Desert Lut, Mahan, Mashhad and Qazvin


As we continue without options for a good connection or to have time to use it, we continue to tell you our plans in this little "on-board diary" that we begin at and continue on. Right now the next one is ours ROUTE MAP

Returning home (October 17 and 18, 2013)

We continue with some small notes and photographs of our stories en route (on the way back we detail them completely). OUR TRAVEL BITACORA ...

DAY 15: Kerman - Mahan - Lut Desert

There are certain moments in a trip whose experiences leave one speechless. After achieving a 4x4 (not without problems) in Kerman, today we have approached Mahan, where we have been impressed before the sanctuary-tomb of a great Sufi and the spectacular views from its rooftops. After seeing other beautiful gardens, we have headed towards the Northwest, where in just 100 km we have gone from 2,600 m of altitude and 15ºC to 200 m and 36ºC crossing great mountains. !! We are at the gates of the desert !! and you had to look for some firewood, refuel and take supplies. Although the illusion overflowed us, the moment of adrenaline comes when we begin to enter a privileged place on Earth while the sun says goodbye to the day. We are late to say goodbye as a sandstorm ends abruptly with our dinner, and the search for a new, more protected location makes us fall to what is said to be "the lodging of a million stars" ...






DAY 16: Lut Desert - night bus

If they had told us this morning that we were in a Martian place we would not have questioned whether it was true or not. The first hours of light have left us one of the most inhospitable, different and exciting deserts on the planet. Why are deserts so attractive to people? Strange rock formations intermingle with great distances from vast fields of sand and dry mud. However, we are at the point of the planet whose surface temperature has reached the absolute record of 70ºC. It has been really amazing! Back in Kerman we have stopped at an abandoned Caravanserai called Deh-e Sayf in a great state of conservation. A long night trip to Mashhad awaits us, but here the buses are a joy ... Just don't miss a new postcard tomorrow in (!! of those that promise !!)






UPDATE: The night bus leaves 20 minutes late, but we are already on our way to Mashhad on a bus that is a luxury we would like in other countries


DAY 17: Mashhad

Although it has been almost 13 hours and a half (down to open the bags at a checkpoint included) the journey has not been particularly long. Something else has cost us to choose accommodation, since the pilgrimage of these days is in full swing, and we have barely gotten a "modest" apartment. All restlessness has been removed from us at the moment that we have gone through the arches of the Mausoleum in honor of the Eighth Imam, Imam Reza, trying again to go unnoticed as in Qom and Shiraz, and thus be able to reach its bowels. This Maus ... or rather, mini-city is really impressive. A complex of courtyards, domes, mosques that we have entered during the day, and of course, at night, touching the grave itself among the fervor of its faithful ... Although the moment that has left us impacted has been when the night sermon has begun and Tens of thousands of followers spread throughout the enclosure has begun to feel, and even cry, what was interpreted there.





DAY 18: Mashhad - Tehran

We have "left" two days, although it may not be the right word since "to spare" on a trip never exceeds anything ... but if it is true that today we can say that we have fulfilled our traveling dreams in Iran, leaving the Azerbaijan area and Iranian Kurdistan for a trip with another identity. Nor have we been able to avoid the temptation to return (!! we have not seen a tourist in two days !! and less dare to enter) in the first hour to the Sacred Shrine of Chiisimo, next to Najaf and Kerbala in Iraq, and luckily we have chosen that time because after taking advantage to see the bazaars and other attractions of the city there was no longer a soul, with cut streets and a huge energy conglomerate in a single, but huge, enclosure. At night we have taken a flight to Tehran with Aseman Airlines and, on the fly asleep in a hotel in Terminal 2. Tomorrow will be another day



DAY 19: Tehran - Qazvin

We are not going to cheat you. As the flights are very cheap, last night we had another one from Tehran to Tabriz (€ 25) that we let pass. The reason is that from today until Friday this country is mobilized, and 20 million depart from Tehran to take advantage of the feast of the sacrifice of the lamb in honor of the act of Ibrahim before Ishmael (Abraham before Isaac for us) and did not make much sense (of In fact, many Muslim countries have now turned into a trail of blood from such a massacre.) We got up early with the idea of ​​trying to reach Masuleh, but the big traffic jams have thrown us back. Finally we have decided to end the adventure in Qazvin, a pleasant town 150 km from Tehran that awaited us with a surprise ... !! One of the few active Hammah in all of Iran (they are banned or turned into museums or tea shops) !! The Hammah itself is very basic, nothing to do with what is seen in Damascus or Istanbul, but it has transported us in history to the origin of the current or the spa concept, a public restroom where people gather to smoke, chat or Enjoy a nice bath. One of those places anchored in the past for which one feels reward for their traveling desires.





DAY 20-21: Qazvin - Homecoming

I will always say that returning home is one of the best days of any trip. I guess not everyone thinks the same, but for me it represents the beginning of a new adventure. Today we enjoyed our deserved "EPILOGUE". That day in Qazvin that we will remember for its colorful ChetelSotun, the spirituality of the Mausoleum of one of the children of Iman Reza or the intense life of its bazaars ... That day when we again enjoy, for the last time, the hospitality that the Iranian people He has offered us and that we carry with us. We left at dawn, and from there via Istanbul to Barcelona.







Here ends our journals on the road, those that have helped us to give a few strokes of a WONDERFUL country, a privileged place on the planet in one of its most authentic and virgin moments, where the traveler is always welcome and the affection of his people It makes you feel warm ... where traveling is extremely simple, either by public means or with the population itself.

Upon our return, both in As on this website we will break down in much more detail all our funniest stories and anecdotes, as well as a lot of graphic material and videos that we bring, tips and practical guides. Until then, a hug to all!

Isaac and Sele, from Iran