CONTEST / PORRA Keys - Edition III


What is promised is debt and from these moments the III Edition of the CONTEST / PORRA CHAVETAS 2011 that we do every year. This time we will vary the dynamics of the game to try to make it more fun. Do you participate with us?


Those who have known us for a long time know the result of the previous contests / batons. Our privileged winners have been, to date:

Floren in EDITION I (article here) - SOLUTION: Uruguay, Argentina and Antarctica
Carme and the sisters Sonia and Elena in EDITION II (article here) - SOLUTION: Peru

On this occasion we had thought of organizing something more special, even with important sponsors and prizes, but here we want to make a subsection !!! We have "scared" !!! And we explain ourselves… We got to have very interesting proposals for awards and sponsorships but there was a moment when we feared for the keyway philosophy, with the total freedom to write what we want and when we want. That is why we have recanted, and although that is in prejudice to the awards, we think we want to remain the same as always. Let's go there?


Come on to play the tracks and it will be with a very simple procedure. In this article (published on July 10) you will find a series of clues that will have an answer (always with the format 1 WORD in lowercase, without tildes, or rare symbols). This one entered in the link will unlock the next group of tracks and a part of the journey. Those who reach the end and hit the last track will opt for the GORDO PRIZE, but what about the rest? Here the novelty of this year ... there will be prizes in each track group! EVERYBODY PLAYS !!

The game will end on July 21 at 22'00 and whoever has reached the end, will have a very clear idea of ​​the routes and adventures we want to do on this trip. The solution will be given on July 22 July 24 in the afternoon / evening.


Among those who go through rounds will be given the 1 night voucher with breakfast at the Ibis Barcelona Mollet, 1 key cotter, 1 typical cartoon of this blog and 1 destination trip gift. The winner will leave those who pass all rounds, and his prize will be the usual diploma, A SPECIAL SURPRISE that only he will know, 1 prize of destiny, 1 cartoon and 1 t-shirt, in addition to entering the ranking of winners of this contest / club that we celebrate every year. Of course, all the prizes will be distributed upon the return of our trip.

All prizes will be "made in", including the cartoon with the scene you want will be in charge of our collaborator Ivan Herrera de There will only be one exception that will be thanks to the Directorate of Ibis Barcelona Mollet, which has given us a completely free night voucher in a double room and breakfast, recently opened hotel that with a vision far beyond the traditional one is making known this new accommodation and from here we wish them the best of luck In this new project.


Status: Completed
Participants in the game: >300
They have passed the Track 1: 50 (Vanessa, Rebeca, Durazril, Mai, Jason, Yosi, Maria Junco, Adela, Javier, Bocaabajo, Jose Luis, Sandra, Raul, Javi Moreno, Rocio, Pio, Ruben, Robert, Cris, Fmanega, Isabel, Bea, Izaskun , Yaiza, Patricia, Menchu, Almu, Sonia, Malba, Jorge, Telma, Helena, Blai, Maite, Francisco, Desika, Raul Perez, Myriam, Cris Barnet, Carlos Jimenez, MaiteT, Dani Escalera, Legatravel, Ramón, Xwhite, CarmenCP , Elena, Alberto, Empecinado)
They have passed the Track 2: 34 (Vanessa, Durazril, Mai, Jason, María Junco, Rocio, Javi Moreno, Ruben, Cris, Fmanega, Pio, Isabel, Bea, Izaskun, Menchu, Sandra, Sonia, Raul, Adela, Malba, Almu, Telma, Jose, Maite, Jorge, Helena, Carlos Jimenez, MaiteT, Desika, Myriam, CarmenCP, XWhite, Elena, Ramón, Empecinado)
They have passed the Track 3: 26 (María Junco, Vanessa, Durazril, Ruben, Pio, Bea, Fmanega, Isabel, Jason, Javi Moreno, Telma, Cris, Maite, Sandra, Almu, Jorge, Malba, Carlos Jimenez, Menchu, MaiteT, Myriam, Elena, Ramón , Xwhite, Stubborn, Izaskun)
They have passed the Track 4: 23 (María Junco, Vanessa, Durazril, Ruben, Pio, Fmanega, Bea, Jason, Javi Moreno, Cris, Almu, Jorge, Carlos Jimenez, Menchu, Maite, MaiteT, Malba, Myriam, Ramón, Xwhite, Elena, Empecinado, Izaskun )
They have passed the Tanda de Pistas 5 and Final - They choose to be the winner: 20 (María Junco, Durazril, Ruben, Pio, Vanessa, Jason, Jorge, Cris, Almu, Menchu, Malba, Carlos Jimenez, Malba, Maite, Bea, Xwhite , Elena, Javi Moreno, Empecinado, Ramón)


All those cotters fans will be able to participate regardless of the channel through which they follow us.

Neither Paula and Isaac can obviously participate, nor their families, or close friends (who already know the destination), or fellow travelers who also know him (Maka, M. Eugenia, ...), or sponsors.


Very simple. When accessing a batch of tracks you will simply have to put on a comment to know that you have arrived and send us an email with the answer (NEVER IN THE COMMENT) and your name to email protected (Do not worry, we will remind you with every success)

For example, if you hit the first batch of clues in this article and access the second one, you will simply have to write us a comment and send us an email with the answer and your name.

In this article you can comment what you want (never the answers). You can even talk about which are the 4 countries, we will not censor that, haha.

Do we start Let's go there…


On July 29, if all goes well, we will arrive in Madrid from where we will start our adventure the next day. The question that will have to be answered in this first round is where do we make our scale? (format: 1 WORD, lowercase, no tildes or rare characters)

1) Joseba and Margari, our fellow travelers for the first 15 days, will wait for us on July 30 at this European scale twinned with the capital of an empire that once dominated them. We will fly early from Madrid
2) The Airbus 321 that will take us belongs to a company incorporated into an alliance whose Loyalty card is related to the color of the sea on clear days.
3) Already We have previously flown with this company, at least twice, To places far away. In one of them next to an overseas region of the country whose capital we seek.


Although it does not contribute anything to the game, we are going to tell you a little more. The trip will take us to 4 countries, and will begin that July 30 and end with the landing in A Coruña on August 29, 2001. Old friends will accompany us. An extra clue for those who like images but will not help too much is the "shadow" of the adventure headboard. Dew, do you dare?

We leave here the direct links, for those who have been passing levels do not have to start again one by one ...

* Solution to the TRACK TAND 1 ==> TRACK TAND 2
* Solution to the TRACK TAND 2 ==> TRACK TAND 3
* Solution to the TRACK TAND 3 ==> TRACK TAND 4
* Solution to the TRACK TAND 4 ==> TRACK TAND 5 and END

Do we start Edition III of the 2011 CONTEST / PORRA CHAVETAS is open.

The cotter family