7 Japanese dishes you should eat in Japan


It was in our Trip to Japan for the second time, and trying to get Paula to enjoy the best of JapanWhen I asked myself this question. What typical Japanese dishes should I eat in Japan these days? What were those traditional of the japanese cuisine essential?

After many laps, assess the multiple options and according to our experience, we tell you thetypical food of the japan cuisine that you should not miss in your trip and the restaurants in which we did it (in case it served as inspiration to plan your route).

1. The most famous Japanese dishes, sushi and sashimi in a kaiten sushi

We could not start this list of Japanese dishes for others that were not sushi or sashimi. Those who consider visiting Japan for the first time will find this type of cuisine almost at every corner of the streets of the country of the rising sun


Go by eel Tokyo Beach decks from Odaiba, its spectacular Traditional Japanese style onsen, the neighborhood of Ameyoko in Ueno or dozens of other examples, you will find this delicious Japanese fast food version

Although the proposal reaches its perfection in the so-called kaiten sushi or kaitenzushi, a kind of tavern where sushi plates are placed on a conveyor bar (and sometimes sashimi) that travel the restaurant allowing you to take what you find most appealing (usually two pieces on each plate)

On our first trip through Japan we had already found inOkanomachi some of very good level, but it was in theShibuya Daidokoya Sushi where we became "strong" many days. The best? That each dish barely costs around 1-1.50 euros, tea is free and for 10-12 euros two people, you go to the top.

2. Chicken, octopus and even ox skewers, Japanese cuisine to quench hunger

Something that we liked very much those days that we had the tightest itineraries, was to find those small taverns preparing some appetizing skewers with which to satisfy the hunger and continue the tour.

Already out in our route through the japanese alps or in a kind of tasca calledHideyoshi in KamakuraDeclared as the best place in the world to eat yakitoris, this type of Japanese dishes do not disappoint

¿Yakitoris? They are chicken skewers, but the variety goes much further, such as takoyakis of battered octopus balls or the excellent kushiyaki, delicious beef skewers.

3. Okonomiyaki, the essential typical Japanese dish

However, if someone asked us which of the Japanese dishes we would stay with, this would undoubtedly be theokonomiyaki, sometimes called "the Japanese pizza" (although it has nothing to do with it). Are we going to the table?

Although it is one of the typical foods of the Kansai area, and we tried it for the first time in the futuristic neighborhood ofDotombori in Osaka, is thought to be native to Hiroshima. However, it is also possible to find it in other areas and we tried it again in a very nice traditional tavern calledOkonomiyaki Yai Yai after the great avenue Omotesando

Not only is it exquisite, but its ritual is an experience, since on a plate the "chef" begins preparing any type of ingredient that you ask for (onion, meat, squid, vegetables, cheese ...) to later add a dough prepared with flour, water, egg and some other supplements.

The result cannot look better. A beer to accompany it? Or maybe sake?

4. Kobe meat in Kobe ... or Tokyo, the tastiest meat

While the previous recipes were more affordable for your pocket (Japan is not so expensive in terms of gastronomy), we now propose one of the most tasty and recognized meals in the world ...! Kobe meat !!

Of course, the first option to try this type of meat should be the city of Kobe (and so we did), where there are many restaurants to choose from. If your route does not include a stop there, we say goodbye to our "Honey Sun" on the 51st floor of the Shijuku Sumitomo Builiding, in the so-calledMisono Restaurant

Why is she so famous? In Galicia we have excellent meat that could compete with anyone worldwide, but I must admit that the specimens of the Kobe ox are extraordinary in taste, tenderness and texture and it is surprising how with the fork itself you are able to cut the meat as if it were butter

It is said that the long tradition of the Wagyü beef leads the breeders to carry out massages on the backs of the animals, as well as rigorous feeding diets. Of course, it is not the cheapest Japanese dish!

5. Oyakodon, Japan's showcase cuisine

One of the most surprising curiosities when you disembark in the Japanese country is to watch shop windows of restaurants and bars full of plastic replicas of the dishes that we can find in the menu.

For those who want to be safe, this type of proposal is a guarantee that you know what you are going to have on the plate, because realism borders on perfection. We find it in a multitude of populations such as in Kamakura or in Naraand although we don't have the best photos, a good choice was the Oyakodon, a mixed plate of chicken meat and egg with onion.

If the Oyakodon is not your thing, do not worry, the variety is enough to sit on the premises and decide another

6. Fugu, the poisonous puffer fish, the most complicated of Japanese recipes

Returning to the high-rate Japanese dishes, you cannot miss the appointment one that requires permission to the master chefs who dare to prepare it. We talk about fugu or puffer fish, whose small dose of poison could kill the most robust man.

It is important to know that you can not eat this exquisite Japanese delicacy at all times of the year, but it is during its breeding season in spring when it is fished and kept in fish farms. Also that having a deadly toxin means that only specialized and licensed personnel can cook and serve it, such as where we test it in theTorafugutei Shibuyaten in Tokyo, just about 10 minutes from the Shibuya crossing

The recipes are unlimited, since it can be eaten in a kind of barbecue, in sashimi, with egg and rice, ... and almost all of them are savored by us. You have to try it!

7. Ramen, one of the Japanese dishes to sip without fear

And we close this list with one of the essentials for all budgets and that you have surely seen in dozens of occasions in Japanese cartoons, ramen.

This type of food from the cuisine of Japan can be found in virtually all restaurants, taverns or bars. We did it several times, such as in Kamakura or on the day of Nara, and consists of a thick soup based on bean sprouts and other types of ingredients (there are many varieties) with noodles. The most curious thing is the habit of sipping them that in Japan is not at all rude, but it becomes a competition to see who makes it louder.

Of course, there are dozens of Japanese dishes that we would recommend and that we have left on this list (tempura, gyüdon - beef with spices -, teriyaki, yakisoba - fried noodles -, tonkatsu - pork chop -, sukiyaki, wagashi - sweet- , tofu, ...)

Are you appealing enough? Are you missing any of the Japanese dishes you dreamed of before your trip to Japan? We await your comments!

Isaac and Paula, from the most gastronomic Japan