Sailing on the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji


3 in the morning ... !! early morning! The "bent-over" hotel reception releases us with its best smile "'They have called those of the shuttle that came for you to transfer and that they will not be able to because it is broken"(Shuttle that had processed us last night on their own advice). After releasing those words, he stares for 1, 2, 3, 4 seconds ... it makes him want to shake a colleague."But what are you waiting for? Then ask for a taxi coñe."The 'Samoan Faa'? Some Samoan believe that he has mixed his lifestyle with the lack of a hamster that gives him the wheel to get the blood to his brain ... !! What despair! (And only It happened to us in Samoa.) Checkout (14 WST)

Pay the taxi (65 WST). check in, pass the checks, pay the fees (65 WST each), a quick mini-breakfast (13 WST) and leave takes about 45 minutes, but we fly over the Pacific again

!! Fijii !! The 'hub' of the South Seas, the heart of the Pacific, the island where you dream when we watch these documentaries on modern TV ... Place that we have already known in its East part, in the capital, Suva, and where we landed today for more than just transit, in its western part, the famous Nadi (which reads Nandi).

Nor we have given too much to the head, and we have walked right in front of the Nadi International Airport, to the Raffles Gateway hotel, a badge in this population since 1969 and that the truth, is a cool hotel. Other coffee and tea (10 FJD) help us begin to get ideas about what we can do today. We also take the opportunity to buy a stamp (1.20 FJD) to send a postcard to Spain.


!! Today we will discover why Fiji Islands are so famous among tourists! We go sailing in the area of ​​island resorts that are located throughout the West of the island of Vitu Levu.

Dresses to mix with the "dough", we move to the port that distributes tourists to all the islands in the area (There are up to 60 complexes that exist although at the farthest there is also an option to go by helicopter because they are 3-hour journeys).

Port Denarau is today a large shopping and entertainment center, with dozens of restaurants, clothing stores and other entertainment, that nothing has to envy to the best European or American cities seen before. You could say that we have left the "southern seas" for a day.


Our sailboat is such a 'Whales Tale ', a huge and beautiful sailboat that cost approximately 1 million dollars and that has a length of about 100 feet weighing 90 t, equipped with an engine that allows to go up to 10 knots and with a really spacious main deck.


The route consists of spend a day around 5 of these islands, through the blue waters of the lagoon and the beaches near the Mamanuca Islands and even landing on what they call Treasure Island, a private paradise itself.

Upon entering they give us a breakfast, which includes champagne, and we begin to see the calm waters of the area. The sun starts hitting STRONG from 9 in the morning.


We cross dozens of small islands, which are more beautiful, with white sand beaches around the perimeter and protected by small coral reefs. We are in the Mamanuca area, which next to the Yasawa area are the two most famous in all of Fiji.

Finally we arrived at our island, which from the distance does not look bad. It will barely be 100 in diameter.

The reality is very different, although it is possible that we are suggested with all the authentic experiences and places that we bring from behind. While we want to go to rest in our hammock, the boat organizers insist on getting us into a booth to do a Kava ceremony? Having witnessed a real town in a town in the East, we find it quite ridiculous and even "deceptive" to see that. We remember how just trying a little left our tongue completely asleep and here it barely tastes like water taken out of a puddle. Anyway ... we managed to escape to make peace with Lorenzo


Same as we did on day 13 we were going from Solomon Islands to Fiji, today is a good day to review our last part of the trip where we started with that magical day in a Fijian villa near Suva, to arrive the next day at most isolated country in the world, Tuvalu, which pleasantly surprised us ...


… the beautiful Mounu de Vava'u in Tonga I would leave other of those great memories, including the experience of being able to swim with those huge mammals called Yubarta whales


… the most ancient vestiges of Polynesia were not lacking in Tongatapu like a very particular phenomenon of nature both in Tonga as Samoa, the blowholes


... the waterfalls, the order, the lush vegetation of beautiful Samoa was another change of pace in every way, including Pulemelei's experience, the place considered oldest in all of Polynesia and today lost in a jungle today almost innacesible


Here while in Fiji, where they themselves pimp about the 'Fiji Time' concept, the alcohol is already running on the ship (We have already embarked again after eating on the island in buffet style) reaching some more than another. Especially to Australians who can hardly walk, hahaha

The 'time' known in the West has nothing to do with the time of these islands. We dare to say that even the African or that of certain Caribbean islands has nothing to do with it. Here the philosophy of life is even different. Everything is going VERY SLOW. The 9'00 can be 9'45 perfectly fitting that concept. But within all that, we have managed to fit in, even if it cost us initially except in Samoa, where time has STOPPED DIRECTLY.


Tomorrow we go to our first country in Micronesia, Kiribati, in which we have high hopes of seeing something different from what we have seen so far. We will go from Monday to Thursday with Air Pacific (we play wood) and we will stay at the Mary's Motel

On Thursday we will go to Sydney, and although the initial idea is to be two days, go up to Brisbane and try to reach Nauru, we are thinking of making change in our initial plans.

We return to Port Denanaru and from there to the Rafles Gateway, where a dinner awaits us (56.20 FJD) before going to bed. Tomorrow new experiences. We remain phenomenal, that nobody worries.

Isaac and Paula, from Nadi (Fiji)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 222 WST (approx. 76.55 EUR) and 102.40 FJD (approx. 46'54 EUR)