Visit the Pazo de Rubianes in Pontevedra


There are many readers who have written to us lately asking "What to visit in the surroundings of Pontevedra? "of interest. Today we return to our lands to tell you about a place that fell in love with us last weekend in the famous town of Vilagarcía de Arousa and which presumes as a unique international tourist destination in the promotion of Camellia, the Pazo de Rubianes, which together with the cultural and landscape tourism of the area and the consolidated gastronomy and oenology, aims to be a claim for future travelers.

Visit the Pazo de Rubianes, Garden of International Excellence

The Pazo de Rubianes in Pontevedra, dates its origin from an old fortress of the S.XII, belonging to the Caamaño, where they built their residence in the S.XV and later it would be transformed S.XVIII again by Jacobo Ozores, Lord of Rubianes, Upon returning from exile in France. However, it still retains in its original state some constructions such as stables, cellars or stables.


However, visiting the Pazo de Rubianes means starting with gardens converted into a true museum of the lover of beauty and peace, where Camellia is the star, but where also the magnolios, oaks, cork oaks, calocedros, crypto, eucalyptus, camphor, ash, araucaria, and dozens of species count their centenary years in this place ...

It is for all this, and for the effort and affection put, that on March 14, 2014, thePazo de Rubianes has been declared a Garden of International Excellence, thus becoming the second (next to the Sotomaior Castle) in Spain and third in Europe, with more than 800 species of camellias.


We had the privilege of knowing this location on the Saturday following its deserved award, in what was a guided tour of a professional (Guillermo) of about 2 and a half hours, with exhaustive explanations of vineyards, 19 camellias planted in 1879, some with a glass of 17 meters in diameter, monumental trees and even !! a sequoia 42 meters high!


We can not help but comment, but if these gardens were in Japan the impact would be 10 times greater (especially for the fame of its manicured gardens that we saw in theOkayama Korakuen or the Kenroku-en or "Garden of the Six Sublimities" of Kanazawa) although our visit is not far behind. In fact, interestingly, they also have a 29-meter Japanese cedar.


The exteriors are completed with a Chilean araucaria, a Lawson cypress, two chestnut trees over 300 years old or a shadow banana that is 35 meters high, which we can observe before entering the main building.

He Pazo de Rubianes is more reminiscent of a French Chateau than a Galician Pazo. This is because it was a French architect who would design the current style of the building we know today. Its interiors, spread over several rooms, breathe the romantic halo of some buildings that we saw through Central Europe on our trips.


Guillermo, the truth is that it makes the visit a delight, and he tells us anecdotes that the archives of the owner of the first bat are preserved here and in his day he predicted that at some point all these estuaries would be full of them. Oh, if I raised my head today ...


But the visit does not end here. What better way to end a tour that begins with the best botanical heritage and ends with the paciega architecture than with the world of wine? We are in the Rías Baixas, and the extension of vineyards that we have seen previously (25 hectares) and the exceptional aptitudes of the farm, take us to the tasting a great albariño (Although the experts say that we are not much less critical).


Pazo de Rubianes leaves nothing to improvisation, and lovers of good food should not fail to try the accompaniment of wine tasting in the cellars (where you can also take your souvenir from the store) with a patty of scallops to suck fingers or an organic cheese made by the family at Casa Grande Xancela.

How to visit the Pazo de Rubianes?

Although it also allows free visits, the guided tour to Pazo de Rubianes It becomes an experience in itself, including botanical monuments, architecture and wine tasting. To Reserve You can do it from your own website of Pazo de Rubianes from € 12 per person, to attractive cultural offers that include food in Carril and Isla de Cortegada or Pazo del Faramello.Another possibility may be to make an appointment by calling 986 510 534/619 261 847.

Its exact location is inRúa do Pazo, 7 - 36619 Rubianes (Pontevedra), almost entering Vilagarcía de Arousa

And the rest of the day? Vilagarcía de Arousa and surroundings

If what you want is A complete getaway from Pontevedra, this area of ​​As Rías Baixas gives you many more options that complement visiting the Pazo de Rubianes. Not only the promotion of this identity flower of the Rías Baixas integrated in a route through twelve pazos and gardens located in the provinces of Pontevedra and A Coruña, linked to the historical heritage of Galicia, but also for lovers of gastronomy, sports, Islands and beaches, oenology or nature. Any ideas?

- Gastronomy? Veal and pork meats and even the Moraña lamb (in summer), trout and lampreys from its rivers and shellfish !! and fish from a privileged area, but our favorite is ... !! clams from Carril!
- Sports? Fishing, sailing, diving, kayaking, windsurfing or even hunting, horse riding and cycling are some of the most offered (we met the owner of Piraguilla, who do all kinds of activities)
- Islands and Beaches? Cortegada Island or the very island of Arousa are two paradises to know, in addition to the multitude of blue flag beaches throughout this privileged area.
- Enology? El Albariño, within the name Rías Baixas, is one of the most prestigious wines of Galicia and Spain, with increasing worldwide recognition.
- Nature? Hiking is surely one of the most popular activities, since the perfectly marked routes take you to really beautiful corners of pools, waterfalls, river courses, mountains, beaches and cliffs with magnificent panoramic views

Have we convinced you? We, however, take advantage of the visit to enjoy the International Cooking Day#Cocidoday


Our proposal? Breakfast and ride in Vilagarcía de Arousa. At 11:30, guided visit to the Pazo de Rubianes, for eat in Carril accompanied by an excellent albariño. By the afternoon, according to tastes, a hiking trail to lower food, access an island, do some water sports or take advantage of a good summer day and enjoy one of the magnificent beaches in the area. We also recommend you, if you want to know more about Rías Baixas, another of his treasures in the article: "Cíes Islands, the best beach in the world?"

The #Cocidoday is already part of another very "key" story that one day we will tell you. And it is that Galicia is cool!

Isaac and Paula, with our colleagues from #CocidoDay, in Pazo de Rubianes