Balloon Palloza in El Bierzo


Where eat en route on the A6 motorway to Galicia? What good, nice and cheap restaurant Can we meet on this road and in what area to stop? Today, for those of you who don't know them, we give you our (very positive) opinion ofBalboa's Palloza at Bierzo (province of Lion), very close to Valcarce Valley, and offering a variety of unsurpassed homemade food

Whether summer or winter, either because of its magnificent surroundings or looking for the heat of your fireplace, we are facing an excellent option that we are now reviewing.

SECTION "INFLATING THE TEETH" (PREMIUM VIDEO): As we have been doing with those unique accommodations (YouTube section we open with this restaurant a section for those who like the most audiovisual or are more lazy to read, in which we will give you our modest suggestions ...

Are we approaching Balboa? Here we go…

How to get to La Palloza de Balboa?

We are many who look for those truck stops that for years have been a symptom of good food and authentic home-made and cheap food, and although it is not the prototype restaurant that would fit that definition, we would add it to that list of possible.

So, in the exit of kilometer 419 (whether you come from Galicia or Madrid), the same as the famous Valcarce Valley (nothing to do with what it was, now very industrial and massive! flee!), we just have to follow the Balboa signs in just 15 minutes we will be in our destination (we leave the map)

A) Yes we will arrive at a parking area, with a small chapel and a beautiful environment (still much more in summer) in which a stream, a wooden bridge, an impeccable conditioning and a palloza are presented to us

If it is time to eat, you will find yourself, even in times of adverse weather, with many curious travelers who have come to this site and take their usual souvenir photos

RESERVATIONS: Don't even think about going without a reservation, Balloon Pallozas are always full. You can view your updated phone and more opinions (it has very good reviews) in the…

La Palloza de Balboa Tripadvisor Page

If you don't find it, the last phone from which we booked was 987 56 37 39

A restaurant inside a palm with beautiful surroundings

A beautiful enclave of beautiful nature takes you for a few moments to that older medieval era than we can remember where we have arrived by a simple road crossing Oak, chestnut and walnut forest areas parallel to the river Now we see ahead.

In the distance a large building with an oval floor, with a stone base and a rye-straw roof, finished in the shape of a peak, acts as a restaurant. Is a Palloza, a traditional construction of the Northwest of Spain which today houses the Balloon Palloza where we are going to eat (yes, we have booked the day before yesterday afternoon)

!No! We are not in the town of Asterix and Obelix although they also lived in Palloza. It seems that they have a Celtic origin, but this one has a series of comforts that they would not see at that time

You enter it, accessing through a wooden side door so you find a diaphanous stay in which the table areas around a fireplace barely have a small bar separator Very lively in those moments.

Around the fire, which heats the restaurant and also provides that comfortable feeling that we like so much, tables are distributed for up to 120 people ...

... leaving room also for a small stage that animates the nights of some Saturday with music (idea for a romantic dinner?)

The roof, as it could not be otherwise, ends in a kind of peak around a central pillar where the chimney is located at its base, acting as a vent

Time to eat? We see the dishes around us and everything looks great! Meanwhile, the tables have been filled and everyone is already dedicated to what has come.

A good, nice and cheap menu of homemade food

La Palloza de Balboa is a restaurant based on homemade food, in a 15 euros menu (including drink, dessert and coffee) with dishes ranging from simple salads or soups to the most typical and elaborated, changing according to the time of the year. In our case, in the middle of winter, the variety includes those casserole recipes that we like so much and are so hot with this seasonal cold. Do we sit next to the fire Paula?

First courses or starters

Not one, not two or five ... !! 10 first courses to choose from !! with options for all tastes (the ones we remember): Chickpeas with prawns
Spinach Crepes
Crepes with prawns and mushrooms with American sauce
Salads of all kinds
Gratin Macaroni
Galician broth or soup
Rice with botillo
Veigadarte or sausage cheese board
Stuffed Feixó (Filloas)

Our choice was the Shrimp and mushroom crepe with American sauce (Paula) and rice with botillo (Isaac), both excellent.

Second or main courses

In case anyone doubted it, another 10 second courses to choose from complete the main recipes (here we remember less): Carrilleras al vino mencía
Iberic secret
Grilled seabass
Baked cod
Grilled Knuckle
Beef steak with potatoes
Ham or pork with peppers

The choice of both, especially after dinner the previous day a great suckling pig in Valladolid, has been Grilled seabass

Desserts, coffee and shot

The menu includes the drink (house wine too), coffee, shot and dessert. What desserts? Another list of options, also homemade:

Almond Ice Cream
Stuffed feixós (filloas)
Rice pudding
Flan with cream
Cheesecake, cookie or grandma

Our opinion of La Palloza de Balboa restaurant

If to the above ingredients, the quantity and variety of dishes and recipes, the comfortable atmosphere and the heat of fire, we add that dim light and Celtic background music, in our opinion can only have good words for one of the best restaurants within the economic range in such an environment that we have found in Spain.

Would we recommend it? Yes, totally, and not only to stop to eat, but also to enjoy a day as a couple or family

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To thank the Senior Keys (Antonio and Mari Carmen) for being the discoverers for us of this place and supporters of it, in which we have been in many occasions for several years now being our favorite dishes the soup, the crepes, the cheeks, the knuckle and many other dishes from other times.

Isaac and Paula, from Palloza de Balboa in El Bierzo (León)