What to see in Mauritius


Hello little people! Yesterday we agreed that we would have dinner at the Shells restaurant, on the same beach. We are not going to put the photo of the lobster so as not to create envy, jiji. The dinner was different from what we are eating these days around here, besides being very minimalist but especially rich.

This morning we wake up less early than these previous days. !!! WE ARE GOING FROM SHOPPING !!! OEE OEE OEE ... SHOES !! HANDBAGS!!…

!!Just kidding!! !!Just kidding!! No authentic skins, hehe. Today we were going to meet the secrets of Mauritius. We leave the purchases for Saturday, although… mmm… something has fallen… don't get nervous !! At 9 o'clock in the morning, our driver, our new friend JEFREY (because he has the humor of Bel Air, alas), came to look for us and we riddled him with questions. We knew that the day could be rainy because the center of the island has worse weather at this time so we were prepared.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This newspaper was made on the v1 of this website, when we wrote only and exclusively for the family, so it is not as complete as the rest. However, it will help you get a general impression of what Mauritius is, as well as having the possibility to read more diaries of paradises in the world (¿Cuba? ¿Polynesia and Melanesia? ¿Riviera Maya? ¿Maldives?)

From what he told us, Mauritius was a desert island until the Dutch and made it their own (which by the way, they ate until the last of the only species of the island, the Chicken / GALLINA called Dodo, the current icon of the island).

It was subsequently used by French as an island of passage, and it was not until the arrival of the Englishmen (which conolized it) when it was populated with, above all, Indians and Africans to exploit the fields. Currently, it is a democratic country that has elections every 5 years and the president is not elected directly, but only the political party is elected and they themselves choose it. The population is still mostly Hindu (with 52%), as our driver who is already the 7th family generation, the rest are Christians (26%) and spread Muslim, Chinese and other minority religions. Regarding the standard of living, the average salary of the population is around 8,000 rupees (around 200 euros) per month. High positions may charge double. We asked Jefrey if it was expensive to live for them in Mauritius and we answered a resounding YES !!!. Expressive Q is our Jefrey !! On the way to our first visit on the island we went on secondary roads (quite well paved), with a western-style house but rather poorly maintained (although there was no poverty), surrounded by crops of sugar, tea, pumpkin, coffee, etc ...Did you know that pineapple was born from the ground and not from a tree like we both thought? Okay okay, we are somewhat uncultured ... as we always eat canned, jijiji. Truth cousin ???

1st stop !! We went to L'Vainille. A natural park where there were crocodiles (the photos you saw above), species of the island and the biggest attraction ...

TIRIRIRI ... !!!GIANT TURTLES !!! After 2 and a half hours, because Isaac had to "get on" the turtles that were there (of course, metaphorically) ... this is the face they put on when they saw him ...

When we all think of giant land turtles, we quickly associate the idea with those that inhabit the Galapagos Islands, that dream that we will one day fulfill and that meant a revolution for what they represented. They are endangered animals. After these, the Seychelles are the largest in the world, and it is believed that they came into existence on all continents, but they are barely left.

There are some smaller subspecies in South America and some other corner, but they are not as large as those. The ones we can see here are not the originals that came from Madagascar and found in Mauritius a perfect place with hardly any predators, which, like the Dodo, extinguished the settlers. but they are those of the Aldabra atoll in Seychelles that has been introduced both here and in Reunion

!Voucher! !Voucher! I already leave you alone. They have been depleted of me! Look they are great. Can I one day meet the largest on the planet in the Galapagos Islands?

See you soon turtles! Look how cute these animals are, very different from known sea turtles

Actually the visit "only" lasted 1 hour, since I could not help knowing all the turtles in the park, haha.

UPDATE 2015: Years later we would finally fulfill that dream in the trip to Quito and Galapagos where we would meet true wild giant tortoises free by their underworld

From there we went to Grand Basain, a huge island sacred lake for the Hindus, Really beautiful. The day was a bit cloudy and the lake had a lot of water. We were able to attend part of the ceremonies that take place there.

On the way to our next destination we stop at a viewpoint (Black River Gorges) where you could see a little waterfall and a beautiful valley. And as!! surrounded by monkeys !! More aggressive than the previous ones, ay ay ay

Our destiny was The Land Of The 7 Colors, a landscape of contrasts and one of the most famous natural places in Mauritius

From a mixture of land generated by nature itself when the island was created ...

... to a true wonder of nature, the Cascade of Chamarel.

Our last stop before returning to the hotel was in the center of the Island, where it was perfectly observed from Port Louis (capital that we will see on Saturday) to the farthest mountains, as well as one of the craters that remained in the formation of the island. A curious photo of nature because it had a lake and surrounded by forest, unlike many of the known craters.

And so we arrive at the hotel and finish our adventures for today. Ah, the food here very well, nothing to do with Chinese, Burmese and things like that. We eat the truth in luxury. Today with the hustle and not to lose a minute of the island we ate a sandwich quickly so ... THIS NIGHT ATTRACON! CHINESE BUFFET IN THE HOTEL !!!!!!!!! See you tomorrow

Ah, what were those photos not? Hahaha

Isaac, from Mauritius Islands

EXPENSES DAY6: 110 EUROS and 5048.80 RUPIAS (APPROX 123.14 EUROS) purchases included !!