Wasini, the coral island


There are no roads, hot water or electricity. Its coral reefs are its greatest surplus value. Is about Wasini Island, which we will visit today coming from the beaches of Diani ...

Today the group has split and while Joseba and Margari have decided to spend a relaxing day in the sun of the beaches of Diani, Paula and Isaac, which restless ass we are, we have arranged with Griselda (65 EUR per person, including transfer, dhows, cave tickets, drinks, food, snorkeling rental and access to the marine park) to go to the border with Tanzania. For this, after a light breakfast we left at 7'20 of the Kusini Cottages Beach.

The path It lasts 1 hour, when we finally reach the town of Shimoni. The picture we have found is an extension of what we found yesterday, but mostly Swahili. Small wooden and straw huts, with small businesses selling agricultural products, a lack of hygiene, unpaved dirt roads and children, many children alone, greeting visitors with that sweet "Jambooo" trying to ask for some money or sell you some piece of crafts.

Shimoni has a particular environment. Almost next to the port where we will go later there are some small caves of cultural interest

We enter dark caves, part of the history of East Africa, where the slaves were locked before being shipped. Currently there are only large openings in the "roof", which is intuited as the entrance to labyrinthine caves that go up to 5 km inside and large bat colonies

We are in a very deep natural grotto and that at the time was part of the seabed, but the movement of the tectonic plates wanted that after thousands of years it was part of the mainland. In one corner there are also stones and empty water bottles, signs that it was one of the places where slaves were imprisoned with shackles.

But if Shimoni is famous for something, it is because it is the starting point to visit Wasini Island. For it we take a dhow, a typical boat from the area, already prepared for this type of excursions.

The day has dawned great, and the sun starts to hit hard. We could not have chosen a better day to come. In the distance we begin to see the coast of the Wasini Island, carved by the waves of the sea, leaving some beautiful cliffs

Also that the life of the interior and the sea does not change much. Sometimes it is not surprising that certain peoples do not prosper too much ...

The vegetation is eaten up to the last meter of land within the island, even though they barely have land to subscribe below

Not far from there you can see silhouettes in the sea. Are !! DOLPHINS !! Playful dolphins around the dhows. There must be 6 or 7. Someday hopefully we can swim with them ... It is said that the "Shimoni Channel" between August and October is possible to see some humpback whale

The tour takes us, surrounding the island, to another small islet south of it. We have gone to deep waters to get here and the ship has moved a lot, but we have finally arrived. Is about a "maldivo" islet, with corral arecife outside and a wide shallow lagoon

!! Snorkeling time !! Has what you learned in Maldives served you, not Paula? We are in the Kisite National Marine Park, one of the best in Kenya, which includes the Mpunguti National Marine Reserve and a great opportunity to dive or snorkel although it is not the best time, and there are others between December and March that the sea is less agitated

The reefs, without comparing, are rather normal, with little marine life and even many dead corals. It's a shame, but it's no wonder watching so many dhows around it.

The waters are more cloudy than in another season, but you can perfectly distinguish clown fish, corals and other species

After almost 1 hour of snorkeling we arrived at the beach almost walking. The lagoon is beautiful. A small islet, a tongue-shaped beach that disappears at full tide, and a lagoon of turquoise blue water, offers a curious formation where "shipwreck"

Grandmother said that the sea awakens appetite. Surely where you are watching us enjoy here, we have seen many white butterflies these days. Said and done. Crossing to one of two villages that has Wasini Island, with just 2000 inhabitants. This time it becomes very nice and almost without realizing the sun begins to catch us strong.

We disembarked in rowing boats to access a kind of viewpoint / restaurant by improvised stairs

The food facing the sea breaking against other small rocky islets and a strange vegetation in the middle of the water, it is a good time to relax and enjoy that ox, that beer (included), that fresh fish and that dessert in this place. Also for that call to the family with the TRAVELSIM that we have bought with good roaming prices and that still has a balance.

Wasini Island is possibly the largest island in Kenya before reaching Pemba Island and Zanzibar Island, already in Tanzanian territory. It is a curious island of rock and coral formation that houses a population that does not live in many better conditions than in continental territory.

We have taken the opportunity to buy some gifts, some books and pencils (700 KES) to distribute among the children that as soon as they enter the town they almost take Paula's hands. As I already did in Peru, he loves these details

We do not know if they will serve for something, if they will become happier, but of course it is much better than some candy or money. At least we know that it has a somewhat more didactic purpose.

The town is full of children and as on the roads we have been traveling these days, they are the only ones who seem to show their faces, trying to sell you something or just greet you with a "jambooo". Someone sings the traditional song that we have not stopped hearing throughout the trip, the "jambo buanaa".

The rest of the town, little to say that we have not seen before, a town with conditions of doubtful hygiene, poverty and basic maintenance and teaching services. Of course, here they have a small soccer team.

Of course, here they have a little gem, a kind of coral gardens which is a curious panorama of reefs that is partially covered with the tide, and that can be seen from a walkway. And so we observe it, in just 20 minutes of waiting ... It has coincided perfectly

We return to access a kind of beach of sand and stones, where we climb again to rowing boats, the only ones that you can circulate with such shallow depth in this area. Almost without advancing, the two rowers are driving a kind of wooden stick in the water to advance the boat to the dhow that will return us to the port

The day in Wasini is no more. It is time to set course for Diani. Behind we left the gulets, the port and what promises to be a beautiful sunset

Joseba and Margari are waiting for us at home, who have taken advantage of the day on the sun. Also Katana who has learned to make Cuban rice today, hahaha.

Tomorrow we finish our route through Kenya and We already have news of our friends the Sequoias. They were in Cairo. Surely when we get up, they are already waiting for us ...

Paula and Isaac, from the beaches of Diani (Kenya)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 130 EUR and 700 KES (approx. 5.60 EUR)