What is not told about a trip


Not long ago, returning from one of our getaways, there was a traveler who asked us ... "Does everything go well for you?"If our memory doesn't fail, the question was after the month we spent in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo. We do not remember our response at that time, what we did was to write the article one day and give it an answer. Here it goes…

!! NO !! ALMOST ALWAYS HAPPENS SOMETHING THAT IS NOT COUNTED And we don't tell it for a fundamental reason, we write our journals during the trip itself, and it's not time to make the family nervous. Some "dumb" examples?

Lost in Antarctica (and almost frozen)

We never forget among our anecdotes the one that happened to Isaac during his trip to Antarctica in 2009.

We had already made several landing, it was possibly the fourth or fifth we did. From one moment to another time changed and everything started to freeze. A speedboat followed another but, suddenly, an impressive snowfall began to fall and we lost visibility. We were alone

But the worst moment came when we ran out of radio contact. The Russian carrying the boat tried to make calls again and again with the walkie. We were lost and nobody answered on the other side. They were about 20 minutes endless and with the hands starting to freeze ... luckily, it ended well

Caught in Transylvania (and without chains)

Another moment we didn't count was the first sunrise in Bran, in search of Dracula's Castle, in full Transylvania in Romania. The snow had invaded everything around us in that little pension lost in the mountain.

That white thing in the photo was our car buried in the snow in the middle of no road. When we saw him, on a short break of just 4 days, we thought ... "Here we will spend the next week drinking hot soup and shots." Little by little we managed to clean the car ...

The most difficult process was to get him out of there. Even though we had snow wheels we skated side by side. Slowly, very slowly we managed to reach a secondary road and from there to the main one where the snowblowers were already working. It was 1 hour very tense and intense.

Improvising life in authentic Cuba

It also comes to mind that trip that would take us to Juve and Isaac to Cuba. We had taken a vacation package that included hotel + plane, as it was better than taking the flight separately. The first day we slept in the hotel for first thing in the morning rent a car and leave for Trinity, to what the road had and with the intention of taking advantage of the 11 days we had. And so we did it the first night ... The night of Trinidad, its mojitos, its cubatas and its people fell in love with us

From the light of the next day we have a vague memory. The morning did not exist, and the afternoon we spent throwing "ethyl fumes" on the nearest beach. That day we promised to get up early the next day even if we went out all night, and took the car.

We must recognize that Athos behaved well. He swallowed all the bumps (! Rather, socavones!) Of the road, crossed Tope de Collantes at night, picked up a lot of people and even almost ate him !! drastic end of the highway !! arriving in Havana.

Suffering a sandstorm in the Wadi Rum

Nature has also given us some bad pass in the 2009 trip to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. Specifically in the Wadi rum, the desert of Lawrence of Arabia. After spending an exciting morning the idea was to spend a quiet afternoon in one of the camps mounted in the area and take the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset and walk a little through the desert. The reality was something different ...

The wind began to rise, even throwing many of the main stores, and the sand got into the last hole. This wind would also prevent us from flying the Wadi Rum in a balloon the next day.

And what did we do? The truth is that there were not many options other than some hookah in the main haima and take a nap for a while waiting for him to abate, which he did late in the afternoon.

We almost fell down the ravine in Uganda

Although there is something we have never told (because the family could get very nervous, and more missing 15 days until our return) was the accident suffered going towards Murchison Falls in Uganda.

I think we will never forget the concrete post on the road that saved us from falling off the cliff after a slowdown and skidded by a dirt track before entering a small bridge that crossed a river.

We all hit ourselves with something in the car but without serious injuries, but the car was left with a wheel in the air and only held by that concrete block salvador. Even the "quitamiedos" got up and served that sole function, because "hold" did not hold much. What would it have meant to fall around besides dump? We don't even want to think about it.

Taking out the car was not an easy task but we finally got it. The scare of the body was not taken away from us by anyone, and the speed the rest of the trip went down a lot from that moment (and if not, we were already worried about hitting a good shout to be heard by Ali, the driver)

And we could get many more, such as the times that we have lost ourselves in some city, or we have gone from routes taking a bus or even the subway in the opposite direction, or from talking with locals each of a thing without understanding and thinking that if we did (as in the Pao territory of Myanmar, with double and triple translators, hahaha). Yes, we leave some that we can not count here for those beers that we have pending with some of you.

But, and perhaps these improvisations are not the beauty of adventures? !! Nothing is perfect in this life !! Or if?

A hug to all

Isaac and Paula (and Juve and Ruth)