The day I "rediscovered" photography


Today I am not going to write a newspaper, not even a travel article, a hotel review or a reflection on the future. I have just received the information of the new Canon EOS 1200D, a model specially designed for those who start with a digital reflex, and I feel like "forwarding" an article about which I wanted to write about "something" that "caló" me in my recent adventure for Madeira ... !! The day I "rediscovered" photography!

My reasons for having a reflex

I admit that I bought my first reflex on the occasion of a great trip. The need for a telephoto lens to capture certain scenes, or the thought that a great trip would have to be accompanied by a good camera, may be the reasons.

Since then I also recognize that I am especially proud of certain photos, of certain scenes, of certain moments, who could never have immortalized with a mobile or a compact, no matter how much they have been improving with the times. Scenes furrowing Antarctica, from safari in Kenya


dawn in Israel, sunset in Maldives


… of that unforgettable elephant fightof that spiritual corner so bleeding


... are memories that we have stored beyond our memory because we were accompanied by that first "big" of photography

Two photographers who gave me back the illusion for good photography

As I said before, I also have to confess that with the passage of time and the progress of mobile phones, every day I have become more lazy to take the camera out of your backpack, change the lens or carry that heavy tripod. For what? If a cell phone almost gave me the same…

… !!LIE!!

Ignacio Izquierdo and Ainara García, two photographers like the glass of a pine tree that I had the pleasure of meeting in the Minubetrip of the getaway to Madeira, me they have returned the illusion to continue rediscovering what I had in hand.


I suppose that There are certain techniques that I will never acquire, like that impossible angle found on the roof of a house, or that scene already imagined in the head before obtaining the photo itself. They are gifts of these great photographers, perhaps innate, difficult or impossible to transmit. They live their passion for something!


Even so, terms like "magic hour or blue", a good sunset, "golden hour", degraded or neutral filters and even calculations to obtain the best exposures, some of them that had passed through my hands a long time ago but that I had discarded due to lack of dedication, have returned to me, as has also done the reality that it is not photographer (and less professional photographer) anyone who has a camera.

Unfortunately, I have also discovered the harshness in which a professional of the sector subsists, the intrusion, how little they can be or the little defense they can have of the theft of their material in the networks.

Do you start with photography? The new Canon

Although I'm not much to advertise, today I can't help it. Do you still think that a mobile phone can compete with a good photograph after seeing the previous ones or Ignacio and Ainara's portfolio? A model like the new EOS 1200D It could be a perfect comparison, since without entering the most professional aspect, it allows to achieve exceptional results almost intuitively thanks to its simple controls, 18 Megapixels, 1080p FullHD videos, creative effects application, high ISOs for low light without the need for tripod and many more specifications that you can see in the Technical specifications


But if I especially liked something on this occasion, it is that have not neglected the mobile device, trying to find a complement between them with the Canon EOS Guide application. As it does? This application (now completely in Spanish in Apple Store and Google Play) allows you to get the most out of it since at the same time you use it you can get to know the functions of the same with even exercises. I've been messing with her for a while and I wish I had an application like this before! There would have been no "blue hour" to resist me.


A current mobile can never compete with a reflex in low light conditions, in clarity of images, in definition and in the possibility (by resolution) of being able to print at large sizes without pixelar. More information:images of the Canon EOS 1200D, youtube tutorial and campaign video

It is possible that that day, in that Mirador das Neves of the upper part of Funchal, capital of Madeira, for Ignacio and Ainara was one more evening of magical photos ...


... but for me it is a day that will remain in my memory like !! the day I "rediscovered" the picture!


Isaac, regaining the illusion for the art of photography