Tapas in Madrid


We had not approached Madrid for a while, and how has it changed. What of people! That of foreigners! It is also true that we have come a bridge, when millions and a half of Madrid people come and go foreigners and Spaniards from all sides.

We start the day after the trip from Pontevedra. "Grandma Vale" was already standing. Aunt Loli also came to visit us. As we missed these churros for breakfast !! Hehe

The fact is that, despite having a car, we decided to leave it parked and try to go in Subway from the new stations open in San Sebastian de los Reyes, next to the bullring, and the truth is that it was a success.

The cheapest Metro of the cheapest in Europe. For € 1 you travel by MetroMadrid, and for € 0.75 more, that is, 1.75€ we travel from Reyes Catolicos (in San Sebastian de los Reyes) to Retirement (14 or 15 stops). And there we went, to hunger, hehehe. The Metro, very simple. Line 10 and Red Line.

Fall, or almost Winter, was already noticeable in El Retiro. We had never rowed in the laguillo, and Jordan and Helena said it was very good, so we decided to try it. We were already hungry, but then ... yum yum, we'd eat half of Madrid, hehe

And as!! Tapeo tapas !!! First contact!! "Grandpa"

"Las Bravas"!!! The mythical of Madrid. That brave tortilla, delicious! And another of Orbé mussels, hehe, who was going to say it.

It is clear that in Madrid there are possibly the best products of each place in Spain. And after the tapas, it's time for the digestive

We return to the load ... The door of the sun!! Look, we've come to Madrid sometimes, but never, never, never, have we seen so many people in Madrid. In fact, we met Jordan and Helena's friends, and they told us that in 3 years they've never seen so many people together. Of course, the lights, the atmosphere ... amazing!

But we are weak, and being in Madrid and not stopping to talk in all the places that look a little good, we couldn't help it, hehe. In addition, despite having many foreigners in the bars, there is still the agility of Madrid to ask for tapas.

Walking we arrive at the Main Square, which already had the Christmas market assembled. A pimp

Helena and Jordan's friends took us on the way to La Latina, an area that I did not know and the truth is that I had an ambience.

But today was not the big day, so we decided to take the subway back before it was 1:30 because tomorrow is another day ... and promises. From Madrid to heaven, my grandfather would say.

A bico

Isaac (and cia), from Madrid

EXPENSES DAY 1: 105 euros

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