How to visit Sanabria Lake


ANDl Sanabria Lake, within the Natural Park of the same name, it is the largest lake of glacial origin in the entire Iberian Peninsula and its location is in the province of Zamora. Possibly the highlight of it is its ecosystem, both in its diversity of flora and fauna, which has been protected since 1978.

We are already at the end of summer, August 27, 2010. A summer something different from what we are used to, without great trips, but with many small getaways like those of RÍAS BAIXAS'10: 2-DAY ESCAPE, CIES'10 ISLANDS: THE BEST BEACH IN THE WORLD? or COSTA DA MORTE'10: GASTRONOMY ... that have served to "quench" a little thirst for adventure.

It was a few days before when we received the call ... "What do you think about going to spend a weekend at Lake Sanabría?"It was Sele, with the enthusiasm that characterizes him, who proposed us to do the First Meeting of and It seems that we have known each other for a lifetime, with everything we have exchanged together, but ... we still needed to meet in person. Of course, we had not finished talking on the phone and we were already opening the backpack and putting the batteries to charge. We only had one shame, that our faithful Secuoias friends They could not come.

The journey from A Coruña is not much less heavy, and the day has dazzled dawning. Some 320 km and about 3 hours, a stop included for gasoline (€ 48 for the entire trip), separates us from the diversion to the Sanabria Lake Natural Park.

"Keys calling Rincondesele. We will arrive around 7pm. See you in San Justo "" Rincondesele en route, we will arrive more or less with you ".

San Justo It is the place we have chosen to stay, a small town at the end of a winding road with a thousand and one curves. There, a picturesque wooden cabin for 4 people With a great pint awaits us. !!! WHAT A PINK!

Possibly there are better locations on the Lake but not for € 25 / person and day. The kitchen is fully furnished with a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, dishes and other dishes. The lounge, with a comfortable armchair, a table and a small television is more than we could expect. In addition a spacious bathroom and two more than acceptable rooms with a small balcony, make the choice one of the best we could have taken.

It didn't take more than 10 minutes to appear. his look lights up while the eyes begin to shine. His face can't help but smile. Travel is passionate And listening to how he counts and lives his stories is a real pleasure. With a firm voice, accompanied by gestures and everything you find around, is able to take you with him to a dream, his dream, the dream of any traveler, even get up if with it he manages to further acclimate the situation, achieving what few people can transmit accompanied by incredible experiences (of more than 60 countries already sealed). His name is Jose, Sele for friends (among those who already include us), and is one of those people who have not gone unnoticed in the Hispanic travel community, enriching with quality their true travel "documentaries".

Rebeca It is your faithful companion. Your resume, extended to 28 countries visited This same weekend is no less despicable. Always has a smile. He always has a conversation. Cheerful, fun, friendly, witty... the perfect complement to a couple with whom one could be talking for hours and hours until fatigue could be with us.

It was to see each other and know that we would get together in a few minutes (there was no one to shut us up, haha). In addition, a permanent feeling of parallel lives invaded us throughout the trip. !! Multitude of coincidences in tastes, experiences and personal experiences!

The dinner was made in a stone house converted into a pizzeria that seemed to have a special success in the area (the truth is that it ate well) called Pizzeria Stop (€ 44 all). From there it is time to return to the cabins and tell us the last anecdotes of the day. Tomorrow we expect another very intense day ... in the heart of our getaway, Lake Sanabria.

August 28, 2010 !!! To lift up! We will seize the day !! Who showers first? Ehhhhh? !!! We can not go out !!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgg

We hardly remembered that last night we were not able to close the door from the inside and we had to make a "maneuver" only reserved for great travelers (read the irony). The fact is that Isaac almost left my hip in the movement ... if it is no longer old, hahaha

Percances apart, and in a single car, we set off for "re-discovering" a place where Sele once spent good experiences (after breakfast at El Puente for € 10 four). Hearing Sele tell the legends of the Lake as we enter not only introduces you to the magic of the place, but also justifies the great stories (true documentaries) that we read daily in

THE LEGEND OF SANABRIA LAKE: "Valverde de Lucerna was a town that existed where the Lake is today. It is said that the people who inhabited it were selfish, unsupportive and racanous. A night of rain and lightning, the day before San Juan, came a pilgrim with a long beard and abundant hair asking for armpit. House after house they are denying the tenant lodging until tired and hungry he decides to leave the town arriving at a house in a stop where they receive him, they welcome him next to the wood oven and give him a muffin. The grateful man warns them not to leave the wood-fired oven and not leave their homes that night. Once away from there he pronounces a few words and from his cane begins to emanate water throughout the night. The next morning the entire town of Valverde de Lucerne lies down a huge lake except a small island, where that house and its people live with the wood oven. It is still said that charitable and kind people hear every June 24 overflowing the bells at the bottom of the Lake".

Sanabría Lake, also called San Martín de Castañeda Lake and legends apart, is one of those places that emanate beauty, peace and tranquility.

Perhaps because of its glacial origin (unique in Spain) or because of its landscape and its privileged ecosystem, it seemed an ideal place to officially release the LOGO and T-SHIRT CHAVETAS that we already talked about in that September article (and with whom better than with Sele and Rebeca).

Do you remember that funny video that we released after the weekend? Where we are? Who are you? LOL. The best ... we did it in one shot. The Lake lent itself to it ...

Somewhere in this world ...

In that video we left a suspense ... Who knows? Perhaps sooner or later that "dream" is fulfilled ...

HOW IT WAS MADE: With a skating boat (€ 15) we enter the middle of the Lake. Sele and Isaac pedaled while the girls enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the sun.

Then it occurred to us. Why not make a video of the encounter? There in the middle of the Lake ideas began to emerge and we decided to make a test. Rebecca was recording. We improvised EVERYTHING, but it was so natural that if we had done it again it would not have been the same. Did you like it?

It was time to treat ourselves. All, more or less externalized, we had between eyebrows and eyebrows the same ... give us one of the best tributes all summer (brontosaurius included, haha) in one of the most incredible locations to enjoy beautiful views of the Lake (as we always say, “you don't have to go to the other side of the world to enjoy them“)

Sele remembered a site between Puebla de Sanabria and Ribadelago at the height of km 13.4. His name is Los Robles Restaurant belonging to one of the campsites most famous in the area, of the same name. Galician octopus, meats of all kinds and all kinds of sauces (or without them), very cool beer and a delicious lemon cream (and for just € 20 per beard)

Here came one of the funniest moments of the trip, where the true passions of travelers are seen. Ideas for the afternoon were not lacking. Since making a story like "Afternoon of Wolves", emulating the magnificent story of “Night of Hyenas”, ruled out as a bad season for wolf watching (from September) until approach the Portuguese border (visiting the picturesque villages of França and Rabal) where the idea came up and the 4 in unison release a “!!! LET'S GO THERE !!!"

IDEAS FOR FUTURE TRAVELERS: Sighting of the Iberian Wolf, Sierra de La Culebra

One of the ideas that can be very interesting in the visit to this part of Zamora is the "possible sighting of the Iberian Wolf". But this one has certain times better than the end of August when we were there, since it is still very hot season.

The Sierra de La Culebra has the privilege of having the largest concentration of Iberian Wolf in all of Western Europe. Being the Wolf a stealthy animal of nocturnal customs, it requires a certain experience to be observed. For this there are also organized visits with specialized guides in the area.

Do you want to enter Tierra de Lobos?

Curves and more curves towards the rural area of ​​Montesinho, left us one of the improvised anecdotes of the getaway, since Rebeca sealed her country number 28 in her passport. As she said well ... "South Africa, Indonesia, USA ... and now Portugal, hahaha

He Montesinho Natural Park It is possibly one of the most isolated and isolated areas of Portugal, with dense forests, thick lagoons and small country villages anchored in the most Medieval times.

Possibly that "past" halo was the one that took us to França, a tiny town of just over 100 inhabitants, with narrow streets and passersby taken from films of the 50s. Although our second stop, RabalIt was even more picturesque, far from the bustle of Porto or Lisbon, we found a village of pastoral charm and traditional medieval architecture of the Portuguese Northeast.

We could not explain what led us here. I guess many times you have to get carried away by wrong impulses or not. The incredible thing was the connection we found all four at all times, even tasting that soda (€ 13) on a terrace next to a "Rabal family" under the suffocating heat that hit at that time.

Curves, more curves and more curves (hence the name of Sierra de la Culebra?) Returned us to our starting point, Puebla de Sanabria, after crossing again the imaginary border line without a trace of customs or border posts so common in the past.

Puebla de Sanabria, also belonging to Zamora, was born more than 1400 years ago as a Swedish parish and confirmed its expansion as a nucleus during the reign of Alfonso VII.

The whole town is really a true open-air museum, but it's its castle, the Castle of the Counts of Benavente along with its historical-artistic complex, which makes Puebla one of the greatest attractions of the entire province.

The day has already gone a long way and it starts to get dark. Back to our cabin we decided to buy in The bridge, where we had breakfast, some empanadas and some soft drinks (€ 16). It was time to continue "discovering the world" together, tell us more anecdotes. Little by little it was dawn ... and with it our eyes fell. Tomorrow will be another day, surely intense. See you tomorrow.

Sele, Isaac, Paula and Rebeca, from Sanabria Lake

EXPENSES DAY 1: € 83.50 approx. per person <
EXPENSES DAY 2: € 60.00 per person

(Continued with the DAY 3 HERE)