The best of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and RDCongo


They have passed EXACTLY !!! 100 days !!! since we returned from the longest trip (31 days) we have ever made, the trip to East Africa 2011. A trip that took us for the first time to the most famous black Africa, to Kenya, and that, little by little, we went into incredible adventures by Uganda and Rwanda finishing even on top of a volcano (R.D. Congo) where 7 km today the largest volcanic eruption of the century is recorded (Nyamulagira volcano) Juve's picture

But as it happened in the most spectacular trip made by the keys, the Antarctica in 2009Something happens to us when we return. It is as if everything changes within us wanting to leave the world around us and WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ASSIME such a trip. 100 days, it is said soon. However, the time has come for our traditional "THE DAY AFTER" ...


Our most special thanks to Elias Badenes (our old friend and "crazy computer scientist" -with love- of Castellon) and Ivan (our graphic designer and his great drawings) without whom this blog would never be possible. Special thanks to everyone who has written, that there are already so many that making a list is impossible (the first time we wrote this were friends and family) and the many who have not written but we know you are there.


Juve and Ruth & Paula and Isaac


- The massive influx of tourists at wildebeest crossings of Masai Mara altering nature.
- AmboseliThat if I didn't have elephants and the Klimanjaro in the background, it would be the biggest disappointment of a trip.
- He Diani accommodation, the Kusini Cottages Beach, with a good concept (having a cook for you and feeling out of the all-inclusive free) but absolutely careless and depersonalized: a golden cage.
- IshashaWhere are those climbing lions? "some" even fell asleep.
- The Muhabara Hotel dinner already in Rwanda, reminding us of a certain "story of a pony" from Syria.
- The border between Rwanda and R.D. Congo (especially the entry procedures in this country) and the tension that was felt there.
- The history of rape of women, exploitation of children and injustices from a country we will not return to, R.D. Congo.


- Kenya Airways and its delays, although the one in Paris allowed us to return to the city of light
- Thompson waterfalls, expendable stop.
- Nakuru Lake, absolutely artificial park although mandatory stop to see rhinos.
- Naivasha Lake, more of the same but with the incentive of walking with animals in freedom (without predators).
- The famous Carnivore, and in general Nairobi, is totally expendable, although it is curious.
- Kampala It is a city different from the concept of an African city, it is worth taking a "spin".
- The experience of the chimpanzee search in Kibale, better to enter one of the deepest forests, not because of what you can see from them.
- The curious Coriolis effect and the I pass through the equator both in Kenya and in Uganda.


- The legends of the multiple parks, animals and tribes.
- The lion hunting scene Lived in Samburu. Adrenaline in its purest form.
- A break on the road called Loita Hills.
- Of all the accommodations (generally very happy with everyone), hospitality, the privileged situation on the banks of the Mara River and the exclusivity of the Cheetath Mara Camp and the cordiality of Jorge and Mariola.
- The East Kenya beaches They are beautiful, white and warm water, including the getaway to the Wasini Island, we loved it.
- Mombasa, a city of contrasts, cultures and history. It deserves to cross by ferry to meet her.
- Leshan and his company in Kenya, professional, friendly, witty. We would return with them without a doubt.
- The journey from Murchison to Kibale He delved us into deep Africa, the best colors of Uganda.
- Queen Elizabeth N.P. and the Kazinga Channel, packs of lions in the middle of the road, a canal full of life, a place to enjoy nature for several days.
- He route from Bwindi to Lake Bunyonyi, Above the clouds… !! spectacular !! and the Bunyonyi Lake itself, to get lost for several months.
- The experience of the search of the Golden Monkeys in the bamboo forests of the Parc des Volcanoes in Rwanda.
- The stop at Lake Kivu mortal, prior to the great adventure in RDCongo.
- The rubber town, because of its history, the strength of its people to rebuild their lives, and the experience lived there, not so much because of the tension that is being breathed.
- He Kigali Museum in memory of the Rwandan genocide between Hutus and Tutsis, a monument to something that never has to happen again.


THE SEARCH FOR BIG FIVELeopard, the ghost, lonely and missing
Elephant, emblematic as well as scary
Rhinoceros, in real danger of extinction
Buffalo, the great unknown, imposing
Leon, the true king of Africa

THE MEETING OF THE "SMALL" FIVEHippo, the one that causes the most deaths to tourists
Cheetah, elegance and style
Hyena, scavenger and fake
Giraffe, the most endearing animal
Crocodile, the patience of the river

TRIBUS (SAMBURU, MASAI, PIGMEOS ...)Much more than animals, Africa is its people ...
North of Kenya, poverty is called Samburu
Tourism saves the Masai and Kikuyus
20,000 years old pygmies ...
... an exodus that has taken them to Lake Bunyonyi

SAMBURU NATIONAL RESERVEFor us, without a doubt, the best and most virgin park
Place of "gathering" of the most exciting wildlife ...
... lions, leopards, elephants, leopards,
Nature Reserve without fences or limits or closures ...
... animals live in complete freedom with hardly any tourism

A DAY IN MASAI MARAThe largest park in Africa does not disappoint
Spending a day in Masai Mara is starting with lions ...
... enjoy meadows full of hyenas, vultures, antelopes ...
... and the great migration of millions of wildebeest and zebras ...
... to end up observing the best sunsets

OVERLOAD IN BALLOON MASAIFlying in a balloon is an experience in itself
Doing it dawning over Masai Mara is ...
... fly over elephants, buffalo, ostriches ...
... rise with the sun as a guest ...
... feel a soap bubble in a wild world

The rhinoceros was king of savannas and forests ...
... today is in danger of extinction
In this area live free ...
... but seeing it carries a series of dangers

THE MURCHISON FALLSOne of the most beautiful parks in Uganda
Combination of wildlife and beautiful waterfalls
Hippos, crocodiles, lions, giraffes ...
... "the green hills of Africa"
The most beautiful sunrise ever lived

THE MOUNTAIN GORILLAOne of the best adventures of the trip
6 hours of walking through inaccessible places
The sound of the jungle, spectacular.
Finding the Mountain Gorillas is a unique moment
An experience that makes you want to cry

THE ADVENTURE OF NYIRAGONGOThe greatest adventure ever made
5 and a half hours of an impossible climb
More than 12 people between porters and rangers
One of the 3 most active volcanoes in the world
The closest to hell and heaven we've been

In this trip we have not done breakdown or control of expenses and 100 days later it would be impossible anymore. If anyone wants to ask any question about a particular part, they already know where to find us ...