Ecuador Quito Train Route to El Boliche


There are few 1-day excursions from Quito that can be done, and we will talk about them in a future full article. Meanwhile, we will take advantage of our base to explore the Quito surroundings and its possible tours, among them today we have known the existence of cruise train although our route will be a simpler one Ecuador train.

Quito has proven to be more than a scale for us, without a doubt. The city "wonder" has already become a mandatory stop for any traveler who previously ignores its charms

Ecuador train routes and prices

Considered by many to be the cruise ship of Ecuador as the "most difficult train in the world" (although we have enjoyed some really incredible ones like the Oslo-Bergen train or the one that leads to Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe) was built in the 19th century to communicate a country separated by the Andes. At present it has been completely remodeled to adapt to the times maintaining the communication between Guayaquil at sea level and 3,600 meters from the slopes of the Chimborazo, after 450 km of travel. But in addition to the cruise line there are numerous excursions of the Ecuador Train that you can do. Do you want to know their routes?

- Freedom train: Ibarra - Salinas - Ibarra
- Volcano train: Quito - Tambillo - Machachi - El Boliche
- Ice Train: Riobamba - Urbina - Riobamba (Section I) and Ambato - Urbina - Ambato (Section II)
- Path of the Ancentros: Riobamba - Colta - Riobamba
- Devil's Nose: Alausi - Sibambe - Alausi
- Inca Baths: El Tambo - Coyoctor - El Tambo
- Sweetness Train: Durán - Bucay - Durán

We Today we will make the volcano train route, which will take us from Quito to El Boliche, about 59 km long and that you can see on the following route map ...

And the prices? The Quito - Guayaquil 4-day / 3-night cruise line has a current price during our trip of $ 1,270 USD, while the routes with which to make excursions vary from $ 7 USD to $ 40 USD. Reservations can be made from its official website trenecuador

The route of the volcanoes from Quito to El Boliche

Madrugón the one that has touched us today, and that is that our train from Quito left at 8'00, and with at least 30 minutes to check-in Before nobody takes it away from us. The train station is very quiet at this time

Undoubtedly, in this photogenic year that we have been among the trip to the Arctic and Norwegian Fjords and the beginning of trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, re-observing the beautiful landscapes offered by a train is something that never tires us, also the most unique since the departure through the city of Quito is extremely curious

In just an hour we make a Stop in Tambillo for about 15 minutes, before continuing to Machachi. It is a mere technical stop, although some use to make a small quick breakfast with sweets rather than appetizing

Others take the opportunity to browse the more "luxurious" wagons which include fluffy armchairs and more personalized service

The train starts again between valleys, rivers and mountains on the so-called Avenue of the Volcanoes which runs from north to south over 300 km (here we only make a small part) among more than 70 volcanoes of which 27 are active

Also the Pan American, that long road that would be a good future trip that extends from Alaska to the city of Buenos Aires in more than 25,800 km, which is said soon.

But the beauty of the place is to observe its landscapes from the car window, which is not very fast (something greater than at the exit of the city), moves towards our destination

It's around 10'15 when we reach Machachi, the population that was an important pole of merchants when the train was not commercial and perhaps this tourist renovation has come back to life as we can read…

... although they may have passed and have lost much authenticity in relation to what could have been.

The landing, at the end of our road, will be around 11:30. Our route continues.

Recreation Area of ​​El Boliche

A few kilometers from the Cotopaxi National Park, with the volcano as a backdrop, we reach the Recreation Area of ​​El Boliche

Thus, we are ready to walk through the nature of Ecuador in its purest state, with a privileged ecosystem, bathed by the Cutuchi, Daule and other minor rivers, and two different areas of life: the Montano humid forest and the very humid forest, which a server He is not able to distinguish.

We are in full Andean landscape, where the pure air and a pleasant walk gives us a small partial vision of the greatness that Ecuador has including its interior, without having to go to the Amazon or the Galapagos Islands.

Nevertheless, those looking for a completely isolated environment here will not find it unless they are looking for a remote hiking trail. And it is that this area is designed more for family tourism or come accompanied with children or adults.

It's time to face the return, although this time we will do it by bus. The train is already making its own maneuvers to return on its own

It has started to rain, although cold if it is true that we have not felt at any time (despite the warnings before coming well sheltered)

Bee Farm or how to complete an excursion.

The bus has returned us to Machachi where we have eaten a type menu included, VERY scarce (you can put the batteries if you want to leave the most "gluttons" satisfied, when they have not gotten with us) accompanied by new traditional dances outside the dining room of the station.

Perhaps to complete the visit, or for those most interested in the exciting world of bees or farms, we stop at a Bee Farm. The truth is that the first thing I remembered was that makeshift stop on day 5 in the trip to Cuba Matanzas path entitled "Bay of Pigs"with Henry" the beekeeper "but the reality is that to us more than the visit, we wanted to enjoy a warm coffee in a really beautiful traditional house

Of the rest little to tell, only before 17'00 we were back in Quito, and all by land and shortly after staying in a historic house in the old town of Quito

I write now these lines that I will then transcribe to the log sitting on one of the most spacious rooms I've had on a trip, although perhaps something cold. Near me the main icons of the city begin to turn on their lights and remind me that the night falls earlier than we are used to in other latitudes.

He Ecuador Train has been a "curious" excursion, perhaps something decaffeinated, of a project that shows that it is still being born and has much to improve and which I know has really exciting routes (such as the Devil's Nose, which speak wonders). However, it has helped me to reaffirm my thoughts these days ... Quito deserves more than a ladder! and we still have things to discover.

Isaac, from Quito (Ecuador)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: $ 40 (approximately, including gifts)