Kinondo Beach


Kusini Beach Cottages are 5 beautiful villas of different size with private terrace and different number of rooms, located on the beach of Kinondo, a place of fine white beach that every person would like to enjoy ... but is it the place we would look for?

When we shuffle the combination possibilities of Kenya With a few days off, we shuffled the traditional Mauricio (discarded because Isaac was already there), Seychelles (discarded because it was too far away to continue), Zanzibar (which we left for Tanzania) and the eastern beaches. Once decided we opted for the southern area of ​​Mombasa, and we met the adventure of Pepo and Griselda, two Catalans settled in Kenya for many years, who already lived nine in Nairobi and finally, after organizing safaris, decided to focus their illusions on these villas. Initially they were found in ruins and the garden and pool destroyed, but little by little and with great care they put their knowledge and sympathy to reach what it is today.

Nevertheless, the first impression we get is regular. The villas are somewhat neglected, it seems that the years have passed by them (they have been 6 years since the inauguration). Perhaps in part it is our fault, because we brought an idea of ​​villas on the beach and we have also found 5 villas distributed perpendicular to the sea.

The attention of Katana and Christopher is excellent, because it is getting up and they are already starting to prepare breakfast, time that we put to our liking every day, however, the attention in the rest of the area shine their absence, since in the pool There is hardly anybody (we ask Christopher for a towel and he looks for it for us) and there is a kind of abandoned bar that we don't know if it has any use but nobody shows up all day.

The pool within the area, and the beach to which you can go down some stairs, if they are a joy. The sand is white and fine. If you start walking to the left facing the sea, destination Tanzania, there is nothing ... only private houses, if you do it to the other side, there are the famous beach boys offering you different activities, some craft shop and some more complexes. The tide varies a lot too, going from being more than 30 meters from the pool at low tide to exceeding it laterally at high tide.

!! The boy of fish and seafood has arrived !! It is one of the great capital gains of this complex and the truth is that they look very good. A kind of spider crabs, lobsters, prawns and fish fresh from the sea. The prices per kg are set by Pepo and Griselda, the fish being around 400 KES, as well as the squid when they have it, the prawns at 800-1000-1200 depending on whether they are small-medium-large and the lobster at 1500 KES, per example. We have caught 1.3 kilos of prawns and 2 fish weighing 1.1 kilos. Here everything is weighed. The total has been 850 KES per couple all.

Tonight, little fish and prawns for dinner ... !! this promises !!

Although it is windy, thanked, the sun starts to hit and it's time to try that pool that calls so much. Joseba prefers to taste the sea, of hot water. The pool is somewhat colder.

!!! What are those black clouds that come far away! Ahhhhhhhhhhh ... let's go inside. We are in the tropics, and we had already been notified of 1 hour water storms. Here has come one, which we took to write a story

Kusini Beach Cottages has a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, but perhaps there is still much to improve. Yesterday's taxi detail and the GOLDEN CAGE print that does not have any means of transport by the staff even to buy from the supermarket, the absence of attention in the pool, the somewhat deteriorated villa, the multitude of ants and insects that are in this whole area and, above all, the feeling of some carelessness on the part of the staff looking for the peace and tranquility of the client, but in "rare" days like today they give an aspect of generalized abandonment.

The positive part is Griselda, which is a true charm. I visited Paula yesterday while the rest were at the supermarket, and today she has come back to explain possible options around the area and to chat for a while. He is a very nice person, involved in the project, which shows a certain melancholy in Spain.

After lunch and nap (rest we will rest like never before), the day has improved and the sky is completely clear again. Taking a walk on the beach we see some craft stand where we put on our boots after a lot of bargaining (40 EUR)

The Kinondo beach is a beach that doesn't catch up at all. High palm trees, transparent waters and a great temperature, local people who offer you beads, massages, camel rides, water sports, ... and in this area, a lot of privacy and tranquility, away from the agglomeration of certain beaches in our area and away from the big resort in other areas of Diani.

As we are facing east, the sunset we intuited in the distance, changing the water and sand of the beach to an orange color, at low tide

It's time for a good dinner. Do youHow will Katana make us those little fish and those prawns? So far it has behaved. He is proving to be an exceptional cook. Our initial idea was to approach a restaurant in the area, but with these meals ...

Life in Kusini is this. Sun, tropical rain, walks on the beach, pool, shopping, relax, lots of relaxation ... and good food.

It's a paradise? The Kusini Beach Cottages do not, but they are a right place to take a well-deserved rest, although more details such as that the towels do not change, the rooms or the old sheets and the broken bed nets do not do well, they throw back any idea of ​​returning. Tomorrow we may approach Mombasa, but that ... for tomorrow. Ahh, the result of that meal that was preparing us ... this ... ÑAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Paula and Isaac, from the beaches of Diani (Kenya)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 40 EUR and 850 KES (approx 7.14 EUR)