Kusini Beach Cottages in Diani


Although an article of feelings and relief is what we want, we will take advantage of these days to resume the journey of Africa East 2011 that took us through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and R.D. Congo in August 2011 and that we had left, speaking in terms of accommodations, reaching the beaches of Diani east of Kenya.

On this occasion we made the complete article after the trip, so we went directly to our usual “GUIDED VISIT” of the accommodation With all the details and impressions.

When Joseba, Margari, Paula and Isaac think about the many possibilities that could be a magical end to a really exciting country like Kenya, we do not hesitate to consider the areas of Lamu or Mombasa. After much exploration, we discovered that there was a Spaniard who managed a kind of bungalows in the Diani beaches, to the south. He concept seemed interesting and idyllic beaches, although there were not too many opinions on the internet of the place, except for some not very objective ones.


As we landed in the small airfield they come to pick us up in a small van, to skirt the coast by a road in not too good conditions that ceases to be paved on a certain path to become dirt and sinkholes. After 15 minutes we arrive at the last private accommodation from this coastal area, ours!

The reservation, like the rest of those made in the part of Kenya, we made with Safi Safaris that gets better local prices than those offered on the internet and also Pepo and Griselda are the owners of these Kusini Beach Cottages. Its price is around between € 80-100 / person and night

We must recognize that the main claim that brought us here was that concept of Self Catering that we will discuss later, since the first thing we find are 5 species of low private houses or cottages, with different types of rooms (all with bathroom), living room and kitchen, right in front of a small main pool, whose night lighting is good.


The Kusini Beach Cottage is supposed to have the differential value of enhance the privacy and independence of the guest about the services. While the idea is not bad, the transfer to reality is really disastrous since except for the cleaning service that deals with the rooms in the morning, there is a Total absence of attention in any of the common areas, including the pool, giving a feeling of strange abandonment.


He interior of the "cottages" It begins with a common room for the two rooms we have, with the kitchen in the background. The sensation of "golden cage" that we discussed in the Kenya travel diary During our stay, start at these facilities, without any entertainment other than the outdoor pool, and less service than the cook.


The zone of the rooms It does not improve the quality of the stay, although they are spacious and pretend to resemble that traditional Swahili style, they are really deteriorated in any of their areas.


He bath Maintains that aspect of abandonment, including a toilet, mirror, a couple of towels (which do not change if you do not ask for it) and a shower (without hot water, something really indispensable if you pay what you pay). There are no boats or dryer, although it is possible that if you need it you can ask Pepo or Griselda.


The accommodation is not exactly located in Diani Beach, but it is in the 2km long adjacent beach of white sands called Kinondo, which is eaten at high tide almost entirely in this location, which makes there are some ugly exterior walls. Of course, the beach is a joy.

Within that concept of independence comes the Self Catering. The complex puts at your service a chef to prepare what you are going to buy yourself, but who do not know how to explain you well when you arrive. Moreover, the day we stayed we were told that we had to go to a supermarket to buy, that "why we had not done it when we came" (as if we had to know) and we were forced to take a taxi paid by us to to have dinner


Then in the morning people come with fish, seafood or fruit to include your "diet" if you wish. Of course, Katana is an excellent cook, and along with Christopher, a kind of butler, they have been responsible for "feeding" us during the days of the stay.


Of the rest of the complex Little to tell. There is no internet, no rooms, no bar, no restaurant. The pool area is the most used common area where you have to recognize that if the sun hits it is great, and the atmosphere is really relaxed and cozy ... for 1 day. This review comes from two people who come from being 6 days thrown in Maldives without doing anything ... but with an absolutely different concept to the one that is neatly proposed here.


Finally, highlight the possibility of enjoying the white sand beach at low tide, the activities that the beach boys propose (not too many) and a couple of interesting visits to Mombasa or Wasini that can be done from here . Also run by Pepo and Griseldan, a couple of Spanish Catalans currently separated since Pepo met another girl and they are preparing another complex with her and it will be Griselda who keeps it. In his defense to say that he was the only one who came to see us, he worried about our stay and it was noticed that it was a woman's charm that when he can run the place alone he may gain much in attention and quality, since Pepo leaves much to be desired in those aspects.

The we would recommend? Flatly NO. With the independence that gives us that this is a private and independent blog that talks about our own experiences and the reality of the sites without selling us to anyone, we recommend that you look for better options if you want to enjoy the really idyllic beaches of East Kenya away from the sensation of "golden cage" of a place that is not worth a fifth of what they charge. If money is not important, then you will find a simply right place.

Paula and Isaac, from Diani (Kenya)