Flight LAN Madrid Quito, our experience


With the slogan "Ecuador loves life", LonelyPlanet recognized Ecuador as the best destination in South America to visit years ago. The country with the highest concentration of rivers, the greatest diversity from its Amazon to the Galapagos Islands and with the most impressive volcanic section of the Andes from north to south, is currently one of the best culturally and environmentally preserved places on the planet. In the hope of letting ourselves fall in love with its "wonder city", Quito, and the biggest spectacle of marine fauna in the world, Galapagos Islands, our flight LAN Madrid QuitoI was leaving this afternoon

Before a reunion with that traveling friend, Sele, with which I enter into an inseparable tune whatever the external factor that wants to interpose between us (and last year we lost ourselves in that 21-day trip to Iran), although quite sadly also of not being able to share this destination with my faithful traveling companion, Paula.

From airport to airport

Sometimes I think that I spend life from airport to airport, and that I spend more time in them than at home. That's why I like the motto of a terminal of Alvedro (A Coruña Airport) in works for the first time inside, at least since I have reason, ... We all like to fly! Insurance?

I still remember when I met Paula. Her bad experience on a flight to Seville led her to have a certain respect but never stop traveling. I think meeting me was a shock therapy for her. Either he overcame the phobia or "died" in the attempt, especially in our "honey sun" where he took more than 32 flights, which more "characteristic" of the place (the plane that landed on an island that was a sand track in Solomon Islands or the Tonga's flying hollow trunk they are our favorite top)

Today I dismiss her sadly. It is the heart of Keys, and although my adventure partner could not be better, Paula is always Paula.

Looking for the best option for Ecuador

I hope that one day I can use these lines to speak something different since it would really make me very happy, but I have suffered so many delays, overbooking, bad treatment, broken suitcases and judgments won but not paid by them that only hearing the word Iberia to A long flight gives me "repelús". And then they believe that changing the logo changes their image. They would have to start by changing that climate of tension in all their workers, which seems that when we fly with them, customers do them a favor.

A) Yes, when we saw the minimum possibility of flying with LAN !! We don't even think about it !! Where to sign? ! As if you have to stand up! (exaggerating of course, haha).

In fact, they have given us the opportunity to write in their recent blog South America Destination where you can read us in our next dates with our experience, which makes us take them perhaps even with more affection (by the way, so that there is no misunderstanding, nobody pays us to say this huh, haha)

We have barely had time to eat something fast, check in and pass the appropriate checks, because our plane at 18.20 left Adolfo Suarez Terminal 4S (I still have a hard time getting used to the name change) and has It looks great, with custom screens, dozens of movies and comfortable seats. It seems that it will be a bearable flight.

LAN Madrid flight Quito, 12 hours ahead

If I start thinking about the longest flights I have had, the one that also comes to mind quickly LAN took us to Lima (Peru) several years ago, and of course, the Tokyo - London back from the South Seas. Possibly the 11 hours 50 minutes of the LAN Madrid Quito flight today is located in that particular top3 of "a thousand ways to find something to do", although I must admit that I suffer a pleasant "flex" effect when the plane takes off.

¿What better way to summarize a 12-hour LAN Madrid Quito flight What in a little video? This is what awaits you!

Video belonging to the YouTube Channel of LAN Airlines Spain

In any case, we have put a little face (the Sele, who bundles me) and although we are not parallel, we have got two seats in emergency exit that are grateful and that in this journey they give a lot of space.

With a few minutes of delay we fly over the beautiful sky of Madrid, with the first lights, and with that "bug" eager for adventures. Have I heard Galapagos? That dream of a child that we can almost touch.

For those who are more overwhelmed in this type of tours, say that between being in the computer or laptop for a while, reading at the turn, a little dinner ...

... a little music, and prepare a small video that I show you at the end, the hours almost pass. To all this we must add that when the night falls completely, the crew helps by turning off the lights and providing a pillow, blanket, earplugs and something for the eyes and! To sleep!

Today I do not think that Paula is very envious, because although she carries these Transoceanic flights much better than when I met her (I still remember the thousand and one sleeping pills on the way to Lima, haha) it is still the worst part of a trip for her as I said at the beginning. And the truth is that also for the stories, where almost everything is told.

Quito, final destination

The always curious hourly uses of the planet (Do you remember that day we don't live "Date day, the day that never existed"have made us landed in Guayaquil before midnight, a small scale, before taking a last LAN flight of just 35 minutes to Quito.

As I write this, we are already staying in one of the most beautiful cities in South America, but that is a story that we will tell you tomorrow, which is sure of those intense days kicking cities that we have always liked so much.

Isaac (and Sele), from Quito (Ecuador)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:32 euros (coffee, comedian, piscolabis)