5 suggestions to make in San Sebastián


I still remember the many songs that my parents hummed when I was little. I still keep them deep inside me. Especially "Aita semeak" from Oskorri that I hear on certain occasions in my head. I didn't live there almost three years after being born, but I carry many things with me and I do not let too much time pass without returning. Is my San Sebastían, my Donostia, the most beautiful and beautiful city in Spain, and one of the places that I have in my topten of treasures of this planet that one day I will finish publishing.


¿Budapest? ¿Prague? I don't fool anyone if I say that whenever we put on the table the next getaway, San Sebastián appears. Javi and Silvia, our good friends, have this getaway committed to us. A Real Sociedad - Deportivo? It's not hard to find out what my colors are… But beyond that there, today I am going to write to them (it goes for you). Go packing your bags ...

Whether by air or by land, we would not arrive on Friday no later than 9:00 pm. Old zone? Walk? The truth is that it will be a complex decision to choose where to stay in the most beautiful city in Spain. And some skewers?


One of the essential routes It is the same night will be to know why gastronomy is an art and a hallmark in Donosti, where their chefs have traveled around the world as one of the most recognized and prestigious. Today we will do it based on skewers (or pintxos) and txakolis through the old part, although there are currently numerous possible routes.

The Tamboril (Fishmonger, 2), Txepetxa (Fishmonger, 5), Zeruko (Fishmonger, 10), Goiz-Argi (Fermín Calbetón, 4), Martinez (August 31, 13), A black fire (August 31, 31), Txuleta (August 31, 40), Ganbara (Saint Jerome, 21), Bernardo Etxea (Port, 7) or Vergara House (Nagusia, 21), in a walk between narrow alleys they will do the honors looking for the prize for the best pinxto in a route of true temples to the gastronomy, before falling rendered (or impaled, haha)

With the first rays of light on Saturday, we will start the morning in one of the corners of a city located between the mountains Igeldo (where I was born) and Ulía and with the Urgull in its heart, and its three beautiful beaches of La Concha, Ondarreta and Zurriola. Possibly that port, with both charm and activity, and from where you can sail on a journey through the bay.


From here, let yourself be lost by its paths near Mount Urgull (and even contemplate its two different views) and walk back along the new promenade.

Here is the Aquarium (6), one of the oldest in Spain, dating from 1928. Also the Naval Museum (5). I still keep the memories of last trip with the family on the trip through Central Europe'93 almost 20 years ago!


From here to the beach and Bahía de la Concha, Monte Igueldo and its viewpoint, Ondarreta beach and the curious sculpture of the Peine del Viento. There are ten places, places and experiences that can be enjoyed stopping for a while anywhere in the city.

But ... and those who tell us? Do you want 5 SUGGESTIONS YOU MUST NOT MISS IN San Sebastián at least once in your life?


Every January 20 in the city at 00:00
Its origin is unknown but it is attributed to 1836
His act means the beginning of the big day of San Sebastían
The joy and party atmosphere transforms the city
Patron's Day celebration


The most prestigious "Rowing Olympiad"
This is a trawler regatta in the Concha Bay
Of great history since its creation in 1879
Holiday, splendor and high competitiveness
Unbeatable atmosphere throughout the city


One of the most beautiful stadiums in Spain
The ambience surrounding the party
Being able to see Real Sociedad with an R. Madrid or Barsa
And the best, the post-match, win or lose ...
… In the old part of the city, between skewers and txakolis


For less tight budgets
A World TOP10 for years
Basque cuisine developed by Jose María Arzak
The most varied and exquisite dishes
Possibility of Tasting Menu among the best charm


For tighter budgets
A week of partying and good atmosphere in the middle of August
International Fireworks Contest
A tradition that illuminates the beautiful Concha Bay
Pyrotechnics that arrive from all over the world

But in the meantime, all this will have to wait. What do you say now Javi and Silvia? And the rest? We are going to San Sebastían for the weekend.

And for my father ... "Aita semeak tabernan daude ama-alabak jokoan Aita semeak tabernan daude ama-alabak jokoan. Berriz ikusi beharko dugu behi gizena auzoan, berriro ere ez da falko trapu zaharrik kakoan"

Aita Semeak - Oskorri (thanks to Yotube Txantxangorria channel)