Beaches of Kenya or Zanzibar?


Although today Diani, and in general the east coast of Kenya, may seem like a tropical paradise, the history of the region is intrinsically related to the eagle trade, as we saw yesterday in the Shimoni caves on the way to Wasini Island. Today we say goodbye to this coastline and we put an end to an adventure that takes us to more adventurous territories ...

"We are already on our way to Kampala. Egyptair's flight has arrived on time. We are waiting for you in Uganda." It's 3.53 minutes in the morning. It is an SMS on Paula's mobile that tells us that our dear Secuoias Juve and Ruth have set foot in our next destination, the capital of Uganda and that their flights have gone well.

They will take the opportunity to relax from the plane and we will spend the last hours of sun and say goodbye to Joseba and Margari with a good dinner, as we had always dreamed.

And so it is, the sun illuminates the blue sky this morning with hardly any clouds, like yesterday. Nor is there much wind, like yesterday. It's a perfect day to say goodbye, and we're not going to beg. Quick breakfast, pool temperature and ... !! to the beach !!

It seems a lie that between S.VII and XIX the Arab merchants and Swahilis will take this place more than !!! 4 million slaves !! to the Middle East, and continue to use them after the abolition of ejaculation in the US and Europe. The aberrations were such that we could write a book with them. An example, more than 2,500,000 women ended up in the Arab harems. Nobody comments on these facts here. They remain in the dark past of the place and it seems that nobody is interested anymore. Pirate Isaac, a few for A Coruña? Poor ...

Today the locals of the place are the "beach boys" of the beach, who spend their time trying to offer you a ride in their dhows or sell you sea shells or wooden crafts

The day has been great, so much that no other place in the Caribbean or paradise could envy today. It is true that we doubt between the beaches of Kenya or Zanzibar before coming, but with days like today there are no doubts, and we will go to Zanzibar on a future trip to Tanzania,

In addition, at low tide, a kind of sand tongue has been formed that protrudes at a point on the beach and which can be accessed by a bit of pirates ... that Paulitaaaa !!

This is one of those articles dedicated especially to the family, so that they see that we are not tired, nor are we going to return (haha), since we are very well and wanting to continue towards new adventures. And the truth is that we have quickly passed the part of Kenya

After a great walk on the beach We return to Kusini Cottages Beach, that for having, neither it likes nor on the outside, since while other lodgings have a kind of escort, this is limited to a simple ugly fratasado

What, as we said the other day, if it is a joy is its pool, because although very unattended (since it even puts you at your own risk, there is no guard) and although without anyone to serve you a cocktail (the concept we still don't understand) allows you a relaxing bath with beautiful views of the beach

Paula while reading. It is hooked to Mariam Keyes's book "The brightest star" and as always, she is "having a snack" in two days. The sun does not leave us behind the palm trees

But everything good is over, and it's time for goodbyes. Katana and Christopher, plus the first than the second, have behaved (and a prop of 1000 KES we have given them). Katana is an excellent cook and he has demonstrated it again by taking food from where it was not available: Russian steaks with a little minced meat, the last potatoes, a rice with egg, some vegetables, tomatoes with oil and salt, some cheese ...! ! PREPARED to follow the adventure !!

Pepo, along with Griselda, comes to say goodbye. For us it has been like the "leopard", we hardly see it, haha. But everything must be understood, and that is that he had his family and the family of the bride around here, so it will be necessary to apologize.

While already are we back at the airport? from Diani (To say something, since it is a booth with 2 doors to get to the track). Nairobi destination

1 hour, Leshan picks us up and we stayed (200 KES porters) and quick shower at the Heron Hotel, very basic. We don't want to leave Kenya without a farewell dinner at one of the world's most famous restaurants, the Carnivore restaurant

He Carnivore restaurant It is not far from where we stayed. It is already famous throughout the world for its menu that includes hard-to-find pieces in other places on the planet.

Grilled crocodile, gazelle, giraffe ... and even camel, are some of the meats that can be tasted in this tourist restaurant bound by the capital of Kenya, or so it says its slogan. Of course, all the cuisine of the premises is purchased from authorized government hunters, as shown there. We will assume that it is ...

Reality is something different. It is a restaurant on the outskirts of the city, past the Wilson Airport where we landed this afternoon, which has become famous (being among the 50 most famous in the world) and now lives on mass tourism. Tables and tables of diners, which even a day like today requires a reservation

The first thing they do is serve you an entree. Later they bring you a kind of tray with several sauces and they put you a little flag. From there the festival begins ... meat. Different waiters bring a variety of meats on skewers fresh from the grill. Lamb, chicken, beef, pork ... ostrich, crocodile, camel, ox testicles... Yes, no elephant, giraffes or lions.

We put on our boots until we finally decided to throw the flag (signal that they remove the dishes, which we can no more) to pass for dessert. Leshan tells us some of his stories. Today he has brought us with his private car, and then he will go to see the R.Madrid - Barcelona of the Super Cup.

The price? Dear About 7,000 KES per couple.

Now yes, the day is not enough. It's almost 00:00 and tomorrow we get up early to catch that Kenya Airways that will take us across Lake Victoria, to Entebbe, where Juve and Ruth are waiting impatiently for us. Family, friends, readers ... !! see you tomorrow !!


Paula and Isaac, photo of Diani, already from Nairobi (Kenya)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 8,200 KES (approx. 65.60 EUR)