Ideas for a «social» romantic evening


This is a story of those that are very nice to tell and also sure that we would like to read when at 70 we are sitting on that sofa in front of the fireplace in the company of ours having a laugh. It is the story of a "social" romantic evening, of a "social shellfish", that was born the day before but that Paula didn't know until night and what we did on our twitter @viajeschavetas under the hashtag #sorpresaPaula

To the market to choose "the product"

You will all remember the intense debate that opened the article "Galician seafood, in Galicia or in Madrid?" but that moved importantly to our Facebook fanpage. In that article Paula and Isaac we played a dinner, and at the beginning of the morning those who thought they ate in Galicia won by majority.

In addition, there were very good circumstances since Paula had an exam and would be without internet all day, which was the right day to do so. Do what? !! Pay the bet !! But it had to be done in a special way. Arose a very particular evening surprise and an experiential test of the power of 2.0 (but that is still a test)

So that we are going to fool ourselves, I would have loved to go to the fish market to see the freshly caught product, but I am not much to get up early. However, to my surprise, the merchandise was newly arrived, so suppose that it was (sneaks in?)

#sorpresaPaula! Unloading merchandise from the fish market! I could have gone there but who am I going to fool? Me and get up early ...

- Keys (@viajeschavetas) December 11, 2013

Choosing which among all the possible options is not an easy task ...! I would have taken everything! so, while Paula lived her day ignorant of what awaited her, they were our twitter followers who helped me decide between a crab the size of a ball, some appetizing crayfish, precious large barnacles or lesser known santiaguiños outside these parts.

But, Have you seen the crab? Of ashtray said some (PILON of the mop I would say). It was time to take the opportunity to have a quiet breakfast in a nearby cafeteria while many were those who helped me prepare an evening that would surprise anyone with disparate messages of all kinds

@viajeschavetas These things are never excessive! In addition you can always invite someone else to dinner, ahem…

- The Journey of My Life (@ skandal00) December 11, 2013

@viajeschavetas @marisconoescaro #sorpresaPaula I would say that Option2, I love Cigalones !! What a retailer and often a surprise!

- Babyboom (@_Babyboom_) December 11, 2013

@viajeschavetas the latter do not know! here they don't sell them here ... I'm still keeping the 1 😛 And but a little bit of everything xD

- Oihana Muñoz (@Durazril) December 11, 2013

Although the decision was less "social", and that is I didn't even know where to start preparing such a crab (not even if he had a pot to put it in rather), the people of Santiago still less and he knew that Paula loves barnacles, so he touched scratching his pocket. Ah, they say that the traveler or the "navigator" tends to copy experiences and some will say "as I do not go to the river" ... !! Nooo! Error. For those who do not have a fish market or market nearby, you know by the seafood platter we raffle throughout this week on our fanpage that it is possible to order at home thanks to the company Seafood is not expensive that from Vigo's fish market puts you at home)

Are we all with the merchandise in the fridge? Have I read flowers? !!Of course!! What would an evening be without flowers? Between work tasks, errands and some other unforeseen, I looked for a while to approach to buy the 12 most beautiful roses of all A Coruña (exageraooo? Jejejej).

Among propositions of "seafood" in A Coruña, conversations of garlic soups and pork rinds and preparation of the second course and dessert for dinner, the rest of the morning passed quickly (I recommend you go to the hashtag#sorpresaPaulafrom twitter, because it was very funny)

Preparing the #sorpresaPaula

The afternoon was more complicated. Paula would finish her exam and come home. It was necessary to avoid that he knew what it was that was plotting but nothing happened because she got a little nervous ...

#sorpresaPaula I'm still messing with her. When Paula finishes the exam and turns on the phone, instead of coming home he will have msg ...

- Keys (@viajeschavetas) December 11, 2013

Once achieved, preparing the evening would be much easier. Regalitos already had almost everyone (today I could open two, one on Christmas Eve, another on New Year's Eve and another on Reyes), you just had to look for the last details

Music, champange, candles, the table ready, the Christmas decoration, the lit tree and the room (which I wouldn't see until after dinner) with the gift basket waiting for her. Even I was nervous.

This compilation would be impossible if I put all the ideas, affection of all those who helped me getting involved but if I wanted to thank Isabel, Adela, Helena, MC, Fran, Jose Carlos, Adri and Gossi, Judith, Rebeca, Myladytrip, The Journey of My Life, Anabblanco, Cris Ederra, Fran Camino, We Travel Together, Evitamins, Chic Travel, Nongogoga, Dani Danielix, Maka, Globellers, Antonio QB, Fish and Seafood, KrrteAndo, ​​Rainbow Bungalows, Alicia Bea, ElDiabloDice, Oihana, ... and I'm sure I forget people.

Was something missing to make the perfect evening? Let's say a little luck never hurts (the last one I prepared burned my napkin with a candle, but I will deny that I told it to anyone in person)

To those who are preparing yours, surely you are looking forward to seeing what happened ...

The most beautiful "social" evening in the world

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case I think it is perfectly fulfilled. Do not miss the video of what it took Paula to "get off" 1 kilo of good barnacles (I hardly smell them if I neglect) ...





And here we can read. Here is our first romantic "social" evening to remember. Let's say there were many more details, before, during and after what can be told, but that remains for our intimacies, which we have told you enough today, right?

Isaac and Paula, having fun as children (and never lose it)