#CocidoDay, the power of networks (DATA)


It had been a while since I had used the opinion section of Keys but today, with the hangover of International Cooking Day held yesterday, I wanted to ramble a bit in writing in a series of thoughts and, above all, objective data. And is that this #CocidoDay 2015 dawned, like the previous edition, with a great day in Galicia (so that later they say that it only rains in winter)

This year also had the peculiarity for us of having been named "pregoneros 2015", taking the witness from last year.

It was 12'00 when we open the new edition since Pazo de Rubianes (the beautiful enclave, one of the symbols of Camellia in Galicia) with the following video ...


The example of a good campaign. The power of the social media

I must admit that when 1 year ago I was invited by 4 "crazy" (with all the love) who wanted to carry out such an ambitious project I was tremendously skeptical. We all know that A good marketing campaign must consider an online and offline strategy, many times being the first a complementary action of the second.

Nor do I discover anything new if we talk about that the power of diffusion in 2.0 is no longer in the hands of brands, rather, it is the users themselves who exert their own influence by attaining true power groups in the networks, sometimes with great organizational capacity.

Frenchy, Laura, Alberto and Luis They are the creators of #CocidoDay and, in just two years, they have achieved this International Cooking Day not only being Trending Topic on the day of the event and an indisputable dissemination on the networks, but that necessary impact on the 1.0 of the press, radio and television in all these days, and that achieved yesterday at 15'51 (last year at 15'24), its peak.

And what is behind such an event? A lot of work, of course, the support of many other establishments (more than 30 this year throughout Spain) which in addition to great relevance will get much more visibility product of more than 300 people who directly they have participated and that behind they have blogs, platforms or enough influence to achieve it.

Reflection high? I always say it but rarely can I make myself understood. If you have a good product don't put me lines and let me work! If you have chosen me for something it will be. Is it incompatible to enjoy working? There are hundreds of photos that have arrived from more than 30 points in Spain of restaurants to which more suggestive, with contests and many other improvised activities. So it was in ours.

And the results? We've got them? Of course, that was what this little reflection was about.

#CocidoDay in data (2015 vs 2014)

Although now twitter allows tweet to tweet to analyze the scope of each one, it didn't hurt compare with the data we already had from the last TweetBinder campaign to analyze the real impact of this second edition of #CocidoDay. Obviously we all know that they are still estimates of scopes based on the number of followers, without adequate segmentation, but enough to analyze certain data.

You can see the 2015 data in TWEET BINDER #COCIDODAY 2015
You can see last year's data in TWEET BINDER #COCIDODAY 2014

A quick summary of quantifiable data could be as follows:

COMPARATIVE 2015 vs 2014:
Tweets: 8,459 vs 4,337
Original Tweets: 552 vs 386
Images and / or links: 1,893 vs 1,268
Accounts that contributed to the dissemination: 1,287 vs 755
Trending Topic Time: 15.51 vs 15.24

Qualitatively, this year some of the most influential accounts have participated in the social networks of gastronomy, travel, lifestyle and even, in this edition, fashion.

@viajeschavetas the greatest interaction

It is nothing more than a mere anecdotal fact, but I didn't want to finish writing this little review without thank all our readers, as I said yesterday, for "the ten tweets with good-cooked images to which they were going to be subjected and for which they have forgiven us (haha)", but above all because if we are proud of something Paula and Isaac is because of the proximity that those who read us or follow us feel for this blog …

... and that with around 50,000 followers among all networks and a large community in the blog but with that personal and personal style, many times for that comiquero style, we achieved the greatest interaction of the entire event (like last year or in others more in line with our own trips).

Finally, I also thank the excellent day spent at the entire table of Pazo de Rubianesfrom his own Frenchy to the organizers of the Pazo, going through Fran and Merchi de Rodeira Mar, DeMiku, Christian, Jose Maria, Ana Isabel, Conchi, Camilo, Pablo, Cesareo and Martina. For when the next? A hug to all

Isaac and Paula (with the whole table of Pazo Rubianes) in the #CocidoDay 2015