Best Tourism Blog in the "MexilOnseTuits 2014"


Although day to day has not allowed me before, I wanted to write this short review of a very special day. And on October 18 we had an appointment with the celebration of awards that made us very excited, the MexilOnseTuits, the Social Media festival of Galicia and that despite being a young event, it is one of the most important in our Autonomous Community.

We the Keys repeated. We had introduced ourselves last year, being our blog one of the three finalists of 2013, nothing more and nothing less than as a Best Tourism Blog with what we do not doubt this year, we had to try again. Although, of course, our second nomination as finalists for us was already as if we had won the prize a little.

MexilOnseTuits, the Social Media festival of Galicia

Although this year by dates coincided with Isaac in the trip to Quito and Galapagos, the other part of Keys (that is to say me), a little more shameful for this type of events, I was armed with courage and, above all, with enthusiasm to tell everyone what Keys means, in case of being winners. Of course, I did not want to go alone, mostly because there was the possibility of being rewarded and before that I would like to share it with someone, so they accompanied me two of my best friends Sonia and Manu.

The appointment of Galicia Social Media festival this year was in Cangas, so having our base in A Coruña we had to get up early to arrive with time and register without problem.

The truth is that just because there is a minimal opportunity for us to play the prize, I felt very nervous but it is true that in this festival you notice so much familiarity and so much affection that it helps you to better carry out that scenic fear.

And there we were all, the finalists and the public that comes to support us, ready to spend a pleasant day and why not? between friends.

This year the dynamics were a bit different from previous editions. In addition to the entry designed by the organization of the event itself, we had to elaborate a small story in the form of slides from our blog. In our case, Isaac would prepare a video presentation that always helps us to better understand what Keyways are dedicated to and that would also help me when talking in front of so many people. He wouldn't have needed it because he's like a little boy ... he loves the spotlight!

Keys, best Tourism Blog

We started with a very funny presentation by Frankie Gómez, that certainly would not leave anyone indifferent and that above all I would make people think, and this would give way to the first prizes and with them my nervousness was increasing ...

Best Social Campaign: Save Galicia from Megaminería
Best Commercial Campaign: Koama, With your kitchen
Best E-Commerce Integration: SaborPlace

All very deserved and above all very exciting, especially for me, the prize for the Best Social Campaign.

Followed a round table formed by the jury to talk about social networks in general and social media in particular. We continued with the awards

Best Informative / Cultural Blog: Vivir na Coruña
Best Viral Video: Save Galicia from Megaminería

And from this moment nothing would be the same, the next block would be headed by the award for the best Tourist Blog, but before and to make a break in the emotions that were living there, we would have a new presentation by Eduardo García Erquiaga that would tell us about the Personal Brand and a lot of truths and advice that he shared with us, I personally stay with one in particular:

“You have to surround yourself with HR people+: RESPONSIBLE, HONEST AND POSITIVE "

Without a doubt, a very interesting presentation. The final part of the gala arrived with the special prize for Nacho Mirás Fole author of “The best worst moment of my life”.

Best Fashion Blog: Paula Deiro's Secrets
Best Gastronomic Blog:Travi in ​​the Kitchen

The award for the Best Gastronomy Blog moved us a lot since the protagonist of the blog indirectly is the figure of his grandmother, the person who had taught him many recipes and as Marta says, the seed of this wonderful logbook. We feel very identified with "Travi in ​​the Kitchen" and our link, the grandmothers. How proud you have to be feeling our "Grandmother Keys"!

And from here there was no one to stop my heart peeking out of my mouth, in fact today I do not understand where Sonia and Manu got so much patience.

The Keys would be accompanied by two blogs that would have deserved the prize as much as we did: Abalar Galicia and Galicia Enteira. But once Emilio went to the stage to read the award-winning blog. I began to be aware that he could touch us and he announced it. ”The winner of the 2014 MexilOnseTuits in the category of Best Tourism Blog is for… CHAVETAAAAAAAAAAAS” (Well, he didn't say that, of course, but that's how I heard it in my head)

Receiving an award is a wonderful feeling. Do you feel the protagonist of the movie but the first thing I felt is a huge shame because Isaac could not be present. It is a very important prize for us because it represents a recognition of all the effort that, especially during this last year, Isaac has made especially.

The mixture of emotion and nervousness make their way and they did not allow me to talk, you just smile nervously and try to keep yourself without crying so that you can at least thank and play the video that Isaac had prepared (and that right now he was following us since the dawn of Quito)

As my friend Sonia told me minutes before, “If I give you something, what would you tell me?" And that is precisely what I want to do, to thank for this award, to the organization of MexilOnseTuits (All the photos in this article are also yours) for becoming partakers, everyone for the signs of love (even with official photos) ...

... and, especially, to all our followers who make Keys reach where we always dream, because as you know ... we don't travel! !! we fulfill dreams !!

Paula (with Sonia and Manule) and Isaac from the distance