What to visit in Seville


If there is something that we have clear is that if we had to develop Very special menu with really different ingredients (a little sun, two hundred grams of joy, a pinch of salt ...) we would not think twice, our favorite supermarket would be ... !!!SEVILLE!!!!

For a long time we wanted to make this 2008 story (Isaac: And Paula already wanted to become the main editor again). Seville is one of those cities that is worth visiting for many reasons, its climate (always willing to make your stay pleasant), its smell (which makes you feel comfortable at all times), the joy and kindness of its people, diversity of places to visit and the magic of your nights ... With everything this in mind we did not want to miss the opportunity to miss a Long weekend !!! Girls only! between its streets and also begin our review of the adventures by the section The South of My Country, something abandoned so far.

Thursday. Ingredient: a little sun

We arrived a Thursday mid afternoon and we headed to the accommodation we had chosen To spend these days, located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, one of the most emblematic and beautiful neighborhoods of the Spanish capital and historic center of Seville and that allowed us to be a few meters from the must-see here without the need for too many preparations. The options are multiple and for all tastes, including those that have room for those who want to escape the tourist crowds like those we wanted to feel the heart of a city full of joy.


Our first anecdote of the trip (There were a few that we will not forget and that always make up the icing on every cake) is that the urban legends that you inevitably read when visiting a place made us lie to the taxi driver who took us to our accommodation. It is said that the taxi drivers is to be a bit stiff with visitors, which led us to believe that we knew the road perfectly because we had already been a lot of times ... Anyway, thanks to this we were already convinced that Seville did not know He was going to resist us throughout our stay.

Once installed and hallucinating with our room for its modern and original decoration, especially comparing it with what it had cost us, we dressed to give the first lap of recognition. What a desire to enjoy every minute to the fullest! And taking a short walk (of 500 m) we glimpse the square with the Cathedral and the Royal Alcazars ...


For the time it was, we chose one of the terraces that flood the square to taste our first Sevillian dinner with the sun still accompanying us, and today we retired soon as we wanted to elaborate our planning for the following days and rest to be one hundred percent for everything that awaited us.

Friday, and with the forces of a delicious breakfast, we started the march towards the first forced stop, the Cathedral, also known as Santa María de la Sede and originally as the Great Mosque of Seville. Because of its size, it is the largest Christian Gothic Cathedral in the world and the third temple after Saint Peter in Rome and Saint Paul in London, UNESCO declared it in 1987 together with the Royal Alcazars and the Archive of the Indies as a World Heritage Site. Here is also the body of one of the most famous Navigators: Christopher Columbus


And of course the climb to your famous "minaret" Mrs. Giralda of Seville, today, Tower and Bell Tower of the Cathedral, was built similar to the minaret of the Kutubia Mosque of Morocco that reminds us so much of the last seen in the getaway to Istanbul, a path uphill without stairs as it was intended for the Sultan to climb the lookout on horseback.


Between photos sticking my head to enjoy the views and the screams of Natalia's vertigo so that she did not, we arrived at the viewpoint.


The views from each window of the Giralda are spectacular and I could not miss it.


It is curious to know that there are several replicas of the Giralda in Spain, such as in Burgos, Tarragona or Badajoz, but even more so that in places like the old Madison Square Garden in New York they were making a copy in the 20s when a fire destroyed it. But there is something that a replica can never have. The photos do not deceive ...


After downloading, we enjoy a little while Patio de los Naranjos, and from there to our second visit, the Royal Alcazars, set of Palaces surrounded by a wall, of construction dating from the High Middle Ages, going through different styles throughout its history.

Today it is the oldest active Royal Palace in Europe, throughout its history it served as a room for different monarchs such as the Catholic Monarchs during their stay in Seville. They are spectacular both for their different rooms and for their manicured gardens that invite you to sit for hours to contemplate them without getting tired.


As the heat was already beginning to make a dent in our legs, we decided that after these visits it would be fine a buggy ride and enjoy the part that would not give us time to see on foot since we would have to share time with a very important visit too ... !! Sevillian Night !! hehehehe, with what we made a deal with the “calesero” and there we went.

Another one of the things that you can not miss in Seville is sitting on their terraces to enjoy a delicious gazpacho (Good for tastes, at that time Paula did not like na de na, although we have to say that she knew how to appreciate it over time). With this in mind, we finished our particular walk and continued on the way to Sierpes Street, the shopping street and where we could discover one of the most original that made our delights ... Paramita. After emptying the wallet a little, hehe (some more than others) we set out without further delay to take that fresh gazpacho and regain strength with a delicious meal.


After lunch, and to do the digestion we approach the shore of the Guadalquivir to see the schedules of the boats because later we would take a relaxing and beautiful walk and to approach our third must-see that was La Torre del Oro, an albarrana tower located on the margin of the Guadalquivir and whose name refers to the golden glow that it reflected in the river, it had various uses such as that of jail, nowadays it houses the Maritime Museum. With this we ended the time to travel Seville in the middle of July, we would have to take a little sun and prepare for the second part of the day ... and the night! Of course!

In order: rest, shower, paint your eyes and ready to go out again and !! without a jacket !! ... this is Seville (and more for those of us from A Coruña)


We went to the boat that would take us to give a nice walk along the Guadalquivir river , seeing on the road the area where the Expo of 92 had been completely abandoned and Isla Mágica. We always talk about the essentials walks on the Thames in London, the Tiber in Rome, the Seine in Paris, the Bosphorus in Istanbul, the Vltava in Prague or the Danube in Budapest, and unconsciously forget the wealth we have without going too far from home. I was finishing another way to see Seville ...


We returned to the pier of the tower of GoldSeville sunset ... spectacular !! We didn't even know when it started to get dark ...


It was time to cross the Triana bridge and reach the neighborhood of the same name We had chosen for our first outing in the city, full of people and places where to have a drink outdoors and enjoy the night in an atmosphere of joy and good humor. So, we took a little walk through Triana until we found a little hole in a little terrace on the banks of the river where to have some tapas for dinner. Right next door we had a platform that people used to take a bath at that time. !!It did not matter!! the temperature accompanied and sure that the water also.

On our walk we had already taken a look at a couple of places where we could taste a good cocktel, and without knowing it we got into Paz Vega's pub, after the "good cocktel" followed by some more and here we have another of the anecdotes of the trip.... we left without paying !! It is very bad to say it and much worse to do it but it was not because we wanted to but because after telling the waiter about ten times that he would charge us, he paid no attention to us so we had no choice but to take our guests ... although good turning the head from time to time in case it was given to the wardrobes that were at the door, follow us, haha

Thus we come to a outdoor site that for what we had read, it was fashionable, and where everyone but without exception (well we if we were the exception) paid the drinks with lol card, there we would stay the rest of the night and more hours I had ... we had a great time and We really enjoyed the atmosphere that Seville offered us. At seven in the morning it seemed like a good time to say goodbye to the magical neighborhood. !! Until the next Triana !!

We headed towards our hotel walking because, although late, we had some energy left until we reached the Cathedral Square. There was no one there, not even a cat and with the illumination of the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Alcazares. The square gave off a mystery that did not leave us indifferent and made us take a taxi two hundred meters from the hotel. Yes, as we tell it ... !! two hundred meters !! I imagine that although the taxi driver said nothing, he would not give credit. Things like these are the ones that make you remember travel over time.

Saturday. Ingredients: a pinch of salt.

The next morning, after a late breakfast in the Santa Cruz neighborhood we go to another of the emblematic places of Seville, Maria Luisa's park, the most famous in the city, one of its green lungs, and one of its many environments full of history and beauty that make it a magical place that retains the charm of the ancient and next to the Plaza of Spain.

And from here to that square, the Plaza de España, an architectural ensemble framed in the María Luisa Park, and which configures one of the most spectacular spaces of regionalist architecture. ¿Coruña? !!Like at home!!

It was built as the main building of the Ibero-American Exhibition of Seville of 1929 and in its banks all the provinces of Spain are represented, as well as the busts of illustrious Spaniards on its walls. Another must-see as it is an authentic and original beauty where there are.


With these attractions, and by the time it was, we had to stop to eat and from there to our accommodation to wait for the heat to pass a little and get some sleep to recover from the Sevillian night we had spent. TO mid afternoon we were already chargeds to take a tour of another essential, the Sevillian courtyards and the squares.


In our case, the ones in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, there, with the atmosphere that was there, the sole, and the joy that was transmitted was an ideal time to take some little canes and little ham (that pinch of salt that we lacked).


In addition, seeing in each square where we spent a couple, we assume that it is one of the best months to get married and of course Seville, a special place to do it.

At night we left very willing to eat Sevillian night again, dining at a place near the Cathedral some portions and some toasts although there were places to give and take. But… . the Sevillian night ate us.


Sunday. End of the special menu, recharged energies.

The next morning would be the last of our getaway, and we didn't want to leave without paying a visit to the Basilica of the Macarena, one of the most important in Seville, and put our traditional candle. We also take the opportunity to take a short walk through the neighborhood ... and so small! because our time was no longer for more.


Thus, with the particular pain of something that comes to an end but with the joy of having passed An unforgettable weekend, we went to the airport to return to reality. A reality in which we do not forget to continue with the story of the Holy Land, but as "I have Isaac somewhat collapsed" with personal matters, this time we are "baking" more little by little ...

Paula and Natalia, in our girls weekend in Seville