can watch your video.

If you are passionate about traveling, Be yourself, count empathizing with people in the most sincere and fun way who you are, how you are and even what you would do in your year traveling for Spain, and that will be your best curriculum

And you would cheer me up?

You already know us, we are passionate travelers, and recently Isaac has just come from a trip to Colonial Mexico in collaboration with AllMexicoPass and the offices of Tourism of Jalisco and Guanajuato, in which we have verified that working while traveling is the greatest incentive for those who are in love with this lifestyle. Can you imagine changing your boring office or your daily routine for the hotel you are staying in, and talk about that corner, that gastronomic dish or that magical moment that you enjoyed that day?

Are you still thinking about it? Know, enjoy, feel, turn your passion into your life, and! Working! And why not? inspire many other people to do it tomorrow.